Removals in Belfast - full services including packing and loading

Have you made a decision to move your house or office to Belfast? Are you now wondering how to transport a whole load of furniture there? Is your budget rather tight but there is no way to arrange furniture removals to Belfast on your own and you have to find a reliable but still cheap removal companies in Belfast? We are sure you need professional movers Belfast who are able to provide quick and smooth removal service oriented on meeting your needs. It sounds just like us! Do not hesitate and contact us to find out how cheaply we can offer you a bespoke Belfast removals package tailored to your requirements.

Are you looking at sending boxes to Belfast, moving one or two pieces of furniture or just a part of your load that did not fit into your car? No problem! We are perfect for such a moving task with our part load removals to Belfast service. We know that there are no two same moves, so tell us what you need, and we will create a package that will be best for your unique relocation.

We put particular focus on the safety of your goods and train our personnel in efficient packing and safe handling of any type of possessions. If you appreciate that your items are given special care, you can trust us – we handle the goods as if they were ours. We offer a stress-free removals to Belfast with the best customer service from the primary consultation, through safe transportation, to final setting up of your goods in your new property. We take into consideration every aspect of your relocation, be it weight of your load, the amount of goods you intend to move, timelines, and details of the collection and delivery addresses.

Our company can offer:

  • Bespoke moving quote suitable for every budget;
  • Flexibility in terms of collection and delivery date and time;
  • Professional movers, packers, excellent drivers;
  • Utmost care in handling your goods;
  • Timely delivery to arrive exactly as previously agreed.


How to find professional removal companies in Belfast?

It’s not easy to choose the perfect movers from the huge amount of available moving companies in Belfast. They should be compared not only based on the price they offer, but also on the fleet of vehicles, experience of stuff, and many other factors. It is worth taking time to find a company proper for your needs to make your move a piece of cake instead of a nightmare. Our services are exactly what you need. Request moving quotes to Belfast that will be focused on your requirements and needs, will be issued to you in a final form upfront so that you know what to expect. And what is even more important, it is a guarantee that you will be not charged any hidden costs at the end. Check also our cheap removals in Crewe.

One cannot relocate without trusting it’s removal company to Belfast. To make sure you can have a peace of mind, we hire trustworthy and professional drivers, packers and other members of our team to constantly increase our level of service. Our people do not waste time, know how to work quickly and deftly, while all the time being respectful and friendly. In order to enhance our efficiency, we make use of professional tools and equipment. We promise to handle your furniture and boxes with utmost care, to avoid any damage.

Sometimes the cheapest option does not mean the best. OK, maybe it is the best for your moving budget, but is it worth taking risk of receiving lower quality of service, which may translate into damages to your fragile goods or items of sentimental value. It’s not always the case, but we strongly recommend trusting local removal companies that offer insurance in order not to worry about your items throughout the entire process of sending furniture to Belfast. Contact us for cheap but safe door to door removals to Belfast from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

Find movers in Belfast

Compare removal costs in Belfast area

How to find cheap removal companies in Belfast area? All you need to do is compare removal quotes .... Once you begin preparation to your house removals in Belfast area it's now a good time to request free quotes from local moving firms in Belfast area. The easiest whay of doing it is by using our website, or other websites offering removal comparison services. Once you submit your moving requirements, you will receive up to 5 or 6 free moving quotes from reliable Belfast movers. Now it might be easier to choose your moving team, as you will know the approx removal costs and scope of the services offered in the price.

House removals Belfast – moving domestic items

Domestic removals BelfastHave you found a perfect new house in Belfast? Are you looking for equally perfect movers who will seamlessly move your house to Belfast? Our staff is absolutely ready to undertake any type of removal for you, be it moving single item to Belfast, moving a studio flat, or a large villa. We will take care of your furniture, cartons, fragile items, bulky and heavy white goods and anything you need to move, including pets. You can be sure that we will handle your items as if they were our own, as safety of your valuables is our top priority.

If you want company moving to Belfast with a huge experience, choose us. We will give you a helping hand at every stage of the moving project, whatever task it is. We can even disassemble and reassemble your furniture. With us, furniture removals to Belfast can be a piece of cake. We will safely move your king size bed, fridge, washing machine, 3 door wardrobe, chest of drawers or heavy bookcase.

