Removals to Latvia

Moving to Latvia, for whatever reason, may seem like a complicated and stressful undertaking. However, you can't imagine how easy it can be with the help of our professional and reliable but still cheap removals to Latvia services. By eliminating you from the most demanding tasks, by offering complex door-to-door delivery to Latvia or moving from Latvia back to UK, we allow you to focus on completely different aspects related to changing your place of residence.
As experts in international removals, we are well aware of the many things involved in moving to Latvia, and we take care all of them/ Regardless of whether you are considering a potential move and want to know the approximate cost of moving to Latvia, whether you are looking for a company offering last minute moving to Latvia because of Brexit, whether it is a standard service or urgent furniture delivery to Latvia, we are able to tailor our services to your individual needs.

Choose the service that best suits your needs:

  • 48 hour delivery via dedicated van to Latvia;
  • part load removals;
  • short notice pallet delivery;
  • baggage shipping;
  • export packing;
  • custom clearances;
Fast delivery to Latvia

Prior to removals

You are certainly looking for cheap delivery to Latvia, that's why we offer you the opportunity to check how much is to hire a van to Latvia. You can get our removals quote either by phone or via the online form. If you are interested in our offer, we suggest organizing a free home visit, during which our surveyor will estimate the size of the move, check your requirements on the basis of which he will be able to provide the final price of moving to Latvia, as well as presenting all the conditions and details of the transportation, such as: estimated the duration of the removal, the type, size and number of vehicles needed, the number of crew members necessary to ensure that the service will be carried out within the agreed time.
As soon as you are satisfied with all the arrangements, you should sign a moving contract for your delivery from UK to Latvia due to Brexit or back, and wait calmly for the upcoming removal day.
However, if you are in need of organizing last minute pallet delivery to Latvia, we also offer an online van hire booking solutions.

Day of removals

If you have chosen the comprehensive variant, an experienced export packing team will appear at the agreed pickup location and will pack and protect all items that will be transported. There is no doubt that export packing of either personal goods or commercial loads should meet specific requirements for international packing and delivery, and should be done using professional export packaging materials. This is exactly what you can expect from our company - we ensure that every single item will be delivered from UK to Latvia in exactly the same condition as it was collected from the customer.
As soon as our packaging is completed, you will receive a document containing a list of all the items you are exporting from UK to Latvia.

cheap delivery to

Latvia destinations

With our reliable logistics services we can transport any type of load from the UK to Latvia as well as offer moving back to England. We offer a direct one way van hire to Latvia on a daily basis to the following areas:

  • removals to Riga,
  • removals to Saldus,
  • removals to Talsi,
  • removals to Daugavpils,
  • removals to Jelgava,
  • removals to Sigulda,
  • removals to Liepaja,
  • removals to Jurmala,

During our many years of cooperation with various transport companies throughout Latvia, we have developed reliable contacts with logistic partners, with the help of which we are able to guarantee the delivery of the loads even to the farthest corners of the land.

free moving quote

Door-to-door removals to Latvia

By using our services, you have a much greater guarantee of safe delivery from UK to Latvia without damage, because by providing dedicated doo-to-door delivery to Latvia from the UK, we avoid frequent reloading or storage of cargo in different places. Unlike the services often offered by intermediary removal companies that send loads to Latvia using logistics and haulage services, we deliver your goods directly from point A in the UK to point B anywhere in Latvia.
We offer direct delivery to Latvia from London, as well as removals from Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow or any other major cities in the UK. Regardless of the size and type of the load we can guarantee direct transportation to any location in Latvia, whether it is just a single item or box, a full house or an express pallet delivery to Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Talsi or any other city.
Our services are fully adjustable, it means that depending on your needs, we can arrange early morning collection from UK and late evening delivery to Latvia. We can also organize furniture transport to Latvia during the weekend, whether it is Saturday or Sunday. So whether you prefer weekday or weekend moving - we are available for you at any time so don't be afraid to call us if you need last minute removals from UK to Latviadue due to Brexit.

Moving to new house

Trouble-free moving with the help of the company is always a combination of three main factors:

  • trained and experienced crew,
  • knowledge and skills in the field of UK to Latvia export import management,
  • a fleet of modern vehicles equipped with modern tools and the latest GPS equipment.

UK to Latvia Delivery

It can be assumed that the average delivery time to Latvia is only 48 hours - when we talk about the dedicated van service and the situation when the driver's activities are limited only to loading the load and perform direct delivery to the destination in Latvia. In the case of smaller loads, we also offer shared transport, however, due to the fact that there are several collection / loading places, as well as several unloading places, the total time necessary for delivery can be extended up to twice.
Whenever possible, most people try to avoid completing the documentation required when moving to another area. Fortunately, if you are moving to Latvia from the UK, the required paperwork is reduced to a minimum. One of the most important documents is a cargo movement form / CMR forms - a type of list of the items to be transported, this is a simple form that you will receive directly from the driver on the day of loading.

We do not reject project because we consider it too small or too big. We are able to do all projects that come our way no matter how big or small they are thanks to our experience teams of professionals, large resources and equipment. We have fleet of vehicles of different sizes and types in order to meet the relocation need of any person. We have also invested heavily in other equipment that are used in removal such as crane, forklift and others. With these instruments, our professionals are able to work more effectively and efficiently. They can accomplish any task within the time frame stipulated. We also have the required resources to begin and complete our task. We have no fear that we will satisfy you no matter the items you want to relocate with. Besides, we are working in collaboration with other removal companies who are also members of the same network with us. With our collaboration with these big companies in many parts of Europe, we are able to successfully handle every item.

There is no removals we would not execute, perform and attain the end of. We will be pleased to send pint-sized and undersized domestic stuff like 1 coffer, bags, TV, server racking, kitchen stuff, TV & media furniture, bicycle frame or notebook in cheap moving boxes as well as to pick up and transport 3 bedroom and colossal stuff like freezer, wheelbarrow, telephone seat, lamp, end table, aquarium, blanket box, papers, bedroom furniture and more. We offer reasonable urgent Brexit removals to Latvia from London, Lincoln, Aberdeen, Preston, Liverpool, Gloucester and economy removal from all the British Empire. Wherever you need us our prompt, low-priced and long distance moving vehicle for hire will collect your items within up to five hours. Last minute London to Latvia relocation company carry out short notice house content shipping to Gulbene, emergency moves to Ozolnieki, next day refrigerated products and fish and sea food delivery to Saldus, low-cost and express van and mammoth, outsize commodity road transport to Ludza as well as overnight full 5 or 1 bedroom flat or house move in Karosta, Kuldīga, Jelgava, Dobele and similar. We also furnish 24/7 moving storage boxes, wardrobes and the contents of your house transport to Latvia from Copenhagen, Leipzig, Lisbon, Berlin, Lublin and Brussels as well as last minute transport from Latvia to Montenegro, Latvia, Turkey, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain and to all Europe. Simply speak to us today and contact some relocation firms that will post you free of charge proposals for sending 1 case with household effects, for transporting two hundred ninety ft3 or for full five or six bedroom temporary accommodation removals to Latvia from London, Exeter, Stirling, York, Edinburgh, removals Swansea or Salford. Make certain how much is to deliver a single range cooker, pool table, ping-pong table, patio table, dresser, wingback chair, footstool or outdoor plants and children toys. Examine a specialist, high-class and trained same day relocation luton van from Latvia to London and enjoy a cheap moving to Cēsis, Jēkabpils, Alūksne, Kuldīga, Ulbroka and Pļaviņas.

