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Moving a library is not an easy task as they can be very challenging endeavor especially if you need to relocate hundreds and thousands of books along with library furniture and shelving. Sometimes library relocation is important due to several reasons like the library building is already old and the need for renovation or relocation is needed. Such a moving is not an easy task especially if you have tons of books that needed to be transported to a new location. Planning ahead plays a very imperative role when moving a library because if you will have an effective planning, expect that moving a library would not be that difficult task to do.

How to move boxes of books?

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Moving public library or private book collection with professional is the best solution, if you want to have id done smoothly, without any losses or damages. To find the best and the most affordable library relocation movin firm you should use our online services allowing you to compare library movin services and rate in your area.

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There are some things many people consider impossible and one of those is the relocation or moving of a library. Some will ask how possible it will be to move thousands or millions of books from one location to the other without doing harm to some of the books. But the moving of a library does not entail relocating the books only. The shelves and furniture of the library is almost as important as the books. So library move involves a lot of things. However, this is not impossible when you use the professional moving services. Some have been in the service of relocations of home libraries, museum libraries and university libraries for e a very long time. They do this with mapped out procedures and methods, and you will enjoy a perfect library move when you hire their services. We are one of the firms that have been doing library removals for a very long time and we will offer you a perfect service if you contact us. An outline of how we move libraries is given below.

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If you think that you cannot handle the stress of relocating the library to another location then it would be excellent if you will hire library moving services. These professionals can offer the best moving tips or techniques. Through this way, it will offer you the right opportunity to have an easy relocation.

With the solutions offered by library moving professionals, it would be just easy for you to prepare for the removal. They have the best techniques and ways on how to properly prepare the books and the furniture to be safely transported. Their moving experts are professionals when it comes to right packaging or wrapping of the books and other reading materials. If you are not well-knowledgeable or skilled when it comes to packing the books, it would not be surely easy for you to relocate. As there are several moving library services out there, it is very important if you will get the right quote applicable for your needs - and here we should advertise our comparison services. It's universal tool allowing you to get quotes for any type of relocation - from private relocation, business moving, warehouse moving and also library moving. And we should add that it doesn't matter where you are moving from or where you are moving your books collection to. Get moving rates from firms offering removals in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow or any other areas. In case you are moving only small private book collection, you can use this tool and find best and also cheap man and van Edinburgh firms, actually not only Edinburgh but firms in the entire area of the UK.
With the services offered by these experts, rest-assured that you can have the peace of mind for moving would be just easy. When the library is under renovation or where the books need to be stored, the climate controlled warehouse facilities are used to insure that no destructive element like moisture gets close to the books. These storage facilities also come with the best CCTV camera systems to insure adequate security and proper tracking, since the owners may want to know the state of their stored library from time to time.
We also use the moving loaded library system for you. This is one of safest ways to move your library. Here, specialized pneumatic lifts powered with green friendly gas is used in lifting the fully loaded shelve units. These are loaded on the trailers through the heavy duty casters and transported to the new location. They are moved safely without any risks. One of the major advantages of moving library with this system is that you won't have the need for reorganizing and inventorying the books when you get to the new location. This method has also been discovered as the most cost effective way of moving libraries. This is because the function of a machine limits the number of packers and movers both on the side of the moving company and that of the library administrators. Many things, like reorganization, which you would have spent time and money doing is completely eliminated because the entire library is lifted, moved and delivered at the new location. We have been using this method to move libraries for a very long time and we have adopted this techniques from our machinery moving services.

Planning Library Moving

The library move is arguably the most delicate and detailed removal any firm will engage in. Because of this, you need a lot of rigorous planning and preparations. A single row of book not properly relocated will set the entire library back for years until it is corrected. The removal firm should sit down with the owner or manager of the library to develop a very workable and comprehensive plan detailing the best possible steps to take for the move. This is where all the details about the library are discussed including the actions to be taken to enhance possible library expansion in the future..

Clearing the shelves is one of the first things that you need to do as you move the library. This is important because you cannot just clean the shelves but also to have the chance to clear some of the books that are lingering on the shelves. You have to do this weeks or even months before you schedule moving date. Take some few runs within the bookshelves and decide on the books that you will still need to take to a new place. In large libraries, it would be excellent if you will delegate this job to your library staff. Try to get rid of the old books that are not useful anymore. You also need to set aside the books you wish to give to charity or goodwill especially if you plan to buy new books for the library.

Library packing methods

As you pack the books, the need to use the right boxes for moving is important. It would be best if you can just use small boxes for the books. As much as possible, do not mix the books on various subjects or types. Combine all the science books and math books on their respective boxes. Do not forget to put bubble wrap and paper to protect your books.
Being creative is also important when you are packing the books. Aside from the use of small boxes, it would be best if you will be creative. For example, it is ideal if you can use storage baskets, reusable grocery bag and paper bags. They are ideal alternative in case you ran out of boxes. Just make sure that the bottom portion is sturdy, so that the books will not fall into your feet. When packing the books, you should not just pack them without organizing. It would be best if you can pack the books according to their shelves, so that you will not find it hard to dig every box just to look for the spare book. Make sure to put some label in every box. You can also label the book according to the genre. Through this way, it would be just easy for you to arrange everything that you need. Creating a general list is important to guarantee that no book will be lost on the way.
Once you have collected the boxes for the books, it would be best if you can do it right now. Do not just let the boxes and other book packaging to sit around. Letting the box sit around will not help you make the moving easy.
Since most of the books in the library are very old, it is very important if you will put much importance. When packing the books, make sure that they are packed in a way that it can damage or mess up the book. The special collections are treated as rare books; just the same way collectibles and antiques are treated in removals. Depending on the types of the books, we will wrap them in the acid free tissue papers and transport them in moving boxes or with soft cotton padding to prevent them from any damages.

Using protective carts

One of the major methods of moving library is through the use of the protective carts. These protective carts are custom made for the movement of all books, and this is one of the ways we move your books. The carts are designed to have the same size and width with the library shelves. The carts are labeled properly in conformity with the books that are moved in them as each cart takes care of one book shelf in your old library. These books are also placed in the same order that they were in the book shelves to avoid any form of misplacement, and they covered with plastic shrink wraps to give maximum protection. The carts are matched with the shelves upon arrival to the new destination and all books emptied into their rightful shelves.

Moving library furniture

Important aspect of library relocations is moving library shelving and furniture. It insures that the shelves are broken down in the old library only to be rebuilt at the new location. It is another great way we offer library moves. New shelving systems can also be assembled in the bid to give you a perfect move. This way, the exact locations of each shelve and each book is taken care of by the pre-move plan. Your computer, furniture, workstations and others are moved the same way other home and office furniture are packed and moved.

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