We will come to your house with appropriate equipment to safely lift the heavy items, professional packing materials to help you pack even the most fragile goods and secure your furniture from damage in transit. Our vehicles have everything we need to move your furniture with almost no effort, such as tail lifts, trolleys, and straps to fasten your goods for the journey. We also use thick and sturdy moving blankets to cover the furniture to prevent scratches, chipping or rubbing against one another.

Are you looking for cheap house removals to Belfast, and a team of professionals whose rates are really competitive? Look no more and ask us for a  completely free and not obligating moving quote, and let us make your move easy and budget-friendly. Check our solutions for removals to Manchester from Cardiff.

About Belfast

If you are looking for a city that has a lot to offer, including cheap prices, friendly people and tasty cuisine, you should take Belfast into consideration. Take a look at some facts if you plan to move to Belfast or visit it in the near future. It’s a capital city of Northern Ireland and is located in County Antrim, sharing the region of Northern Ireland with other 5 counties. It’s just one hour north of Dublin so it’s really well communicated with the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Moreover, it is a picturesque coastal city, with a River Lagan running through.

Taking into account that Belfast is still part of the UK, the currency is Great British Pound (GBP). It’s worth noting as people willing to visit the Republic of Ireland have to exchange the currency.
The city is considered a safe place, especially the city centre which is full of nice shops, hotels, and restaurants serving tasty food. The people there are helpful and kind, hence the atmosphere makes one feel like in a small village. Generally, most of the big cities in the UK are usually not that quiet and peaceful, therefore it is safe to take a walk, even at night and in a smaller group.

Small removals? Hire man and van in Belfast

Not every removal means a huge amount of items and moving a full house worth of belongings. We come across the expectations of customers moving apartments, studio flats, moving a few boxes or sending single item to Belfast. There is no difference whether you need an entire van or just a minimal amount of space in the vehicle. Each move is equally important to us and we are able to accommodate the needs of every customer, even if it is arranging small removals to Belfast.

We can either offer a certain space in the bigger van, depending on the size of your move, or provide a smaller van for your relocation of, for example:

  • Studio flat or 1 and 2 bedroom apartment;
  • A single but bulky item that you cannot transport in your car;
  • Small number of boxes;
  • An item or a few pieces of furniture purchased online, etc.

It is reasonable that you expect lower quotes for lower amount of goods, as you won’t take the entire space of the van. That is why we won’t charge any minimum fee, but issue the price as based on the space you take when you hire van to Belfast. Our fleet comprises of big vans, as well as smaller vehicles perfect for this kind of relocations. Small van and one mover to help is exactly what you need if you require small removals to Belfast.

Another reason why you should hire our small man and van to Belfast is that we are able to park on a limited parking space or drive through the narrow lanes where the bigger vehicles would not be able to fit. This way you can have your goods collected right from your doorstep, and delivered to your front door. No one needs to carry them for a certain distance risking a severe backache. Closer to the door means a lot less time to load and unload the vehicle, which, in the end, translates into saving money. Contact us to find cheap removal companies in Bristol.

Commercial services – office removals in Belfast

We have the experience, knowledge and specific tools and equipment to make your business removal to Belfast a quick and pleasant experience. We know how different commercial relocations are as compared to house moves, and we know that we should do everything to minimize your business disruption. The best you can do to achieve successful office removals to Belfast, machinery relocation, or a move of entire company is trusting in professionals who know how to prepare your enterprise for the relocation and what actions to take once the delivery arrives at the new premises. Choose us whenever you need a quick and cost-effective solutions for office removals to Belfast from the UK mainland or the other way around.

Our aim is to provide not only a quick but also timely relocation, carefully minding the agreed schedule. We will also arrange your business relocation to Belfast in order not to exceed your budget restrictions, and to keep your business operating as long as it’s possible. There is no relocation that is too complicated for us. Our experience and know-how allows us to carefully plan the entire logistics, select appropriate tools and equipment, and the scope of works, choosing best people for each task. We excel in moving business to Belfast and many other locations; let us prove it to you.

As long as moving office desks, chairs, bookcases or boxes of files is rather uncomplicated, one may be worried about their equipment, including this specialized one. It requires skilled hands to disassemble and reassemble the variety of commercial equipment which is often very valuable. It requires experience and precision, both for moving and disconnecting and reconnecting all the appliances, electronic equipment and IT systems, including data servers.

Taking into account that there every business is unique, there is no standard rate for each commercial relocation to Belfast. Your enterprises differ in size, number of rooms, assets, employees, type of equipment, scope of works you require from us, distance between the offices and many, many more. For this reason we offer individual prices for each move, and what is more, a free on-site survey to make sure we fully understand the needs and requirements of your business removals to Belfast.

