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Many people love to explore the different cities around the globe and get the knowledge about the different parts of the world, but not everyone can afford to travel for whom some interesting facts about Edinburgh are gathered here to fulfill the desire of the individuals to know about the city. So if you are planning your removals Edinburgh, it's time to read some interesting facts about Edinburgh.. Many battles are fought in the city and it is a famous place which is preferred by the tourists to explore. Along with some other interesting things to know about the city, the facts about the oldest Castle present there is not something to ignore. There are many myths and the facts, which are given below:

  • Most of the people know the story of Burke, the case happened in the 19th century, which was related to him as he killed 15 individuals to sell the dead bodies to a medical college with which the information about what lies inside the human body can be given to the medical students. Only a few people know the fact that the dead body of the offender was dissected in a lecture for the medical students, a large number of students were present there for the class. His mask and wallet was manufactured using his skin, which can be seen in the Surgeons' Hall Museums.
  • There is a St Margaret's Chapel still present in Edinburgh Castle, which is the oldest building of the city which was created in the memory of the queen after which it was named. The queen died after his husband's death, she loved him so much and she died from the sorrow and the separation from her husband. The building was not destroyed in the battles and it is still present as it was.
  • The story of the book named Harry potter was written in the city, there was a cafe named "Nicolson's cafe" where the writer of the book used to sit and write her imagination on the paper which turned to be also a famous movie liked by million around the world. It was said by some individuals that the novel was not written by Rowling in Nicolson's cafe, it was started by her when she started visiting the Elephant House cafe and it is a fact that she completed the novel in Nicolson's cafe which was the property of her brother in law.
  • It is something interesting to know that the heritage buildings present in the city are taller than all the buildings of its type present in the other countries of the world. There are almost sixteen thousand buildings present in the city which were built in different eras.
  • Every year, nearly 14 million tourists go to the city to explore it and the individuals who are interested in knowing the history don't ignore the city as it contains the heritage buildings that are something worth-visiting.
  • It is said that Edinburgh is one of the most haunted places in Europe and the reason behind it is the presence of the violent spirit of an individual who was crazy for killing others, he was named as Mackenzie.
  • For the first time in 17th century, the city began the fire service and it was the first place around the globe to offer this service. A volunteer fire brigade was utilized to assist the people in the case fire due to which, gathering the individuals for the help was time consuming due to which the individuals require assistance had to face issues.
  • There is an outstanding garden for the individuals who love to get the knowledge of the past times, a garden named as "Princess Street Garden" is created with the innovative idea and it consists of 2 separate parts. One of its parts shows the old times and the other shows the modern era, a garden similar to this cannot be seen in any other country of the world. It is said that the place where the garden was created was once occupied by the water, which was not clean and people believed that there were evil spirits of 300 witches. The women, who were thought as evil in nature were thrown into the water, if they float they were thought as witches and they were killed. But if they drowned, they were through as innocent; now the place is occupied by a garden which is used by the individuals as a place for relaxation.
  • A medieval super gun was manufactured in the city which was used to throw the Mons Meg, which was a solid stone cannon ball and heavy in weight. It was used in the battles to destroy the enemy and the range which can be reached by the gun was nearly 2 miles
  • The great hall present in the Edinburgh Castle contains a window which was known as the "laird's lugs", some people know the meaning of it which means "Lord's ears", but they don't have any idea why the window is named. The reason behind it is that the window was a secret area for the people of the city to hear the conversation and discussion taking place in the hall.
  • The Grass market present in the city which is the central market for cattle was also used for the execution purpose, the last individual executed at the place was a woman named Jessie. It was said that she killed the kids she adopted and she was sentenced to death.
  • The sentence is not used in the city often now, but it was once a sentenced used to greet the guests and only a few individuals who don't want to prepare the tea for the guests use this sentence now. Most of the people don't know the history behind this and it is an interesting fact to know that the sentence was first used by a man named Mackintosh back in the 18th century, who got irritated by the tea-slurping at social occasions. So, the people living in the city started using it to avoid serving tea to the guests. .
  • The huge Edinburgh festival amazes thousands of people every year who go to the place from different countries of the world, the month of the festival is August. It serves as a great time for the art lovers as the festival is composed of multiple arts and cultural festivals which give a chance to get the information about different cultures and the festival makes the place the top festival city around the world.
  • There is a myth of the city residents and they alert the students to drive straight without stopping or they have to face the failure in their final exams.
  • Every year, around twelve hundred performers take part in the display of the music and dance which is performed in the Castle's esplanade, individuals from every corner of the world goes to the city to witness the event.
  • The famous and the oldest castle in the city is the place for the choreographed pyrotechnic displays, which are seen by the individuals from different parts of the world for the entertainment purpose. The place was first used for the fireworks by the King James and it is believed that he utilized the fireballs to entertain the individuals.
  • It is something interesting to know about the Castle rock that it was built on the place where there was a volcano, the Castle was created nearly 120 meters above sea level and it is above the remaining city due to which the city can be seen from it.
  • There was a reputed lone piper in the city, whose ghost is still present there and the people living in the city claims to hear the music played by him.

The city is rich when it comes to the history and with a large number of facts about it, it is a must visit city to see the historical as well as heritage buildings which clearly show the living habits of the people of past time. With many facts that are interesting to know, the city is an outstanding option to visit because there are many things to see which are from past times. People who visit the city get to see the heritage and the culture there, the individuals can also know how the wars were fought and the Castle is not a thing to neglect when a person is in the city for a tour.

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