About Latvia

Latvia is located in the Northern Europe. It is one of the three Baltic states in the Baltic region. It is located between Estonia and Lithuania. Estonia borders it to the north while Lthuania borders it to the south. It is bordered by Russia and Belarus to the east and to the southeast respectively. It has a maritime border with Sweden to the west. The population is about 2,306,000. It has a total area of 64,589km. 1.57% of the country's total area is made up of water. The rest is land. Latvia has a population density of 34.3/km2. The official language is Latvian which is an Indo-European language. Latvia has tried to retain its cultural identity despite being under the rule of foreign countries for many years.
Before 18th century when Russia annexed the country, she was under the Polish and Swedish rule. However, it gained her independence from the Russian rule in 1918. The independence was short-lived because the Soviet Union also annexed it in 1940 as a constituent republic. But Latvia regained her independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. It has now developed a democratic system of government particularly Parliamentary Republic. It is today regarded as one of the developed countries in Europe. She is a member of a number of international organisations and societies. It is a member of North Atlantic Trade Organisation (NATO), European Union (EU), The UNited Nations (UN) and the Council of Europe. It also has membership in IMF, CBSS, NIB, NB8, OECD, WTO and OSCE.

Going to Latvia

As a developed nation it has developed a high economy. It occupied the 46th position in the 2014 The Human Development Index. As a member of Eurozone, Latvia started using Euro as of 1 January 2014 which replaced its initial local currency known as the lats.
Latvia comprises a number of cities. However, the largest and the most popular city is Riga. The country is a multicultural society. There are a number of ethnic groups but Latvians are the dominant people constituting 61.6% of the entire population. They are seconded by the Russians that constitute about 25.8% of the entire population. Other minor ethnic groups are the Belarusians who make up 3.4% of the entire population, Ukrainians who make up 2.3%, the Poles who make up 2.1%, the Lithuanians who make up 1.2% and others and unspecified ethnic groups who make up 4.8% of the entire population.
Despite the turbulent history, she has developed so well with a lot of pursuits available for expats. Owing to the number of attractions and places of interest available, this land has become very popular among expats and tourists from different parts of Europe. There are lots of unspoiled natural attractions, open spaces and forest spanning huge acres of land. Another aspect that contributes to the high number of tourists and expats coming into the country is her low living cost as well as the high quality of life it offers its relative. Most expats are living in its capital city, Riga which is the largest city. The historic centre of Riga has been raised to UNESCO World Heritage status. It has plenty of buildings constructed in the medieval times. Besides buildings, glass skyscrapers and chic coffee shops in the city, it has impressive nightlife and restaurants and provides good shopping opportunities to residents. If you are looking for a place to relocate to, you should consider moving to the country.

Cheap Removals to Latvia

Are planning for a move to Latvia from the UK? Do you need a reliable and cheap removal company from UK to Latvia that will provide you with numerous options such as dedicated van, full container load, part load, door-to-door service, packing and other services? If the answer to the above question is yes, the help you are looking for is just at your doorstep. We have a perfect and cheap removals to Latvia for you. We are professional removal company and we are able to provide you with all the above services. No matter the services you require, kindly let us know insofar as it has to do with removal. You can contact us either through email or phone call for discussion on your removal needs and also for quotes. Don't worry about our quotes. We offer them free of charge without attaching any obligation to them. We can also provide you with sound advise on removals London to Latvia or other European countries. We have been in the industry for over two decades and since we started operation, we have been providing both local and international relocation. Latvia is one of the European countries that we have been providing services to. With us, you are sure of the best quality removal services. The good news is that our services are provided at the best price.

When it is time for you to achieve your dream of living in Latvia, you will require a cheap moving services that we will provide you with stress-free and more affordable service. There is no need wasting your time searching for such a company. We are the most reliable removals van hire from UK to Latvia firm that will provide you with the most reliable and cheap delivery to Latvia, you can be sure you will get services that you are looking for. So, once you have found us, your search for the best service has come to an end and you should look no further because we get all you are looking for. We have been in the industry for many years delivering a wide range of removal services, we have unrivaled experience in providing a full range of cheap moving services to Latvia. Many businesses, organisations, institutions and families have used our services for removal or relocation from one location in the UK to another from the UK to any other part of Europe or from any other part of Europe to the UK including Latvia. We have a team of professionals who are well trained. They have always shown commitment to duties and have always carried their tasks with high level of professionalism with deep sense of responsibility. The members of our teams are not just reliable but they have good human relationship and they are always willing to give a helping hand to our clients even with some tasks that are not included in our contracts with them. Our clients have enjoyed not just the quality of services they rendered to them but also working together with them and their general attitude towards their project.


Last minute moving to Latvia from UK

We are aware that each moving project is unique and needs to be handled in a unique manner. This is why we always tailor our services to their needs. We have distinguished ourself from others in the industry by providing personalised services to each of our customer. Built our services on trust and customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals always make sure that they leave our clients very satisfied with the quality of services they provide them. So, if you hire our firm offering 24/7 delivery to Lativa, be rest assured that they will satisfy you with our quality services. If you are not satisfied, you have the right to complain. We are not like some other companies that do not accept complaints or do not give their clients room to make complaints. We acknowledge the fact that we are not above mistakes. So, we take every complaints from our clients very seriously. We see complaints as opportunity to improve. If you have any complaints, let us know and we will ensure that the issue is resolved and that it does not repeat itself again.
We know that ever last minute home or office removals to Latvia as well as any type of removal project involves some complicated processes. Thus, removal requires expert handling. This is why in case of urgent services we always handle last minute moving to Latvia with experts. Each stage in the removal process is handled by experts. So, if you hire our urgent delivery to Latvia services, you are in a save hand. We have invested heavily in the training of our team of professionals. So, they have been equipped with all the knowledge and skills they require to provide the most reliable services to you. Our professionals also have team spirit. Thus, they can easily work in collaboration with your staff if you are moving office to Latvia. If you are moving home, they will also work in close collaboration with you to ensure that high level services are provided to you.

Hire last minute van

With us, our clients are covered at all time. Whether you have time sensitive delivery or not, you can rely on us at any time and any day. For urgent delivery to Latvia, we are available on 24/7 basis. Just call on us and we will answer you regardless of the day and time. We operate an effective shift system which makes it possible to be available regularly. So, you don't have to wait until it is the weekday or workday before you can contact us. Anytime, you have removal need, we are available to assist you. Just give us a call and we will answer. We are your friend and partner during emergence.

Hire removals van To Latvia

As already mentioned above, we have different sizes and types of vehicles to accommodate different needs. However, each vehicle size has its carrying capacity. Below are the different sizes of vehicles that we have and their weight capacity.

  • 3.5 tonne vane which has a weight carrying capacity of 1000 kg
  • 7.5 tonne truck which has a weight capacity of 3 tonne
  • 17/18 tonne rigid lorry which has a weight capacity of 9 tonne

There are a lot of companies in the UK claiming to provide their clients with top quality services. The availability of many companies with each proclaiming itself as the best company makes it more confusing and difficult for consumers to know which company to hire. However, among these companies, some are still the best. There is no doubt that you may want to know what makes our removal solutions perfect for you or why you should hire our removals van to Latvia. You are in the right track if that is what you want to know.