Here’s a list of what we take into consideration while preparing our quote:

  • Distance between current and new location;
  • Type of business;
  • Size of the enterprise and the amount of items that you need moved, i.e. furniture, equipment, files;
  • The access to the premises and whether there are lifts in the building facilitating the relocation;
  • Deadlines;
  • Requirement for other services such as storage, installation of equipment, positioning machinery etc.


Machinery, factory and warehouse moving services in Belfast

Making a decision on factory plant relocation or warehouse move can be done by everyone, but the process of relocation should only be done by professionals, just like us. The plan that we create for your factory relocation to Belfast, will allow you to recommence operation in no time, and without any problems. We strongly recommend not to entrust your precious industrial equipment to the hands of first movers that you encounter, but to spend time and investigate which of the available plant relocation companies is best for you and has greatest experience. We will be extra careful when moving your valuable machinery, spare parts, vehicles, and tools in a quick and efficient way.

Thanks to the expertise of our staff and tools that we use in warehouse removals to Belfast to move the entire stock, no matter how massive it is. We will pack your warehouse and having it safely transported, we will install it back at the new premises. This service also includes disassembly and reassembly of racking and shelving, as well as moving warehouse offices with their computers and files. Every skilled team member works under the watchful eye of a project manager who controls whether the entire undertaking goes according to the plan and budget.

Private items and furniture removals in Belfast

There are certain pieces of furniture and particular bulky items that can be quite problematic to move from one place to another due to their size and weight. We are experienced in furniture removals in Belfast and we are aware of every possible problem that may occur during e.g. piano removals to Belfast. Our services are tailored to the instructions of piano manufacturer in order to provide complete safety of the item.

Furniture removals BelfastPiano removals rest on proper preparation of the instrument before moving, careful wrapping and manoeuvring it from the current location into the vehicle, precise loading and strapping so that it does not move during transportation, safe delivery, and placement in the new property. We guarantee to take every step of the aforementioned tasks in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and our best knowledge, therefore you can be sure that your piano removals in Belfast will be a success. No matter if you move it between private houses or between offices, we have done this successfully before, and will happily assist with your move too.

Another bulky piece of furniture impossible for one to move without professional help is pool or snooker table. Regardless whether you need a local or international pool table delivery to Belfast, we can offer solutions for every budget. Snooker, pool or billiards table does not have to be extremely expensive nor difficult. Our experienced movers know exactly how the tables are constructed, which allows them to easily disassemble the tables, safely wrap them and reassemble them back in the new place.

A part of our daily tasks related to the removals that we undertake is professional transportation of antiques. If you have a grandfather clock or a chest of drawers that has been in your family for 3 generations, and you want to transport it to your new place of residence, we are the best company moving furniture to Belfast you can choose. We are proud of being one of the most renown company moving antiques expertly and safely.


Why to move to Belfast?

Belfast, despite its tumultuous past, is now considered a welcoming and lively city, definitely worth visiting, if not staying a bit longer. It’s popular among tourists from all over the world, however it still remains lovely and peaceful place. It is a vibrant city offering many interesting attractions, such as among others, Titanic Museum which attracts many people and entices them to visit Belfast. People also find attractive the past of this city and visit it to find out the journey it made to be where it is nowadays. The history speaks from every corner of this city, beginning with murals, ending with beautiful architecture. There is also an excellent food scene in Belfast, which you can admire once planning a city break.

If you like to socialize and think that it’s people who make the place, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Belfast. It is said that Irish people are incredibly hospitable and friendly. If you like being with people of high spirits, enjoying laughing and fun, you should visit Belfast.

How to get to Belfast?

When you think of moving to Belfast or simply visiting this city, there are two ways that you can choose to get there, considering its location right above the Republic of Ireland. There is a choice between flying there by plain or getting there by sea. There are two airports in Belfast so there is really lot of flights between this city and any other part of the world. More or less 20 airports send planes directly to Belfast, which include airports in Europe and other worldwide areas, therefore it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a great flight. If you are on the Isle of Man, England or Scotland, you can get there by sea. And obviously, there is a great bus and train connection between Belfast and other parts of Ireland.

