Man and van


Now, whenever you have decided to run away from the self move DIY method, the next option is to hire a professionals to do the move for you. This option is the best in many aspects, but, you have to strive to make it the best for you by hiring the best moving company and getting the best moving deal from them. There are things you need to do to gain the best deal, and they include getting free removal quotes from removal companies you are considering for the contract.

The first thing to do when you want to get the free moving quotes is to get it online. Open the website of all the companies you are considering and you will see the section that is meant for free quotes. This is where you will supply them with some information about your move and they will generate a free tentative quote for you. You can get these quotes from as many companies as possible. What you should do is to fill their free quote form or alternatively call tem requesting a free quote over the phone. You will discover that while these forms may be of different types, they will likely demand for the same information from you. This is a nice strategy but have you thought of how time consuming task it is? You need to browse tens of websites, fill in tens of similar forms with the similar data.

It's is why we have made a central system whereby when you fill just one online form, all the moving companies around you will get it and send their estimates directly to you. With REMOVAL-COMPANIES.COM website, the hassle of sending mails to each individual moving company is eliminated. You don't have to spend a lot of time on browsing Google or Yahoo to find sites of companies providing services in your area.


How to get free moving quotes?

When you must have gotten an avalanche of quotes from best firms in area, it is now time for you to compare them and choose the best. This is where the job lies. Picking out the best is not always easy, but it is very easy when you make use of some guidelines. Before you start the comparison, you have to ensure that you are comparing things that are similar.

The major information you will be asked to supply so as to give you the free online quote will include your full name, your email address, and your phone number. You will also need to provide the addresses of your current location and the destination. Another important thing is the weight, size, quantity and type of the items you want to move. In these cases, it will be an estimate since you may not be able to give the exact weight and size. This is also why the quote you are getting from them is also an estimate. It's good strategy to prepare a list at least the biggest items to be moved, including the biggest furniture (sofas, beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, side tables, tables, chairs, TV stands, dresser, bookcases, storage units, etc), the biggest white goods and house appliances (fridge, freezer, cooker, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer) or any other items you may require to be moved (garden furniture, shed or garage items, tools, pots, bicycles, sport equipment, etc). It can be also very useful if you estimate number of the boxes you may have - boxes packed with all different household items including clothes, books, tools, kitchenware, linens, toys, small appliances, etc.

Compare estimates

You will also be asked to pick the type of move you want. In this case, the major types of moves may include the private moving solutions, commercial relocation, international or European moving or man and van services. You should choose the one you think is the best for you.

Using our comparison website you can request a few options in one quote. For example you can ask for different options in the terms of the packing service. For example: an option with full packing service included, an option where your do all the packing on your own.
You have to know that the free quotes you get online are not binding and they are also not accurate. They can only give you accurate quotes after coming to your home and inspecting the items to be moved. Most of the major moving companies will always opt to come to your home, do the measurement and give you the final quote.
Make sure you are not rushing to choose the company with the cheapest quote. You should be looking at the bottom line. Don't rush into something that will give you more headaches and present more charges in the long run.

How to find professional and cheap removals company?

  • You should never stick with just one moving team, so the best strategy is to compare as many options as you can. The more quotes you receive, the cheaper offer and the better services you will get. The easiest way to get multiple quotes is to use services provided by REMOVAL-COMPANIES.COM. Once you submit your requirements via our online form you will start receiving first estimates from different firms. The only thing left to do now is look through all offers and then compare them with ease. This will help you find service that suits your budget and requirements.

  • When comparing offers you should check differences in services provided and how firms quoting them. Check scope of the solutions included, whether the price includes packing service or insurance, are the boxes provided? You must be sure what each clause of the quote refers to. This will avoid incurring charges for services or products, you do not need.

  • And the last thing to remember - even if the company is not offering any discounts, feel free to ask for it - no matter the amount of the discount you get, it will always make your move cheaper.

Costs of full service moving

If you want to use the services of the full service movers, of course, you should also expect to pay more. But where the problem lies here is how to get the clearer picture of what you will be looking at as the cost. In this case, if you are moving within the same county, the cost will factor in the distance between your current location and your headed destination. This will eventually include the weight of the properties you are moving or the weight of your shipment as the case may be. However, when you are moving from one county to the other, the same things apply. The cost will include the weight of the stuff you are moving, the amount of stuff you are moving and the distance between the old and new location. In this case, it may be calculated based on an hourly rate, though this depends on the moving company you are using.

If you are moving by yourself, you will have a different costs of moving, and in this case, a much reduced one. While this is the most preferred option amongst people who intend to save some money, it does not come easy and without cost. There are some things you will consider if you want to do all the work and embark on a safe move.