Our urgent moving services consist of:

  • Experienced packing and relocation and moving boxes and bubble wrap supply
  • Affordable house removal to Rēzekne
  • Discount economy transport to Jēkabpils
  • Project management
  • Affordable office removals to Salaspils
  • Packing and removal services and packing and moving
  • Quality control, quality control and server relocation to Salacgrīva
  • Machinery recycling in Preiļi, Vangaži, Daugavpils etc.
  • Heavy equipment moves to Latvia from London, London, Sheffield, Westminster, Nottingham and more
  • Cheap frozen food and pallets transport to Latvia from Cluj-Napoca, Vilnius, Plovdiv, Hannover, Mannheim, Nuremberg, Palermo, Hamburg etc..
  • Overnight London to Latvia haulage
  • Storage company, storage companies
  • Approximate costs of moving 6 crates, 350 ft3, 850 cubic ft, 34 m3 or 9 cubic meters of private furniture, sport stuff and house contents

How to move to Latvia from UK?

For more than 20 years, we have been providing effective UK to Latvia moving services to our customers. We are quite aware that removal can be a very stress-full exercise. Taking this into consideration, we will ensure that we get everything in order for you so that the move will not cause you any stress and to ensure that you are ready for the move with relaxed mind. Our target is to ensure that you do not feel the pain of relocation and that relocation to Latvia does not cause your business grave downtime that will bring every business activity to a halt. If you are moving home, we will also ensure that you have your items ready in your new home. This means that you will not lack anything or find life difficult during the few days of your move to the new location.
We provide a complete range of services as far as relocation from the UK to Latvia and vice versa is concerned. So, you are covered with our services. No matter what you want we will provide them to you. In our designated services, our team of removal will come to your home with a vehicle or vehicles depending on the number of vehicles that will be enough for your items.

Easy relocation to Latvia

Your items will be loaded in the vehicle for transportation. The driver will drive your items alone to the new location in Latvia. In this package, service is completed within 48 hours or even less than that including the loading time. This service is suitable for urgent pallet delivery to Latvia or back. If you require this service, you should ensure that you place order before or by 11am or within the time stipulated in our website. Your order will be confirmed and collection will be done as agreed.
We provide other services related to relocation such as storage, packing and unpacking, house cleaning and refuse disposal, furniture dismantling and reassembling, storage service, IT removal, heavy equipment removal, document and file archiving and many more. Our target is to provide our clients with one stop service or a complete range of service. We are able to achieve that thanks to our flexibility. So, let us know exactly what you want and we will work out a package that will meet it. With our services, you are free to choose what you can do. You can also decide not to get involved in the removal process at all. We can handle all tasks for you. If you like, you can sit back, relax and go about your other business and leave the removal of your items for us. You can also do some and have us do only what you cannot do.

Our smart qualified relocation firm provide reliable, next day removals to Latvia from Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, France and from all EU countries. Get in touch with us straight away to check how much it is for moving to Latvia from UK. Compare express relocation prices from Salisbury to Ķekava, Londonderry to Riga or Winchester to Pļaviņas, Aizpute, Grobiņa, Ogre, Sigulda and different within a few moments. Our attractive UK to Latvia overnight delivery may be utilized for forwarding 2, 17 or 20 cardboard boxes, wooden boxes and packing boxes for sale to Madona from Leeds, 40, 100 ft3 of goods and furnishings for 24/7 delivery to Bauska from Cambridge, last minute equipment moves to Tukums from Hereford, same day fish and sea food and meat shipping to Krustpils from Inverness, economical auto and moped freight forwarding to Kandava from Wakefield and many more. Compare cheap removals to Latvia from UK, Italy, Switzerland and Gibraltar. Our urgent moving companies are able to forward your large cardboard boxes, goods, commercial products from Cologne to Jūrmala, provide proved economy transport from Stockholm to Limbaži, send changing table, video and DVD player, portable gas fire and computer desks from Budapest to Salaspils and cater for long distance removals to Latvia from Prague, Naples, Hamburg, Bucharest, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw and other. Compare approximate 1 bedroom house or two or five and four or five bedroom flat removals rates.

Part load moving to Latvia

We also offer part load movign to Latvia. In this service, the loads or cargo of different customers are consolidated and then loaded in one van for transportation. The cost of moving to Latvia is not borne equally by the customers whose goods are consolidated and loaded into one spae. Each person is charged according to the volume or weight of their items depending on the method used in calculating the cost. In this way, everybody is fairly charged. You do not pay for spaces that you do not need or you are not overcharged. The service is highly economic owing that the cost of the transportation is shared among the customers. However, the drawback to this service is that it is not as efficient as our dedicated van to Latvia in which one client uses a single space alone. Goods are transported after consolidation. This means that you have to wait until the consolidation is completed. This also means that there is multiple handling after collection. It is therefore suitable for moves that are not time sensitive. But in the dedicated delivery which is more expensive, there is no multiple handling. Once the items are loaded in the vehicle in your home, they will be transported immediately. It is therefore suitable for move that are highly time sensitive, and we have a lot of customers that use our express last minute delivery to Latvia.
Excess baggage delivery is also among our areas of strength. If you are not planning to relocate with lots of household items and personal effects as well as other items in your home, our excess baggage to Latvia is a suitable option for you. Rather than paying huge amount of money for the transportation of your item to the airline you use their service if the weight or volume of your luggage exceeds the volume or weight allowed as free luggage, you can save money by using our cheap excess luggage to Latvia services. We can move these few bags and boxes for you at the most of affordable prices. Whether you want them very urgently or not, there is no cause for alarm. In our excess baggage delivery, we are able to provide direct and quick baggage delivery within 48 hours. We have alos good relationship with a lot of airlines and they can accept items from us even at the last minutes, what allow us to offer even same day delivery from UK to Latvia of your excess baggage. So, if you have excess baggage, do not fail to contact us as soon as possible for your removals at a short notice.

Urgent UK to Latvia delivery truck rental

The removal solutions that we schedule are not limited to the on sale and short notice removals to Latvia from Brighton, Dundee, Oxford, Newport and Armagh and all the the Great Britain. Our solid, professional and emergency UK to Latvia shipping companies are equipped to undertake and propose:

  • Home packing services, cargo packing
  • Office recycling and equipment removals - office furniture, desks, reception desk, plant equipment
  • Economy meat and fish, chilled food shipping to Latvia from UK, Southampton, Sunderland, Cardiff, Manchester, Bath and from Glasgow
  • wooden box, specific-purpose and double door container delivery to Latvia from England, Holland, Wales, Belgium, Denmark and all Europe
  • Storage containers, archive storage, secure storage
  • Lockable office document waste consoles
  • Factory clearance
  • 1St Choice one bedroom homestead and three or two or 5 or 2 bedroom house next day removals Latvia to UK, Wolverhampton, Portsmouth, Peterborough, Chichester, St Albans, Coventry and etc..

Unveil free express removal van hire to Latvia costs. Unrevel free of cost average costs for exporting four or three, 13 or 30 cheap packing boxes, recliner, single wardrobe, upright cooker, oven, water heater, chaise longue, bed and house and garden items. Inquire about online overnight delivery to Latvia from Newcastle upon Tyne, Birmingham, Bradford, Lisburn, Worcester, Stoke-on-Trent and all the UK. We operate sundry collections of 24/7 moving lorries for hire - Large Luton with Tail Lift, Air Ride Suspension, Transit type, Medium Size, Transit Type, Mercedes 311CDi Long Wheelbase and more. All our last minute one way removals to Latvia from Austria, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and all Europe do very skilful removal cardboard boxes, nightstand, windsor chair, air conditioner, freezer, personal effects, everyday-use chattels and the contents of your home transport services at bargain-basement and same day moving prices. Our moving firm will never express they are debilitated, drained or that the transfer is too prodigious. Whether you wish to compare cheap Limbaži to Munich removals, Lielvārde to Vienna, Talsi to Sofia chopper, truck or heavy items haulage, Iecava to London urgent palletized goods or freight transport by road or Gulbene to Rome economy delivery vehicle rental our long distance UK to Latvia home and server and office delivery companies will be positive to offer the service.