In terms of commuting within the city itself, it is not problematic at all. As it’s rather small, it is easy and enjoyable to walk by feet from one place to another. There are also metro and bus lines throughout the city so you can quickly commute from one end of the city to another and to the centre. There are also cheap taxis available as a safe way to travel through Belfast at night. Moreover, there is a train running every two hours between Belfast and Dublin.

Top attractions in Belfast

  • Definitely one of the top attractions of this city is the largest in the world museum of Titanic. No one refers this story as good as Belfast Titanic Museum. If you want to discover all the secrets of this dramatic story, do not hesitate to visit the museum.
  • Every nature lover and a romantic soul should take an eye-pleasing walk on a sunny day in Botanic Gardens. It’s history traces back to 1828, so it perfectly fits into the old atmosphere of a historic town, and depicts city’s Victorian heritage. It’s also a beautiful place to hang out with friends, which is popular among local people and tourists.
  • Belfast Castle and Cave Hill will give you the opportunity to admire incredible panoramic views of Belfast, and take some fantastic photos. The view is a reward for a hike you have to do in order to climb the hill, but it’s definitely worth it.
  • In Ulster Museum you can explore bits of local history, some artworks, and collections from other parts of the world; therefore everyone is going to find something interesting.
  • unique tourist attraction in the region, a nice place to eat tasty meals, or - what surprises us most -  get married! It’s Crumlin Road Gaol, that is a former prison, holding in the past even 900 inmates. Visiting this venue gives an opportunity to see how it was to be an inmate in times when the prison was operating.
  • The oldest tourist attraction and at the same time the only Victorian market in Belfast which survived till now is established in 1896 St. Georges Market. More than two hundred stall offers insight into the authentic Belfast, with interesting crafts, delicious food and other treasures.

International removals services in Belfast – hire shipping company

Moving abroad is not as simple as just taking your goods and transporting them to another country. It’s an important decision on changing your current life and beginning a new one in another place, often quite distant. However, the aspect of transporting your entire house worth of belongings is also extremely important, as your international removals to Belfast from a worldwide destination, or the other way around, is the first experience of the new life which should be pleasant.

Shipping cargo from BelfastWe will walk the extra mile to make it easy and simple, so that you won’t have to worry about moving your items and boxes. Stress-free international removals from Belfast which we offer allow you to focus on other things related to your relocation rather than thinking how to pack fragile goods or carry the big fridge down the stairs. You will have a piece of mind that each item will be safely packed and wrapped, and even the smallest box will be taken care of during the entire journey, no matter how long it is.

Although it may seem that international removals to Belfast or back must be complicated as they are most often related with transporting a huge amount of possessions, hiring a professional international moving company in Belfast makes it a piece of cake. Our expert movers can offer comprehensive international removals covering every aspect of the move, including many additional services. We can take every removal-related burden off your shoulders and take care of packing, storage, house cleaning, moving pets or cars and many other issues that may seem stressful for inexperienced relocatees.

We can also deal with moving any type of vehicles to worldwide destinations. It’s not important if you have a tiny moped, car, a boat or entire fleet of vehicles, we will take care of the necessary paperwork, preparation of the vehicles so it can be safely shipped, and offer affordable solutions of door to door international removals of vehicles. Our services include moving insurance offer.

If you cannot take your pet by plane with you on your journey to the new house overseas, let us transport your dear dog or cat safely to you. We are sure that you won’t feel like home in the new premises until your pet is there, therefore we will make sure to bring it healthy and happy to any worldwide destination.

24/7 removals services to Belfast

Whether you want to pick up and haul 1 or twelve bags, a small number of items of household goods or are nosing for a full two or three bedroom home or flat removals firms to Belfast from the UK and from all EU countries we will be jubilant to get it done. We provide an urgent one way van hire to both individual, corporate and wholesale purchasers. As slick economy movers and  same day delivery in Belfast we execute all compass of international delivery services at worth the money, bargain delivery prices for all short notice removals jobs.

There is no undertaking we would not execute, get done and bring off. We have the resources to collect and deliver miniature and bantam private items like 1 bag, storage boxes, TV, data centre, outdoor furniture, racks & stands, tag heuer watch or medium heather grey cardigan in moving packing boxes as well as to collect and haul huge and giant things like playpen, filing cabinet (4 drawer), clothes basket, snow sled, bamboo furniture, small chest, folding screen, children toys, sofas and beds and more.

