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Services for individuals


Door to door removal services dedicated for private persons and families. Solutions tailored to individual needs, served always by friendly, reliable and cheap removal companies delivering full assistance at every stage of house removals. Choose between removal companies offering full services removals and partial house removals moving solutions for people with low budget. You always get top class moving services no matter wherever you are moving locally or nationally.

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Commercial clients


Office removals rest on detailed planning, expertise and knowledge. By hiring professional removals company you can keep your business up and running during and after relocation. Regardless of your company's size you'll always get full support with planning, organising and managing your corporate move - from the beginning to the end of the job, so it goes as smoothly as possible.

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Moving abroad


Moving internationally is exciting experience, but it can also appear to be a difficult task. With professional shipping company and detailed planning, even the most complex overseas relocation can be performed with minimal disruption to your family or company. Find the best value for money international relocation company that will handle local customs, taxes and all shipment documents.

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When you are in need of house moving services, you need removal companies that will offer you the best services in this regard. It is obvious that your properties and items may be very valuable and therefore may not be easily replaceable. Hence you will definitely need a capable and reputable house removal company to offer you top-class and cheap moving services, ensuring minimum disruption to your family.

There are various issues that homeowners may encounter during the relocation so don't hesitate to take certain steps to make your house removals as easy as possible. Careful organisation and planning seems to be the key factor in reducing most of the problematic issues significantly. As a part of planning you need to decide how you can get your existing stuff moved to a new location - whether you are going to do it on your own, or do you prefer to hire moving companies uk to do this for you.
To do it right, there are professional removal companies you can hire to do the job. Moving companies offfer a full range of services to suit every private relocation. From single item delivery to full house removals to all parts of the UK, Europe or even the whole World. Relying on the knowledge of experienced moving companies in UK, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy this new chapter of life, rather than being stressed about how to get your belongings moved from your current location to the destination place. OK, but how will I find local removal companies near me? - It's easier than you think. You can find local moving companies by using our website. We offer free tool to get both reviews of removal companies and also free quote from removal firms offering services in your area. Don't wait any longer check cost of removal companies near you. Simply fill in our online form and receive moving offers directly on your email address.

Benefits of hiring house removal companies:
  • Cost-effective - moving on your own involves lots of extra expenses - costs of hiring a van, petrol, insurance... - by comparing multiple quotes and choosing an reliable company, you can find cheap moving services and cut down moving costs significantly.
  • Time saving - depending on the options selected, you can save time on the packaging, loading, doing the paperwork, driving, and many more time-consuming but relevant issues.
  • Stress-free process - full support and guidance you will get from moving companies in UK allows reducing the stress and anxiety
  • Safety - latest equipment and technology, in connection with years of experience allows to ensure the highest safety standards
  • Insurance - full responsibility for any losses or damages that may occur during the transportation

Shop around for cheap moving companies and avoid overpaying for your relocation. Get moving quotes tailored to your needs!



Relocating all of your private belongings from one place to another can be really frightening task, not to mention even much more complicated commercial removals. Taking advantage of removal companies can make every move as easy as a piece of cake. Hiring a proper removals service may prove to be far easier and much more economical than trying to move your house contents or company stuff on your own.
Working with reputable removals company could minimize your responsibilities, as the team of professionals will be the one to undertake all duties for you, from packing to transporting all the items in question. If you decide to outsource the task for removals company, here are the most significant advantages of using moving services:

Removal services for families
  • Easy, quick and stress-free moving with moving companies
  • Boxes and packing materials provided
  • Safety - professional packing and full insurance
  • Additional services - storage, furniture disassembling, packing and unpacking, cleaning, etc.

Nowadays, when everyone is busy, when free time is worth its weight in gold, we prefer to outsource moving tasks to a specialised moving companies specializing in removals services. It's either because people do not have enough time to undertake it on their own, or they prefer to spend their free time with the family or friends, while the specialists will perform the entrusted task with an utmost care.
It is clear that in the case of a larger part of the moves you just can't transport your belongings on your own. It is why removal services are one of the most developing business sectors in the UK. This is due to the increasing demand for cheap removal companies in UK doing packing, loading, transporting and unloading either private belongings or commercial equipment.
At a first glance relocation may seem to be time-consuming and emotionally and physically demanding undertaking but there are certaint things and solutions that can make even the most complicated and complex removals as easy as possible.