Reasons to move Latvia

Whether you are planning for a retirement or a relocation for greener pasture, Latvia will meet your requirements. The expat population is on the increase on regular basis. There are a number of reasons why you should consider a move to Latvia or why the choice of this is something that you will not regret afterwards. Below are reasons to relocate to Latvia.

  • A complete range of pleasure

    Life is not boring in Latvia, as it provides to its residents with a complete range of entertainment, fun and pleasures. Whether there is a festival or not, there is a lot of booming locations and entertainment venues with many Russian pop stars doing what they know best. Latvia is culturally alive. It is a destination for any culture buff or any person that likes music, nightlife and indoor entertainment.

  • Easy communication

    There is no doubt that many people out there will think expats from the UK and other English speaking countries will find it difficult to settle down and communicate with others effectively owing to the fact that the official language is Latvia and that many people speak the language. This may seem to be true but in practice, it is not as difficult as it is presented. This is because a remarkable population can actually speak English. English speaking expats and tourists will still find locals who have good grasp of the language to communicate and interact with during their stay.

  • Low living cost in Latvia

    As already mentioned above, one of the major reasons why many expats and tourists from different parts of Europe and the world at large come to this country is because of the low cost of living they enjoy here. If you have some savings in the UK, you will be able to have a meaning life in Latvia with it.

  • High living standard

    The living standard is high as well. All the basic infrastructures available in a modern time countries are also available. Everything you need to have a meaningful living and to be comfortable in life are available even though in certain aspects such as education and healthcare, the country is not on a par with the UK.

  • Language learning opportunities

    Living here is an opportunity for you to learn new languages and encounter a number of cultures especially Russian and Lithuanian cultures. If you are very sharp or if you are enthusiastic about languages, you will be able to learn new languages such as Latvian and Russians because it is a multicultural society with multiple languages.

  • Pristine beauty

    Latvia has stunning natural beauty. There are plenty of vegetation. This makes it a heaven for nature lovers. Besides vegetation, there are other geographic and geological deposits that enhances the natural beauty. It has impressive beaches for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts as well as gardens and hills for hiking enthusiasts. The good thing is that there is a low population density meaning that it is great for relaxation especially the countryside. Its low population density also helps to enhance its unspoiled natural beauty. The environmental situation is next to the ideal because the industries in the cities are concentrated exclusively in the cities.

  • Eco-friendly and high quality air

    As already mentioned, a good portion of the area is covered with vegetation. This helps to enhance the quality of the air in the atmosphere. The oxygen human beings breathe comes from the trees in the forests and around the homes. Trees breathe out oxygen and breathe in carbon dioxide. So, there is a symbiotic relationship between the vegetation and human beings. They take in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and then give us oxygen. In this way, the quantity of carbon dioxide hovering in the atmosphere is reduced and there are enough oxygen because there are plenty of trees. This gives a positive effect on the environment.

  • Original cuisine

    Latvia has a rich culinary tradition which has strong influence of the culinary tradition of the Middle Ages. You are most likely going to find their dishes tasty and great. Some of the dishes that you should try to sample during your stay are Sklandrausis, Klopses, Silkyupudinsh and others. When you are in the country, you should dine out and ensure that you order for the country's local dish.

  • Free healthcare

    State funded healthcare is made available free of charge. So, if you are living here, you will have access to public funded medical care free of charge or in the same terms with the locals even though the quality of services rendered in these medical facilities are not as high as the quality of services provided in the UK healthcare facilities. But obtaining medical care services free of charge will help you to cut cost on your monthly expenses. Besides free healthcare, Latvia has a lot of health and spa centers. If you want to enhance the quality of your life, you should consider spending some moments in any of the centers.

Next day removals to Latvia from UK

If you are searching for a local-cost cheap delivery services to Latvia from UK you are on a tremendous webiste. For us no deed is too trivial or too extremely large! Our local, urgent UK to Latvia moves give away any sort of removal: private gear shipping to Madona from Lancaster, budget conveyance of machinery to Bauska from Chester, last minute portable BBQ transportation to Tukums from Salisbury or relocating personal belongings to Roja from Londonderry. Our trusty good mover offer standardized, economy transport to Latvia from Italy, Switzerland, Gibraltar, England, Holland, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Scotland, Ireland and from all Europe. Talk to us within a jiffy to see costs of removals to Latvia from UK. Compare long distance moving costs from Winchester to Krustpils, Leeds to Kandava or Cambridge to Jūrmala, Limbaži, Salaspils, Lielvārde, Talsi and different just a few hours. Our competitive UK to Latvia short notice removal van for hire can be rented for delivering 8, 12 or 45 caskets, rectangular boxes and cartons to Iecava from Hereford, 35, 230 ft3 of furniture and personal effects for emergency transport to Valmiera from Inverness, next day cargo and fresh food moving to Rēzekne from Wakefield, affordable car and motorcycle transport to Daugavgrīva from Brighton and many more. Compare express removals to Latvia from UK, Spain, Germany and Luxembourg. Our overnight removals firms may take your wardrobe moving boxes, baggage, appliances from Brussels to Smiltene, forward four-seater sofa, large sofa, 3-seater sofa and living room furniture from Berlin to Mežaparks and provide 24/7 removals to Latvia from Warsaw, Munich, Vienna, Sofia, London, Rome, Milan and other. Compare approximate 1 bedroom apartment or 4 and 2 or 1 bedroom home relocation prices from expert last minute and same day one way van hire to Latvia transport companies.


Requirements to move to Latvia

Are planning for moving to Latvia from the UK? If the answer to the above question is yes, the guide given here will be of help to you. There are a lot of things that you should know and knowing them will help you in your preparation for a new life or for an enjoyable holiday. Here are certain things that you should know or you are required of.

Entry and residence requirements

British citizens and holders of British passport can enter Latvia without any visa. If you are having other types of British nationals, you should find out from a Latvia embassy that is closer to you what the entry requirements are for your status. Check the website of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to obtain more information about entry requirements for expats from different parts of the world. Though UK citizens are not required to have visa before they will be able to enter the country, they are required to have passports that describe them as British citizens or subjects of a British with a right of abode in the United Kingdom.

Moving requirements

British citizens staying here for a period of not more than 90 days or three consecutive months regarded as short visit are not required to do any registration. However, if you have a plan of staying here for more than a period of three months, you are required to register with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA). British citizens studying here are exempted from this requirement. They are allowed to stay in Latvia without registration for a period of up to a year. You can obtain more information about registration from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs' website.
If you are residing the country, you are also required to register your place of residence at the local municipality of the place where you are living. You can also register online via the right source. Bear in mind that you will be charged 3 Lats for declaration of place of residence at the OCMA. However, if you do it online, you will not be charged a dime for it. The service is completely free of charge if it is done online. As already mentioned above, there are public schools as well as private schools in Latvia. If you are relocating to Latvia with your children bear in mind that the language of instruction in all public schools is Latvian. However, there are some schools that may be offering some of their courses in English language. Even if you register your children in those schools, the knowledge of Latvian is of crucial importance for any person that wants to attend public funded school.
People that can speak basic Latvian or certain level of Latvian can be given preparatory assistance by the Latvian Language Agency. Check the website of the Agency in order to obtain more information about them.
If you prefer English curriculum for children, you should consider registering them in any of the two international schools in the country where English curriculum is offered for primary and secondary education. If you arehere with your children, you are advised to start the process of their enrolment on time. Begin on time to search for schools for your children and contact the various schools you want to register them to find out what the registration procedures are. There are universities as well as other institutions of higher learning, especially in the capital city. Though the language of instruction in these institutions of higher learning and universities, you will also find universities that offer some programmes of studies in English language. So, if you want to further your education, you still have the opportunity of doing that.
Kindly visit the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science website in order to obtain more information about education and to see the list of education establishments in the country.