We provide local-cost 24/7 removals to Belfast from London, Cardiff, Salford, Londonderry, Oxford, Bristol and urgent haulage from all the Great Britain. Wherever you live our prompt, low-priced and last minute moving lorry for hire will pick up your goods within several hours. Short notice London to Belfast moving company carry out express grandfather clock shipping to New Lodge, cheap transport to Greencastle, long distance refrigerated products and frozen food delivery to Skegoniell, cut-rate and overnight motor vehicle and stupendous, bulky cargo shipping to Lower Falls as well as short notice full two bedroom house relocation in Knocknagoney, Castlereagh, Kilwee, Braniel and other. We also effectuate next day caskets, wardrobes and decorations transport to Belfast from Bologna, Warsaw, Mannheim, Sofia, Kaunas and Madrid as well as emergency moves from Belfast to Italy, Montenegro, Moldova, Lithuania, France, Germany and to all Europe.

Only engage us within a jiffy and examine different removal firms that will supply you with chargeless quotations for importing 1 coffer with household effects, for delivering 200 ft3 or for full 2 bedroom terrace house removals to Belfast from London, Belfast, Bath, Lancaster, Southampton, Wakefield, Bradford or Cambidge man and van. Check how much is to ship one portable gas fire, sideboard + dresser, highchair, garden hose, hi-fi, bean bag, vanity seat or bedroom furniture and sport equipment. Try a local, careful and good economy moving luton van from Belfast to London and enjoy a same day removals to Clarawood, Balmoral, Duncairn, Cregagh, Oldpark and Lenadoon.

Our master 24/7 road transport services cover:

  • Known home packing and boxes for moving house supply
  • Cheap domestic removals to Sydenham, compare weekday vs weekend removals costs
  • Affordable urgent transport to Mount Vernon
  • Business moving management
  • Office furniture recycling services
  • Trustworthy office furniture removals to Taughmonagh
  • Packing and removal services and packaging
  • Asset management, evaluation of the health of your computer network system and server relocation to Fortwilliam
  • Office furniture disposal in Belmont, Stranmillis, Gilnahirk etc.
  • Heavy machinery moves to Belfast from London, Liverpool, Derby, Swansea, Peterborough and more
  • Cheap meat and fish and fish and sea food transport to Belfast from Brno, Vilnius, The Hague, Lisbon, Duisburg, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Munich etc..
  • Overnight London to Belfast removal
  • Storage companies, storage solutions
  • Average costs of transporting four or five boxes, 150 ft3, 550 cubic ft, 6 m3 or 50 cubic meters of personal belongings, papers and wall shelves

Cheap movers in Belfast offering full services

If you are angling for a reasonable last minute relocation to Belfast from UK you are on a super-duper Internet portal. For us no project is too petite or too leviathan! Our specialist, express UK to Belfast mover organize any number of cargo: everyday-use goods moving to Woodvale from Glasgow, cheap removal van hire to Springfield from Nottingham, affordable portage of 20 foot container to New Lodge from Armagh, express four-seater sofa delivery to Greencastle from Carlisle or moving a motorbike to Skegoniell from Winchester.

Our trained efficient removal firm offer cheap, long distance moving to Belfast from Holland, Denmark, Gibraltar, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and from all European countries.

Call us as soon as you can to find out how much it is for relocation to Belfast from UK. Compare overnight removals costs from York to Lower Falls, Chester to Knocknagoney or Brighton to Castlereagh, Kilwee, Braniel, Clarawood, Balmoral and many more within a few moments. Get in touch with professional removal companies in Leeds.

Are you wondering how to move valuable items at budget rates? Our low-cost UK to Belfast short notice delivery can be rented for exporting 7, 14 or 50 cartons, crates and moving cardboard boxes to Duncairn from Preston, 45, 270 ft3 of household goods and retail cargo for next day delivery to Cregagh from Newport, emergency equipment transport to Oldpark from Sheffield, economy chilled and fish and sea food shipping to Lenadoon from Lisburn, cut-price truck and caravan removals to Sydenham from Leicester and similar.

Compare same day removals to Belfast from UK, England, Ireland and France. Our 24/7 moving firms are in position to deliver your moving house boxes, a car, goods from Naples to Mount Vernon, deliver 1st choice urgent moves from Hamburg to Taughmonagh, send step machine, chairs, freezer and cooking accessories from Warsaw to Fortwilliam and manage last minute removals to Belfast from Paris, Vienna, Prague, Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, Berlin and different. Compare approximate 1 bedroom flat or three or two and one or two bedroom house moving rates.