Keep calm and let the professional moving companies do their job!



private solutions


Moving house involves a lot of work, whether you are moving across the street, across the country or moving abroad. No matter the reason of the move is, whether it is due to a job transfer, education purposes, retirement, lifestyle change, home downsizing or upsizing - you can easily find services to help you move. Moving can be an exciting time - just let the moving companies to take the stress out of you and help you with your domestic removals. We are here to help you to find friendly and professional house moving team who will make your private relocation as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Because everyone's needs are different, house moving firms offer a flexible range of services that can be tailored to your needs. To ensure maximum of comfort, you can use the comprehensive house removal companies in UK. As a part of it, you will mainly get:

  • full packing services to guarantee that all your furniture or other belongings are fully protected, packed and wrapped accordingly to the highest standards
  • furniture disassembling and re-assembling
  • full insurance coverage for loss, theft or any damages
  • storage services - whether you are redecorating house or downsizing your house, you can opt for short-term or long-term storage services
  • removal, installation and connection of your appliances
  • cleaning services, and much more...

If you have a tight budget, you can opt-out from some services, for example you can order packing materials and do all the packing on your own, still getting full advice on what kind of packing materials and how much of them you need. You can even load and unload the vehicle on your own to keep the costs down. Hiring a professional help doesn't have to be expensive. Find cheap removals right now by comparing multiple moving quotes!



You do not have to waste your time in brainstorming about the shifting of your office property. What kind of vehicle to move the office with? How to shift two floors or five floors office from London to Birmingham or other location? Simply, leave this to the best London removals company, as they are experts in the field of commercial moves. Their experience in business moving solutions allows them to undertake either small or big projects through their resources, and they are flexible enough to manage any size business removals.

Office movers understand the relevance of your business, no matter whether it is a small company, big industry or a multi-national corporation. It drives down the operations when shifting comes in the picture. You can be sure that commercial relocation experts will not let your operations discontinue, and the team of experts continuously innovates ideas to meet the expectations of your organisation. Every customer inspires them to give more than they promise to their new clients. By hiring removals team to undertake your corporate relocation, you are getting the best solutions for your requirements for office removals:

Commercial solutions
  • free advice, survey and quote

    Contact moving companies, share your requirements, and you will get the free advice and the best office moving quote in the town. Make your work easier and faster than ever in terms of relocation. Trained team members will help you to get an idea about your office relocation. They make you aware of the fleet, safety, and security measures, and they can relocate your office anywhere in the UK or the World at a very competitive price.

  • office move management

    First, they help you with the advice and then they advance to the next step, namely the transportation of your office property. They focus on the preventive measures to relocate the property safely from one place to another. They manage it effectively and efficiently as per your requirements. They have variants in fleets, and they select the best suitable solution for your property to relocate.

  • office furniture removal companies

    Furniture bring life to your office. You must have seen word-class offices with well-designed furniture. It is another distinctive feature of their service. They value your investment in furniture. Whether it is from the reception, cabin or the floor of operations. They pack and wrap it smoothly with an effective process, which prevents damage to the property. They rearrange it in the new office as per your plans and instructions. They advise you to use your space and furniture smartly, so that your office looks perfectly all right and beautiful.

  • moving files

    Removal companies understand the importance of documents, files, and papers. The whole business lives in files and documents. A single loss can bring you down as the document can be not only crucial, but also confidential. To properly manage files it is strongly advised to create the list of the files, as it helps to complete the task of relocation smoothly and without any loss. Moving team will help you to make such a list, they will count files and make an inventory of all documents while packing and wrapping them. You can double check boxes of files with previously created inventory before dispatching it to the new workplace, to be sure nothing is missing.

  • server and computer removals

    Entrust your IT equipment to technical experts who are fluent in IT systems and networks. Therefore, they know how to install it in the new office in order to continue the operations without any technical problem and with the minimal downtime. They also give suggestions if they find any weak point. They consult it with you and move to the next level right after your approval. All IT equipment is reassembled, cabled and tested in your new office. To minimise disruption and downtime, you can opt for moving your computers, server or other IT stuff overnight or during the weekend.