If you want to work in Latvia, you do not require any work permit as mentioned above before you will be able to take employment in the country. You will obtain your unique tax code from your employer whose responsibility it is to apply for it. However, your employer does not need to apply for any tax code for you if you already have a personal code in Latvia. Your income tax and social security contribution will be deducted by your employer from your wages.
Latvia has a good environment for doing of business. In case you want to run a business or be a self-employed individual, you may be able to do so. However, for purposes of tax, you are required to register with the tax authorities. You will also be the one that will calculate and pay your taxes as well as your contribution to the social security system. It may be somehow difficult and complicated to calculate the amount you are to pay as your tax. So, to ensure that you do not make any mistake, it is advisable that you seek for the help of a tax consultant or a professional accountant to help you in this regard. Latvian Association of Accountants has contact details of professional accountants and tax consultants. They will be of help to you if you contact them.
In Latvia, there is stipulated amount of minimum income that is not taxed. Besides, tax allowances are paid to residents but only to qualified individuals such as adults that have children under their care. You can apply for income tax allowances to enable you offset education and medical bills. But you can only make the claim when the annual taxation period closes. Kindly visit the website of State Revenue Service for more information on taxes.

Short notice moving to Latvia

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Benefits of living in Latvia

There are some benefits that you are entitled to as a UK expats living permanently in Latvia. Here are some of the benefits that you can receive here:

  • Disability benefits
  • Some family benefits
  • Sick pay
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Maternity/Paternity benefit
  • Breadwinner's loss benefit
  • Funeral allowance
  • Benefits relating to injuries at work and occupational illness

When it comes to receiving benefits, the meaning attached to permanent residence is different from the meaning attached to it when it comes to immigration regulations and rules. In immigration legislation, you are eligible for permanent residence after living in Latvia for 5 years. But to be eligible for benefits, you need to show links to Latvia like having a family there or employment and then you need to have a registration card.
Bear in mind that the Latvian benefits are contribution based. Kindly see the State Social Security Agency's website for more information on contribution in the country. There are some of the benefits you are entitled to in the UK that you can receive during your sojourn in Latvia. Check the UK government website to find out more about benefits outside the UK.
It is the amount that you have contributed to the social security system when you are working or during the period you are self-employed that will determine how much you will be paid as your state pensions. The contribution you make during your stay in Latvia may still be paid to you when you come back to the UK. Kindly visit the State Social Security Agency for more information on this. The UK government website also contains useful information on moving and retiring abroad.

Life and work

Life and work in Latvia

Latvia is a developed country with lots of open spaces and forests. It is a green place that offers modern time lifestyle in its modern cities such as Riga. It also has countryside where people that want to live in a quite environment immune from the distractions of large cities can go to. It is a multicultural society with large Russian influence. It offers high living standard to its residents. It is becoming very popular among expats and holidaymakers in Europe thanks to a number of factors which include low taxes, low living cost, high living standards and many others. Residents especially those living in Riga enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. There are entertainment venues, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs offering stunning nightlife experience. Whether you are looking for beachside fun or indoor entertainment, whether you are moving abroad to work, this country will not disappoint you. Have high expectation as you are planning to travel to Latvia.
Latvia is among the few countries in Europe that have not lost its cultural heritage despite annexation by different countries and influx of large populations of foreigners especially the Russians. It has rich folklore tradition which started thousands of years in the past. However, the country's tradition and culture is not totally free of foreign influence but despite the influence it has its distinguishing characteristics.

Her language and Lithuanian are the only two Baltic languages that survive till today. The country boasts of lots of historical heritages thanks to its turbulent history and occupation by a number of other countries.
As a developed country, it provides its residents with basic infrastructure and amenities. All you need to have a rewarding life and to find life easy are available in Latvia. There is a good education system even though it is yet not as standard as the quality of education in some other developed countries like the UK, the US, Canada, Germany and Australia. However, there are international schools in the capital city where families with children can register them if they do not want to register them in the public system. Residents of Latvia enjoy free healthcare even though the quality of healthcare services provided may not be on a par with the quality of services provided in the UK and some other developed countries in Europe.

Expats living here are allowed to buy a home and invest in real estate. Owing to the fact that there are no restriction on real estate investment on the side of expats, many expats own holiday homes or properties especially those who have strong desire for outdoor pursuits and skiing. If you are planning on investing in real estate, you should beware of high levels of corruption as well as red tape especially if you are a first time buyer. It is advisable to make use of the services of an attorney who can speak English language for the transaction unless you are able to speak the language very well. Though the official language is Latvia, a significant population of the country especially young people are able to speak good basic English. Expats and holidaymakers coming here for the first time will be surprised with how easy settling down is for them. Majority of expats experience little or no culture shock when they come to the country for the first time. Since her independence, Latvia has maintained a stable democratic system of government. With the impressive nightlife, picturesque scenery and low living cost, she is one of the countries in Europe that one can have a rewarding life.

Express delivery to Latvia

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Express services

Moving to Latvia from UK

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Secure delivery

The core of every relocation service is the safe delivery of items. No matter how quick and efficient a company is, if items are broken or are not safely delivered or are exposed to unfavorable condition, it all comes to nothing. We take time in ensuring that our client's items are safely delivered to them. We are quite aware of the intricacies involved in the transportation of items which can make even the most reliable removal company to fail in delivery items safely. So, we have taken proactive measures to forestall the occurrence of such scenario. We know very well that the way an item is packed determines whether it will get to the final destination in good conditions or not. This is why we have developed and have always applied a unique resistant packing systems to ensure enhance protection, safety and security of the items of clients kept in our charge. If you are providing the packing service, we use quality packing materials acceptable by all insurance companies. Our expert packers take time to do the packing providing enough padding to all your items so that they can withstand shocks and unfavourable conditions to which they are exposed to while in transit. Our vehicles are also in good condition and have all the equipment that makes for safety and security of items loaded into them. So, whether you are using our full container services or part load service, we will deliver your items safely to you.

Another reason why you should hire our UK to Latvia service is our smarter billing method which is predicated on fairness and justice. With our charging method, our clients are not overcharged. They pay exactly what they are supposed to pay. With our packing system, accurate measurement of their items weights can be taken. We know that items have different sizes and shapes and that every person has its unique removal needs and so to ensure justice and fairness, we resort to using hand build pallet upon which items are loaded before they are loaded unto the container. The pallets are weighed first to obtain accurate measurements before they are put into the container. In this means, the actual weight or volume of the cargo placed Son it is determined and the client is charged appropriate.

We also cover you with our reliable comprehensive liability insurance. Though we are very diligent in handling our clients' items, we are quite awe that some difficult situation that can overcome all expertise and experience can arise. This is why we offer this insurance to give you a complete rest of mind. Should any of such thing happens, you are covered.
Most removal company will require their clients to first make some deposit before they will come around for collection. We require only 20% deposit payment. We will only require you to make some deposit after our teams have completed some necessary stages in the entire process such as packing, shrinking wrapping, securing of items on the pallets, loading and taking of the final measurements to determine the accurate weight for billing. Besides, if you decide to cancel the project when we have not started or after you have been issued with quote, there is no problem. Nobody will bother you as you will not be required to make any payment for cancellation of orders. So, we have zero cancellation fee.

