About Bradford

England is full of beautiful places, which why people from all around the world love it so much and come to explore it. Among its several pleasant cities, lies a picturesque city known as Bradford. The city is the fifth biggest city in England, based on population. Bradford is like a breath of fresh air as it is full of heritage and enthralling culture. It is a type a place that a person must visit during their lifetime to know about England's history and way of life. The city offers a lot to its resident and visitors.
With an inspiring past when it comes to one of history's most significant economical movements, the Industrial Revolution, the City of Bradford has surfaced through time as a tourist destination, taking its pride and glory from being UNESCO first City of Film.

Nowadays Bradford is also prospering from investments in the transformation of the city Centre, focusing on improving and designing new public spaces, more efficient transport links and restoring the rich architecture of the city. Living in Bradford can be a top notch, yet affordable experience, when considering you can purchase a stone Victorian villa for approximately £150,000. Bradford has a lot to offer to nature lovers and thrill seekers, as it is located so close to the renowned Ilkley Moor, which is by itself a never ending resource of outdoor excitement.
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Now, let us look forward to some amazing things about Bradford.

  • The amazing city is world's very first UNESCO City of Film. This title was given to Bradford in 2009. Several films related events and known film fiestas take place in Bradford.
  • Bradford is known as the Curry Capital of Britain. Interesting thing is that it has been named so, five times in a row, which is a record in itself.
  • The city was globally renowned for textile manufacturing during the nineteenth century. Moreover, it soon became the wool capital of the world.
  • Bradford's popularity increased when it gave the world, the famous singer, Zayn Malik. Yes, your favorite star was born and bred in this city.


  • Bradford Industrial Museum

    Bradford was a very important place at the time of Industrial Revolution. Therefore, it is very reasonable to start your adventure with Bradford Industrial Museum. The museum reflects the history of Bradford and its rich textile production.

  • National Media Museum

    Nowadays, we all are surrounded by media all the time. Those who have and extra interest in media will definitely love visiting this museum. With over 3,500,000 pieces, the museum showcases an across-the-board collection of media items. You can easily spend a day exploring this incredible museum.

  • Lister park

    When in Bradford, make sure that Listen Park is on your visiting list. This public park is Bradford's biggest and most popular park. The park looks even more beautiful during summer and spring season. Here you will come across ample number of scenic views. This place is best to admire natural world.

  • Cartwright Hall

    When in the center of Listen Park you'll find the Cartwright Hall, city's finest art gallery. The gallery is home to some of the most excellent artworks in the world. You will also find pieces by some famous artists like Andy Warhol and William Blake. The experience of this gallery will be etched in your mind.

  • Bolling Hall

    Bolling Hall belongs to 14th century, which makes it Bradford's oldest structure. The building belonged to Bolling family, therefore the name Bolling hall. The building is a museum that displays great history and architecture of Bradford. You will also find a library is the Bolling Hall.


Now, when you visit a place, you cannot come back without doing a good amount of shopping. Bradford offers some great places for you to shop from. The city has a great shopping center named The Broadway, which consists of over 70 shops, restaurants and cafes. Other than big shopping centers, the city also has great number of independent shops. You will find several types of stuffs to buy and take back home. Another interesting spot to shop at is the underground retail complex, Sunbridge Wells. Therefore, the women out there will not be disappointed when shopping in Bradford.


After exploring the city throughout the day, night is the time for some entertainment and fun. There are several spots in the city for you to go and relax. The nightlife in Bradford is really amazing and enjoyable. Let us see some places that you can visit.

  • Clubs, Bars and Bistros

    In recent years, several restaurants and bars have opened in the city. You can stumble into anyone of them. Have a couple of drinks, eat whatever you like and have some leisure time. Some well-known places for you to visit are:

    • Al's Dime Bar
    • Brew Haus
    • The Record Cafe
    • Sir Titus Salt
    • The Sparrow
  • Entertainment Spots

    Bradford is a place that offers ample amount of entertainment. It is a paradise for film lovers. Picturehouse cinema is present in National Media Museum, where you will find the IMAX screen, which is Yorkshire's biggest. The place entertains not only adults but children, too. Other than this, there are venues were you can watch drama, comedy, etc. These places offer a perfect way to end your day. So, as you can see, these were some fantastic details about Bradford. However, you will be able to experience the real fun when you visit the city in person.

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