Machinery and factory relocation

So now you are already decided to move single machinery or relocate factory to a new place or geography for better opportunity. It will surely require much of your time and commitment as this is a task that needs proper planning. Moving machinery from one place to another is no joke. The effort that you have to give is more than the effort that any homeowner needs to address when planning house removals. Machinery relocation from one place to another involves lots of jobs to be done. Arrangement of transportation, disconnecting, loading & unloading of machinery, reconnecting production lines, etc. these are only some works to be undertaken.

There are several reasons why a factory plant relocation or machinery transportation is needed. Perhaps the company is growing and the old space is not already enough for you to meet the growing needs of your customers. Other reason is that you are just leasing the property and now that you already have the budget to look for your own place or the owner of the property already needs the place. No matter your reason for relocating your company or factory is, proper planning is all you have to do to make sure that you can have a good transition.
The process of relocating machinery or factory is not easy because there are several aspects that you have to remember. You are not just moving your operation but also some of your precious and expensive machineries.
During the process of machinery transportation, you need help of a team that uses advanced equipment for loading the machinery or other industrial tools. Eperts will understand the importance of this task and their professionalism, and respecting deadlines will allow them to relocate your factory on time. Don't wait any longer - check costs for machinery relocation in your area.

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Machinery Movers

We totally understand that moving factory equipment's can be a headache for an organization! Being skilled movers, we suggest you the most fruitful method of removal anytime, whether it can be a huge plant, boat, heavy equipment and even a tank. We believe in rendering high quality assistance at affordable cost to our valuable customers.

You can be sure that everything goes effortlessly and according to the schedule, it doesn't matter whether it's single equipment or multiple machinery relocations. Relocation includes three main things, namely loading, transportation and unloading. Therefore, it is very difficult to manage all these things at once. Here, there is a requirement of the help of professional machinery movers, who will be capable of handling any type of machinery relocation.
There are lots of approved machinery movers in the UK providing professional solutions to meet all your transportation requirements. Their stuff is experienced and ready to relocate or move weighty tools, machinery of any size ranging from the smallest ones to gigantic machines . They can do uninstalling, rigging, crating, transporting and storage without a malfunction. Further, they can relocate your machinery or equipment anytime at any place without any trouble. Being skilled machinery, or factory movers, their team has moved or relocated many sorts of equipment in Edinburgh, for an example:

  • CT scan Machines
  • X-Ray machinery
  • heavy Compressors
  • weighty Generators
  • large Excavators
  • CNC machines
  • boilers
  • heavy lathes
  • press machines
  • milling machines
  • panel saws
  • grinding machines
  • farming machinery
  • construction machinery
  • printing presses
  • guillotines

The skilled moving companies not only take the entire liability of relocation, but they also provide the assurance of successful removal. These organizations have good status among the consumers as well as in the market so people can simply handover their full burden to professionalists. But people always pick the loyal firms as there are a variety of frauds available in the market. The fake companies always try to make their clients fool by lots of false promises for the relocation, but in the end, customers never get the desirable outcome. So always choose the one, who will meet all your expectation with full loyalty.

Planning Factory Relocation

Right execution is all you need to make sure that the factory relocation or moving plan will work out. Without the right planning, machinery transportation can be a headache but if you are well-prepared, it would be just small task for you. As the owner of the factory or plant, even though you have people to help you delegate these important tasks, it is very imperative if you can be hands-on with it, so that everything will be clear. It is useful if you can able to formulate a good strategy deployment, contingency as well as transfer failure.
Through these ways, it can be just simple for you to handle everything that you needed when relocating factory to another place or location. You have to do these months before your planed transfer to another location because it will surely help you to have the best option to make sure that you can able to transfer without too much issues.

Now that everything that you need is already here, it is now about time if you can be able to prepare the factory plants relocation plans. When you have the checklist, it would be just easy for you to relocate machineries to new place.
It is important if you have all the important schemes, layouts and drawings which are essential for your factory or plant moving. Additionally, good resolutions pictures of machineries and other systems that your factory is using. The surrounding of your factory must be provided as well to be sure that proper planning and preparation for the moving and transport would be possible.
It is also beneficial if you can get a company wherein there are designers, engineers and other experts will help you with your moving needs like they will effectively help you take care of the factory machineries. As you know, when you do this, it will help you save lots of time when relocating. There are several machinery moving services that you can get these days to help you move from one place to another.

Moving factory to new location

Now that you finally decided to vacate your present factory location to a larger and more promising location. On the other hand, you should not just assess the area once. Make sure to check entirely the area before you transfer. It can be difficult for you to transfer if you have not properly checked the property first.
It would be excellent if you can effectively assess the location weeks or days before your planned transfer. This is imperative for the reason that if everything is well-prepared, it would be just simple for you to move.


When transferring a factory or plant, keep in mind that you will not just deal with the owner of the land or property or real estate professionals. Licenses and permits are important when relocation or moving the factory to other place or location.
You need to check this with the city or state or any local government unit and body for you to be able to get the requirements to be approved. Keep in mind that any city or state has their own rules and regulations when it comes to industrial companies. It would be excellent also if you can determine the zoning area of the area if industries like your business is allowed. Without checking the right permits and licenses you will be surely in jeopardy if you will not handle these things first before you transfer.
There are also certain fees that you have to pay, so be sure that you are ready for this is for your licensing needs. If you can pay for these fee then you can rest-assured that everything is all good when the time comes that you will be moving.

Lifting heavy equipment

Inventory of Factory Equipment and Machineries

Preparing the list of factory equipment and machineries to be relocated is very important. It will help you prioritize the important tools and equipments as well. Typically. Some of the factory items that should be relocated are large elements like various types of presses, industrial chimneys, production lines and other furnaces like mechanical systems, piping and electronics. Be sure that it is included in your list, so that you will not forget anything you need.

Do not also forget to provide an extensive or detailed inventory of the machineries that are used in your factory. It is a must document the condition of every single machinery before it has been relocated. Additionally, make sure to include the equipment review list like the machineries height, width, diameter as well as the maintenance record. Don't forget to add the model, maintenance manuals and other technical details that are important.
By using professional machinery movers you can arrange a free survey, our engineer wull pay you a visit and make a full inventory of all the equipment and will prepare all the necessary documentation.


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Machinery Relocation Schedule

It is also helpful if you can hire the right contractor who will perform all the essential planning works that you need for you to relocate without any problem or issue. If it is possible, it is imperative if you can look for a movers that can offer a complete help as you relocate. If it is possible, try also to look for company that offer a great help you need such as crane operators, welders, plumbers, electrical engineers and others. This can be the great option to help you save time and energy.
Do not forget to provide the right lists of instructions that concern the relocation of all of the important equipment for your factory. The lists must be detailed and may include all the vital information regarding the machinery that you are using.


Machinery installation

Be sure that the machinery that you will be using is all applicable for the process of installation. As you know, each of the equipment used is connected with the contractor company which has the responsible for the process of installation. After every piece of these equipment is connected with the initial testing of such connections and make sure that the machinery is properly working. This is important because if the machineries are well-installed then you can surely assure that all the machineries are working well. It can be problem knowing that the machineries are not working anymore.