Nationwide coverage

Nationwide coverage Having been in the industry for many years, we are able to establish our branches in different corners and cities of the UK. So, we have a nationwide coverage. Regardless of where you are living, you can still make use of our services. Besides, we are also able to provide collection and delivery services to all corners of Latvia and other European countries. So, no matter where you are heading for in Europe and some locations across the globe, you can rely on our service. We provide international removal services covering more than 144 countries including all European countries, all the North American countries, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other Arab countries as well as south American countries such as Brazil. In the UK, we cover cities like London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and others.

Packing services

Now another thing that you should not joke with is the packing of your item. You can do the packing by yourself in order to cut cost on your move. However, you can only pack items by yourself if you know how to. Check our blog for tips on how to pack items during a move. If you cannot pack your items by yourself, then it is advisable that you get a packing help from a professional packing company. We can also help out here. We have a team of professionals that provide packing services for us. If you are doing the packing yourself, it is of crucial importance that you make use of the right packing materials. We can also provide you with quality packing materials. Insurance companies take packing seriously and do not honour claims for damages if items are not properly packed or are packed with inferior materials.

Emergency removals to Latvia

If you are managing a crying and composed house moving boxes, personal items and furniture removals from the UK to Valmiera, Daugavgrīva, Smiltene, Mežaparks, Krāslava, Valka or to any locality in Latvia we have a astonishing disclosure for you. Wherever you are our short notice one way removal van for hire is waiting to ship your things. We have the facility to move all combinations of items, belongings, house content and other cargo for both residential and wholesaling clientele.

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Whether you require to pick up and haul 3 or sixteen boxes, just chosen bits of domestic equipment or are being after a full five bedroom home removal firms to Latvia from the UK and all EU countries we will be exhilarated to organize it.

Planning moving to Latvia

When planning for removals, you should also consider the size of your furniture. Will all of them pass through your doors and entryway safely? Are you going to require a lift or are you going to bring the item down through the stairs? If you are going to use the stair, is it wide enough to accommodate your items especially furniture piece? Will you require lift or any other suitable lifting materials? You need to discuss these issues with the removals company that you hire.
Another thing to take into consideration is parking space for the removal van in both departure and destination locations. You should make arrangement for parking on time. If you need to obtain permission for your local authority, you need to do that on time. You may also require to inform your neighbours that you will be needing packing space so that they will look for alternative for their cars. In this way, you will avoid quarreling with them. Bear in mind that most moving companies will charge you for delays on the removal day. If they come and you are still not ready or there is no packing space, you will be charged for the delay. Some will go back and charge you for failed collection. So, you need to ensure that everything is in order before the scheduled day.

Before the move day, you should also determine whether you will require storage or not. If you are going to require storage, you should find out from your removal company whether it will be of any help. In our case, we can be of help if you hire our removals van to Latvia. We also provide storage services. Make sure that cases and boxes are labelled properly if you are the person that do the packing. Proper labelling makes for easy unpacking. Make sure that you indicate the content of each carton and the rooms where they will be kept on the label. Write in bold letters "Fragile" on any carton that contains fragile items.
Inform all service provided about your move and agree with them on when they should stop providing your with services. Make sure that taps are locked and all electric appliances are switched off. Important utility providers to inform about the moves are phone, energy, water, gas and broadband service providers. Let the council tax, banks, loans, pension, insurance, HMRC, credit/debit card providers and your employers know about your move when you are sure that you are moving.
The above are some of the tips to apply when you are preparing for a relocation to another country or another area.

Driving to Latvia from the UK

If you are planning driving to Latvia either for vacation or for employment purposes, you may consider a road trip to this Baltic country. The journey will take you through a number of countries. It is a journey of many hours. You should consider embarking on this journey if you are used to long hours of drive. Depending on your route, you are going to drive for up to thirty hours over a distance of 1,768.1 miles. So, you should make plans for where to sleep and where to tank your vehicle. If you are traveling via A2, the countries you will drive through are France, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Lithuania before you will be able to enter Latvia. First, you have to get to Calais in France by crossing the Euro channel. When you get to Calais, you will drive through the Belgium border driving pass Brugge, Antwerp and other locations in Belgium until you enter Eindhoven which is a city in the Netherlands. From this city you can drive to Essen which is a city in northwestern part of Germany. There are various German cities that you will pass before you can sleep over. These German cities are Munster, Osnabruck, Bremen and Hamburg. On getting to Hamburg, you may consider sleeping over on continuing to other cities. From Hamburg, you will drive through Lubeck, Rostock, Neubrandenburg, Szczecin, Koszalin, Stupsk, Gydnia and Gdansk. Here you may consider spending another night. The following day, you can continue your journey driving through Elblag, Kaliningrad, Siauliai, Jelgave and then to Riga. Here, the route you are going to follow is comprised of A class roads or motorways. This means that you will be able to drive quickly and get to the night stops on time before resting and continuing your trip.

However, there are other routes that you can follow. For example, rather than traveling through France, you may take a ferry directly to the Netherlands and from there you enter Germany from where you enter Poland and the to Lithuania before entering Latvia.
During the first few years of your stay in Latvia, you are allowed to drive with your UK driver's licence. However, on the expiration of your licence, you are required to obtain a new Latvian driver's licence. In Latvia, left hand driving is what is allowed. So, if you are planning on residing in this land, you need to change your vehicle to a left hand side driving within six months from the date you first register the vehicle. However, if you are only visiting , you will be able to drive your UK right hand vehicle. Obtain more and detailed information from the website of the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate.

Moving to Latvia Checklist

What you need to know before moving to Latvia? Find our short guide on how to move to Latvia.

Relocation to Latvia or even local relocation involves a lot of things. If you are planning to relocate from the UK to another country, there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration. One of the ways through which you can ensure that you have a successful relocation is adequate preparation. You need to spend time to prepare very well and create a plan for it to ensure that things move smoothly and to ensure that there are no hitches and obstacles on the way.
One of your major concerns should be finding a reliable removals company Bradford or in other city, that have many years of experience that will go through the process with it. This is of crucial importance. Being supported by a strong removal company is like having a reliable and trustworthy partner in a project. But if you fail to hire a reliable removal company, you are like somebody working with unreliable partner or working with inefficient partner. You are indeed going to suffer and your work will take long time to be accomplished if you are working with somebody ineffective and inexperience. But the reverse will be the case if you are working with somebody reliable and experience.

Follow moving checklist

In this regard, we feel glad to tell you that we are the reliable and dependable expert that you are looking for. We have many years of experience and we have enviable records with the thousands of moves we have completed. Businesses, individuals, families, organizations and institutions of different kinds have used our services and they all were happy with the quality of services they receive from us. If you use our export servicecs to Latvia, you will also be happy with the quality of service you will receive from us. So, you don't have to waste your time in searching for a reliable team as we are there to provide you with all the services you require when you are moving home to Latvia from UK. Check our records. Our works and customers speak for us.
Our method is very effective but also simple. You can order for our service online directly from our website or through email. Once you complete the order form and send to us or if you contact us via email, a member of our team will contact you immediately for discussion on your removal and to know exactly what you want. Meanwhile a confirmation of order email will be sent to your inbox. If you call us, we will also set up an order for you. You can obtain quote also directly from our email or via phone. If you want a final quote, then we will send our expert to your home or office for a survey and assessment of the items you will be moving with. After that a final quote will be sent to. Once you accept the quote, we will plan the move as it will suit you and then send you the schedule for approval. If you are happy with it, we can now start work in accordance with the move.