Quality, integrity, responsibility, and prompt delivery are the guarantee of a successful business move. Professional company will provide you with a dedicated manager, who makes sure that every step of the commercial moving is hitting the right direction. In the case of corporate move it is very important to make a precise plan in order to save time, energy, money, and keep your business up and running before, during and after the move. With the help of moving companies you will get full support from dedicated manager, who keeps in touch with you to understand your needs. This process opens the door for a new opportunity. They continuously work on their management system to make sure that each business removals project is successfully carried out in time, effectively and efficiently.


Proper planning is one of the most important factors guranteeing a trouble-free warehouse moving. A team of experts will perform stock inventory to establish the best methods of packing and moving palletised stock and warehouse equipment.

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Machinery crane

Whether you're moving machinery or the whole manufacturing plant - hire an experienced team of specialists. The high quality of service is obtained by the use of a wide range of heavy goods vehicles and other equipment including forklifts, cranes, gantry lifting systems.

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Relocation of production lines

Hire factory relocation services and make your factory equipment move as easy as possible. Work with the professionals offering flexible services including factory equipment packing, crating and lifting, electrical and mechanical decommissioning and re-commissioning.

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Get a free removal quotes for your private, commercial or international removals. Compare removal companies in your area.



Whenever you are moving a set of items, couple of boxes, full house conetnts or any other goods abroad, you must follow the mapped out procedure if you wish to achieve a perfectly smooth overseas shipping. It is true that there exist world industry standards to be met for international removals, and if you take advantage of them, you will achieve seamless international relocation. Bearing in mind the stress and complications associated with international moving, you might prefer to hire a shipping company to get the job done for you. The team of professionals will direct and pilot the affairs of the project from the beginning to the end, ensuring meeting the deadline. Search for shipping company that is highly recommended in your locality.


Shipping by sea will cost you less than air shipping. In the case you have no time constraints and want to save money it may be a perfect solution. Sea freight is meant for heavy duty shipment, as it costs less.


When the time of delivery is a priority for you, the air freight seems to be the best option for urgent shipments. You may have items delivered to the destination place even within 24 hours when shipping by air.


Economic solution for moves within mainland Europe, ideal for transporting goods to and from areas not served by air or water transport. Flex schedules, adjustable routes, door to door service.


Door to door pallet delivery services for both private and commercial needs. Cheap pallet courier services within the UK and Europe. Same day palletised freight collection and express delivery.

When you have shipments to move to a far distance, whether it is Australia, removals to USA from UK, New Zealand, Canada or any European country like Germany, Spain, France, Cyprus, Switzerland, etc, you will be torn between the choice of using right shipping services for your shipment. Depending on the distance, type of the cargo or your personal requirements, it can be done either by sea shipping, road transport or shipping by air. One can immediately see that it could be not so easy for you to choose the best mode of transport for your shipment, because there are lots of things to be considered. There is no system that is out-rightly better than the other. It all depends on what you are shipping or the shipping cost you are ready to bear, to name a few.
You should also consider how quickly you want your goods to be delivered. Do you need the item at the destination in few days, weeks or months? The delivery time seems to be the most important issue which has to be taken into consideration when the choice of the way of delivery is concerned. When you are running a business whereby the shipping is considered according to time and not actually the money, then the air shipping services is not rivaled by the sea system.

Removal services for families


Shipping costs are also a relevant factor when the relocation is taken into account. If you base your decisions on the cost of the shipping and you are trying to find the shipping method which is the least expensive, then without mincing words, we can tell you that the sea method or road transport will meet your expectations. However, the charging method used by the logistic and international companies can actually interfere the factual costs. While the airlines charge you according according to the so-called chargeable weight of the items to be shipped, calculated as based on the size and the weight, to estimate the space taken by the large items in the aircraft having a limited spac;, road or sea carriers will charge you according to each container. In the road or sea system, you are mostly charged based on the size of the items. This is because space will not be a problem in the containers. Here, your price is determined by whether the goods or items you are shipping will require a dedicated container or whether you will use some amount of consolidation within the cargo, whereby your belongings will be placed in the same container as those of others. If you choose the consolidation, you will be charged according to the volume as per cubic meter. But if you chose the former or your goods fill one full container, you will pay the price for one container shipping.

Another thing that determines the best option for you is the destination charges. This includes the customs and other fees. And these are to be paid irrespective of the method of delivery you choose, however, they will reach different ammounts. So, you may want to choose the option that is cheaper. Things like the prices of warehouses at the airports or seaports and other logistic issues may be the deciding factor, and you must consider them carefully before you choose a certain shipping method.

Europe destinations:

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