The number one thing to look at is the truck rentals. Of course, you cannot avoid this because you will need to transport your huge properties.  This has a cost that differs according to the firm you use and the distance you will cover with the move. However, the numbers of days you will use the truck or the number of hours will also influence what you will be asked to pay. When you want to hire a truck, check the local truck owners around you. The standard ones will cost you more, with considerations of the mileage, cleaning of the truck and tolls.

When you must have hired the truck or a van, you will also get a truck rental insurance. This is demanded by the truck owners to protect their property and your original insurance may not have covered this. It makes it inevitable for you to go for this.

The next thing to factor in the total moving cost is the Gas and diesel expenses. This is another thing you will factor in because the rental firm will not rent the truck to you with gas. You have to calculate according to the miles you will cover and the number of trucks you will use. However, when you are returning, you will be expected to clean up the truck and also to fill the tank or you will incur additional expenses.

The next is the hotel expenses. If you are moving for a distance of about 1500 miles, you must spend at least a night in a hotel. You have to factor this into the total removal cost.
The next is the moving help you will need. Since you are doing this alone, you will definitely need help. This has been indicated as the third most expensive thing in self-move after you must have hired the truck and filled it with gas.  Hiring a moving help will involve hiring the packers and the un-packers. However, if you are doing this with one set, you have to pay for their travel time.

How to cut the costs of moving home?

If you want to reduce the removal costs, you can pack on your own and hire movers to transport your gods from point A to point B. This is another option you can go for. Here, you only need to pack, while the moving firm does the driving and moving. You can do this by getting a moving container. You can hire just man and van team, get some friends or hire some men to help you pack your belongings, also buy or rent the packing pads and blankets.

You can go for another option which involves the door to door moving trailer. Here, they drop the trailer in your house while you load it for them to come and pick at a stipulated time. You will also pay for the packing materials and the packing men. A look at these options will give you the average cost.


How to estimate packing costs?

Packing costs

Packing can be a very onerous task many people say. But the truth is that packing can be onerous to people who are not experts and who do not know how to do it. However, no one has said that packing is very easy. It is not and will never be. One of the things that must be considered when you intend to relocate is the packing costs. This is among the things that form the basis of the cost of relocation. As much as we know that you may do the packing by yourself and skip the money you have to pay to the packing and moving firms, it is also good to note that you must incur some cost whenever you embark on the packing of your properties for relocation. This is irrespective of whether you do self-packing or whether you contract a firm to do this for you.

There are many people that will like to have the estimate of their packing costs, but there has not been a general system for this. In view of this, we are going to give you a rundown of the items you need to look at and put into consideration whenever you are looking at what it will cost you to pack your properties for relocation.

The first thing that affects the cost of packing is the dimensions, and here we talk about the weight and size. the next thing will include how expansive the properties are, whether any of them is made of glass or has glass materials on it, how fragile the properties are, the type of finishes they have, and here veneer, chipping, inlay and peeling is considered. Another thing that is strongly considered is the weak spots that may abound in the stated properties like prior damages and factory defects.

Because of this, you have to take a case study in hand. For instance, if we are to ship a mirror, the questions that need to be answered before the packing cost will be arrived at will include. Is the mirror large or small in size? Is it a heavy or light mirror? How cheap or expensive is it? Other things to be looked into include whether it comes with a frame or whether it is a bare mirror. If it has a frame, what type of frame? And how delicate or intricate is the frame?  The number of mirrors or glasses involved should also be considered. These are the types of inquiry that will determine what it actually will cost to pack the item in question.

Now, when you come to us for a packing estimate, you will always get the best. This is because we have been packing and shipping all forms of properties and is already aware of the things that are involved. We are also aware that every of the carriers out there have their own packing guidelines, and we try to follow these whenever we are packing properties to be shipped by them. We also have our guidelines.

Other things that will influence the cost of packing for your properties will include the strength of the box to be used for the packing. There are single and double wall boxes and they all count in packing.  The rating of the box also comes in, and here, we check the age of the box, bursting test and the edge crush issues. The amount or size of padding that will be done on all the sides of the items will also affect the amount to be charged. The tape that is used also comes in plus the proper labeling and the amount of labeling to be done and the materials to be used for the padding of the packed items.

However, there are some materials that are not acceptable as packing materials on all circumstances. They are clothes, towels, blankets, newsprint, pillows, fabric and their likes. While you should avoid all these items as a plague while you are packing, you should embrace the use of the foam sheets, packing peanuts, air pockets, bubble wrap, plastics sheeting, poly wraps and other standard packing materials. The reason why we are pointing out all these things to you now is that they are very instrumental in determining your packing costs. You should also know that while it is very difficult to find a workable packing cost estimate, when you provide us information about all that we have mapped above, we will be able to offer you at least a very good estimate as a shipping cost with our proprietary shipping calculator. another thing involved in this is that since we work with many shipping companies, you may find it very easy and even more cost effective to book directly with any of our shipping partners for the shipping of your goods, while in our own we offer you the packing, pickup and the eventual delivery.