Now another thing that you should not joke with is the packing of your item. You can do the packing by yourself in order to achieve cheap removals to Latvia. However, you can only pack items by yourself if you know how to. Check our blog for tips on how to pack items during a move. If you cannot pack your items by yourself, then it is advisable that you get a packing help from a professional packing company. We can also help out here. We have a team of professionals that provide packing services for us. If you are doing the packing yourself, it is of crucial importance that you make use of the right packing materials. We can also provide you with quality packing materials. Insurance companies take packing seriously and do not honour claims for damages if items are not properly packed or are packed with inferior materials.

Latvia Economy and work

Despite having a turbulent history and coming under the rule of a number of countries, it has succeeded in developing a diversified market economy largely driven by the manufacturing and exporting industries. The location of the country favors the exportation sector. This explains why Latvian's economy is largely based on the manufacturing and processing of export goods such as food products, machinery, timber and electronic goods. The services and agricultural sectors are also two important sectors that contribute greatly to her economy. It also has an excellent transportation system which contributes 14% of the country's total GDP. Before the global economic meltdown, Latvia's economy was the fastest growing economy in the European Union. Though the economy was hard-hit by the recent global economic meltdown, it has started to recover at an appreciable degree. In 2014, total GDP was 48.59 billion USD and her GDP per capita was 23,900 USD. Another factor that contributes to the high economic growth is her ease-of-business. In this respect, she is ranked 23rd in the world. A lot of businesses move to the country because the doing of business in here is quite easy. Besides, the tax system is highly favourable.

Taxation in Latvia

Both the federal and local governments levy taxes on the residents. About 30% of the total GDP is obtained through tax. In Latvia, a flat rate system of taxation is used unlike in some other countries in Europe where the sliding scale tax system is used. A flat rate of 24% is charged on income no matter the amount earned by tax payers. For every dependent, you are exempt from income tax up to 1980 per year and 900 EUR per year. Residents also contribute 11% of their income to the social security contributions. However, no matter what your income is, the maximum amount to contribute to the social security is 46,600 Euros in a year. VAT is normally charged at 21%. However, only 12% is charged on some items such as medications and heating. There are also some products that are not charged VAT. Medical fees, rent and educations fees are also free of VAT.

Living costs

Generally, the living cost in Latvia is very low when compared with the living cost in a big city in the UK and some other European countries. Many expats prefer this country to other expat destinations in Europe partly because of the affordable living cost it offers them and partly because of other reasons such as low taxation and standard living. Housing cost as part of your living expenses is also low in comparison with the housing cost in some other countries in Europe. If you sell your home in the UK, you will be able to finance the purchase of a new home that is on a par with the one you sold at a more affordable rate. Sometimes, it is also more affordable and in fact a better option to rent an apartment than to purchase an apartment as the renting cost is very low.
Many of the expats are living in Riga, but there are other good cities. Whether you are living in Riga or not, you will be able to find an affordable accommodation. Housing cost just as in other countries of Europe are affected by a number of factors. The first factor that affects the housing cost is the location of the apartment for rent or sale. Normally, apartments located in the city centers and tourist destinations in the country are more expensive. But apartments located in the outskirt of the city centers are more affordable. If you are planning on owning a property in the city centre or any other tourists destination, you should have a large budget between 1,000.00 and 2,000.00 Euros. On the contrary, if you are planning on owning a property in the outskirt of the city, you should have a budget of between 600.00 and 1,200.00 Euros per square meter of apartment.

Check living costs

Rental properties are also available in many locations. Some locations are more expensive to rent property especially locations within the city centre or tourist destination. This is because of demands, availability of amenities and infrastructures and other factors. If you are planning on living in the city centre, you should have a budget of between 250.00 and 400.00 Euros for a one bedroom apartment in the city centre while a three bedroom apartment in the city centre can be rented between 450.00 and 800.00 Euros. But if you are planning on living in the outskirt of the city, you will spend less on rent. A one bedroom apartment in the outskirt of the city can be rented between 180.00 and 300.00 Euros. But a three bedroom apartment in the outskirt of the city can be rented between 300.00 Euros and 450.00 Euros.
There are other factors that can affect the housing cost such as the facilities available in a house. Apartments with more facilities such as parking spaces, garden, outdoor spaces and others are normally more expensive to rent than apartment that do not have such facilities. The furnishing available in a house can also determine its renting cost. Furnished apartments are more expensive than unfurnished apartments. In the same manner, partly furnished apartments are less expensive than fully furnished apartment. If you are on budget, you should consider renting an unfurnished apartment. This means that you have to purchase the basic household appliances by yourself and as you need them.
As you can see from the above, the housing cost is highly affordable when compared with the housing cost in other countries. However, you should bear in mind that workers in the countries are not highly paid as their counterparts in some other countries in Europe. The average disposable monthly salary of workers in Latvia (according to which is a website that provide information on living expenses in various countries across the globe) is 606.42 Euros. So, you may not have enough savings after paying your house rent unless you are well paid. But no matter the amount you are being paid, you will be able to provide your basic necessitates. The annual mortgage interest rate is between 2.00 and 4.00 in case you need mortgage in order to finance the purchase of a home.

Airports in Latvia

There are a number of airports in Latvia. A lot of airlines provide either connection or nonstop transport services from the UK to Latvia or vice versa. Some of the popular airports are Riga International Airport, Liepaya Airport and Daugavpils Airport. Some of the popular airlines that provide direct flights from the UK to Latvia and vice versa are Aeroflot, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways and others. These airlines provide direct flight from the UK to Latvia. The flight cost from the UK to Latvia depends to a certain on the flight distance and on flight time. The flight distance and time depends on the airport of departure and landing airport as well as on the number of stops on the way if it is not a direct flight. For example, the flight distance from London to Riga is not the same with the flight distance from Manchester to Riga and thus, the flight tickets will not be sold at the same amount.

Most airlines give discounts to people that purchase flight tickets in advance. So, if you want to cut cost on your flight ticket, it is advisable that you book your flight early. So, how long in advance that you book your flight is another factor that will determine your flight ticket to a greater extent. Your state of life can also affect your flight ticket cost. Majority of the airlines offer discounts to some of their passengers based on their status. Students, veterans, seniors and children are normally given discounts. So, if you are a student or you are traveling with children, you should find out what discounts are given to people in your own state. Demand is another factor that can also determine your flight ticket cost. Normally, when the demand is high, the flight ticket cost is high. Demands are normally higher during the holiday period or summer period when a lot of UK nationals travel. So, if you are traveling during that period, you should be ready to spend more money on transportation. Some days also have higher demands than others. Flight during the days that have high demands such as weekends are more expensive than flights in other days of the week.

Based on the above, if you are flying from London to Riga, the flight distance is about 1,658 km which will require about 2h 30min flight. The cheapest return price to Riga from London as of last month was 45GBP. The most popular airline that flew from the London to Riga city as of last month was Ryanair. You will be able to get direct flight from London to Riga. Currently, there are three airlines that provide direct flight the services from London to Riga accord

24/7 collection and delivery to Latvia

Whether you require to pick up and haul 3 or sixteen boxes, just chosen bits of domestic equipment or are being after a full five bedroom home removal firms to Latvia from the UK and all EU countries we will be exhilarated to organize it.

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  • Economy freight forwarding to Brocēni from Gloucester, to Gulbene from Exeter, to Ozolnieki from Stirling, to Saldus from York, to Ludza from Edinburgh and etc..
Things to do in Latvia

Latvia has it all. It has got something for every interest. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or you prefer indoor entertainment, there are something for you to do and see. Life will not become boring to you if you are here especially if you are moving away from friends.
Varieties in terms of things to do is the beauty of the country. Whatever you like doing, you will have varieties it of there. There are unspoiled and unparalleled natural landscape, rich culture, lively cities and nice cuisine as well as impressive nightlife with wonderful restaurants, pubs and bars will you will listen to high quality music. There are plenty of seaside towns and countryside that you can explore. Latvia has come under the rule of different countries at certain point in her history before she finally gained her independence. So, there are plenty of monuments, ruins and architectures of historical importance and so if you are interested in such attractions, you will have enough of them.

  • Song and dance festival

    If you like music and dance, then you should make sure to attend the Song and Dance Festival of Latvia. This festival started during the 17th century precisely in 1873. During the festival, a lot of singers from different parts of the country gather to perform what they know best. Dancers also gather to dance to the different tunes of musical instrument. No matter the type of musical genre you like, you can dance it there. Being the major cultural festival and celebration, it lasts for one week. So, dancers and merrymakers have enough days to enjoy themselves. However, it is sad to mention that the festival is done once in every five years. So, if you are there when it is to be done, try not to miss it because you may not get the opportunity again. The last one was done in 2013 and so, the next one will be coming up in 2018.

  • Irbene Radio Astronomy Centre

    Irbene Radio Astronomy Centre is a cold War era radio telescope in Latvia. It is regarded as the 8 largest radio telescope in the world. It was referred to as the starlet during the Soviet Era. During this era, the Soviet Era spied on the Western adversaries from this station. But today when there is no more cold wars at least in principles, the station is now utilised for scientific purposes by astronomers. If you are interested in science and history of the cold war, Irbene Radio Astronomy Centre is a must-visit location during your stay.

  • Jurkalne seashore bluffs

    If you like admiring nature, the Jurkalne seashore bluffs should be a must visit location for you. There are farms in the neighbourhoods for you to explore. If you have not seen blue cows before, the place provides an opportunity for you to see such a farm. If this does not appeal to you, then you should also consider going for paragliding. There are pristine and unspoiled beaches in the area. So, you can take a dive into the water and enjoy yourself to your satisfaction. But there are other natural scenes to view in this location. So, you should ensure that you have the best of time during your visit to the area.

  • Razna National Park

    Razna National Park homes the Lake Razna. In fact, the park was constructed in order to protect this lake and its wonderful neighbourhoods. There are impressive landscapes in the park. From the park, you can view the Latgale Region of Latvia.

  • Commune with nature at Liepaja

    Are you looking for a suitable location for a rewarding retreat? Are you tired of the beaches and you want something unique and different? If the answer to the questions is yes, then Liepaja is a place that you should know. This village with unusual beauty has a lot for you. You can go for a tour of the Karosta Prison. You can also explore the Northern Fort labyrinths with your torchlight. One of the music clubs in the city to which the village belongs to is located in this village. You can also hang out in the club to enjoy yourself.

  • Exploring the Cesis Old Town

    If you are interested in history, the Cesis Old Town is a must visit tourist destination for you. A visit to this location will give you an idea of what life is like during the medieval times. This town has been kept from the Middle Ages. The highlights of this town is its cobbled streets and romantic town features. There is a museum in the town which is one of the oldest museum. The museum is called the Cesis Museum of History and Art. If you are interested in art and history, then a visit to this museum will make sense for you.

  • Exploring the Gutmans Cave

    If you are interested in Geographic deposit, the Gutmans Cave is a must visit site. Gutmans is the largest grotto in the Baltic regions. Gutmans Cave is also the highest cave. The inscriptions on the cave are believed to be inscribed during the 17th century. The site will indeed add to your experiences.

  • Go round the Rundale Palace

    Rundala Palace is a very beautiful palace that attracts tourists. Even though it may not be on a par with the St. Petersburg's Hermitage in grandeur, it still has its charms that can move any person that is interested in history. It is building in baroque style. The palace is luxurious and opulently designed. It is located at 49 miles or 79 km away from the southern part of the capital city, namely, Riga. The palace which has a baroque style was used by Ernst Johann Biron, the Duke of Courland as a summer residence. It has awesome rooms which visitors are now allowed to tour round. It has green gardens which tourists can explore. Today, there is a museum in the palace with exhibitions going on there on. You have to visit the museum and see its exhibitions if you plan for a tour of the museum.

  • Turaida Museum Reserve

    Turaida is a Latvian word that translates as God's garden. Probably, it is named God's garden because of its beauty. There are plenty of pursuits in this location. The museum spans more than 1000 acres of land. There are a lot of historical monuments and architectural gems of historical importance. It also has archeological sites that you can explore. Spending some hours or even a day in the museum really is something worth doing. You will not regret a visit to the museum as there are impressive sites to behold in the area.

  • Cape Kolka

    You might have seen a confluence before. But have you have where to oceans or seas met before? If you have not seen it, then you should be in Cape Kolka. The location is simply awesome, dramatic but also desolate. The divide of the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea is located at the most northernly part of the Cape. It is regarded as the migratory birds' viewing spot during the spring season. If you like swimming or engaging in other water activities, Cape Kolka is a location where you will have the best of it.

  • Spas in Jurmala

    Latvia is a nice destination for people planning for a spa holiday. One of the wonderful location to have a rewarding spa treatment is the Jurmala. In this location there are increasing number of spa hotels. Whether you want ordinary spa or something a little bit unusual, you will have it in this location. Aromatherapy massage is provided in the location. There are also salt chamber if you want something more usual. Apart from that, there are sandy beaches where you will be able to have sunbath when there is the sun. Besides, you can relax in the location with your partner and enjoy some quite romantic relaxation.

  • Aglona Basilica

    Are you interested in architecture of historical importance? If yes, the Aglona Basilica is a must visit location during your stay. The Basilica was constructed since 1780. The building is a beautiful work itself and thus enough attraction in itself. However, there are sculptures and paintings in the basilica as well. This is an immense white cathedral close to Daugavpils where thousands of Catholic pilgrims from the country and other parts of Europe gather. It has two wonderful spires. The best time to visit this cathedral is on 15 August when the catholics celebrate the solemnity of assumption. Whether you are a catholic or not, this cathedral is worth visiting.

  • Visit the widest waterfall in Europe

    The Ventas Rumba is one geographical sight that you should visit during your stay. It may not be as tall as some other waterfalls that you may have seen in the Europe, but its width is the largest in Europe. It is up to 816 feet wide. It has a magical looks as well.

  • Sigulda Castle Ruins

    Sigulda Castle Ruins are a great location for any person interested in history. Sigulda is a town with plenty of natural and historical wonders. However, the highlights of the attraction in the town is the castle.

  • Gauja National Parks

    Gauja National Park is a nice location to go for a family day out. It is a large national park consisting of over 500 cultural and historical monuments. The park is located in Gauja River Valley which is in itself a great tourist location.

  • Natural Ecosystems of Latvia

    Latvia has large ecosystems which constitute up to 50% of the total area. Most portion of the wilderness calls to mind the nearby Scandinavian countries. The natural environment of the ecosystem remains unspoiled thanks to the low population density. Besides, there are beaches, forests and parks here and there in Latvia. The nice and unspoiled eco-system helps to enhance ecotourism and ethical travel.