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Common Moving Reasons

One thing we cannot deny in life is the fact that from time to time, people do relocate from one area to the other, from one city to the other and from one country to the other. These relocations came to an all-time high in recent years, due to the global economic crises and the resultant effect on jobs, the cost of living and the cost of housing in different areas. However, the aforementioned are not the only reasons why people relocate from place to place. There are many other reasons why people relocate, and these reasons are particular to individual circumstances. Check some of the most common relocation reasons according to data obtained from one of the longest operating removal companies in Leeds area.

  • buying a new home

    The first reason that makes people move from one home to the other is when people buy new homes. This is the simplest reason, because when you buy a new home, you don't need to keep staying in the old home. Another reason why people move is because they want to upgrade to large homes. This may be because of increase in the number of family members or increase in income, which necessitates more properties and demands more space etc. In the reverse mode, the move can be occasioned by the need to downsize. In this case, the number of family members may have decreased because kids have grown and gone to college or some may have married or moved to their homes, and the extra space becomes unnecessary. The move may even be due to the need to upgrade to a better home for the comfort of it. When people work and save money, they tend to desire to move to comfortable homes.
    In some cases, people move because they want to fix a purchase mistake they made in the past. Yes, someone may have wanted to purchase a home so urgently that he did not look and think well. Airplanes flying over the house every now and then, dining room being situated in the center of the house, non-availability of a backyard or garden and many others may push one to move to another home so as to rectify these before coming in.

  • relationships

    The next reason involves changes in relationships. Many people move because they are getting married and therefore want to move in with their spouse. In some other cases, it can be due to divorce and the need to move away from the partner they are separating from.

  • career

    Others move because they changed their job. When people secure new jobs in other cities, they are compelled to move to areas closer to their new job to avoid the stress of long distance transport every day. Apart from securing new jobs, some others relocate because they were transferred to other branches of the same firm. In some cases, others move because they have been transporting to their place of work from their current location and now wants to move closer, to lessen the stress. When we talk about new job opportunities, it's worth of noting that more and more people are moving abroad to work.

  • financial reasons

    One of the most significant reasons why people relocate, especially as seen in the recent past is due to financial difficulties. It is a known fact that people move to areas with low cost of living so as to save costs. People move from highbrow areas to the suburbs or hometowns so that they can pay lower rents, lower schools fees, lower bus fares and also buy things at cheaper rates..

  • aging

    Another significant reason why people move to new homes is due to the effects of aging. The fact is that people needs change when they age. In such circumstances, the need to move closer to children and grandchildren or for children to move closer to parents and grandparents becomes imperative. Another thing is that age may require some people to move from storey buildings to non- storey buildings. In other cases, it may entail moving to smaller houses that needs less maintenance, or moving from the noisy city to quiet town areas. It's why elderly people are moving from London to calm areas.
    Some move because of retirement. There may be areas where adult communities are offered cheaper homes with the best retirement facilities like club houses, golf courses, workouts, adult social gatherings and others, specifically designed for people above 55.
    Apart from aging, people also move because of health conditions. This is mostly down to physical ailments that may prevent them from climbing stairs or living in cold conditions etc.

  • neighborhood

    People also move because of some changes in their neighborhood. Maybe yous area has grown unsafe, or maybe a new freeway is constructed around your home and you don't like it. These and some other social, physical and economic changes may push people to relocate

  • adventure

    People also move out of adventure. One may feel that he has lived in an area for a very long time and therefore needs to explore and experience life in other areas.

Reasons Why Young People Are Moving

The truth is that youths are the most affected when it comes to migration. Now, should we say that this is because of their desire to travel? There are many reasons why the young peopble relocate more than the others. The recent study about the age bracket that moves more than the others has it that youths of different categories and age brackets have been high on the ladder of the people who relocate most. The explanation is that the youths between 18 and 24 are always moving to colleges. Those within the ages of 25 to 29 are always moving because of the fact that they are searching for where to establish their new careers. Those who are aged around 30 -34 in the are mostly moving because they actually want to marry and settle down to build their new family. However, this may not be the entire reason why the youngs are moving.

  • changing lifestyle

    The number one reason why the youths are moving is because of the excitement and pleasurable life in the area being moved to. It is true that youths that are given the same level of income and cost of living in two different areas will always choose to move to the state that has more of night clubs, pubs for bears, recreation and leisure homes, theaters, movie cinemas, sports arenas and others. Most of them move because they need fun and excitement. So, whether they are moving because of marriage, new school or career, they will still consider these other things.
    Another reason why young people move is in pursuit of freedom. Yes, it is always truthful to note that whenever a person gets to the age of 18 and up, the desire to leave the parents of family and stand as a matured human being becomes very apparent. This is one natural feeling that young people tend not to have the capacity to control. The desire to be alone, and enjoy the ultimate freedom makes most of the young people to relocate or move to other areas to live with their friends and peers or to experience different worlds.

  • job opportunities for young people

    Another reason why young people are moving is because they need jobs. Yes, young people believe that the youthful age is the time they need to work and make savings so that they will have a very good retirement, and the only way to do this is to get well-paying jobs no matter where they are. Majority of the youths move because they got better jobs in other areas. There are opportunities that older people will turn down only on the grounds of the proximity, but young people will not mind to jump at it to make more money. It's worth of noting that there is also a lot of job offers for example in removal companies Oxford and other cities. And you don't need a lot of experience if you wish to work in removals industry. Most of the moving firms offer full training during a trial period.

  • relationships

    Just like we have mentioned in the given statistics, people move because of new relationships. We know the young people to get in and out of relationships, while some eventually settle down in marriage. During their youthful years, both the male and the females will have needs to move towards their partner or the people they are in relationship with. This is one of the reasons why many of them move. If they are not moving to meet their husbands and wives, they are moving to start the building of new families or to be with their kids. Some are also moving with their spouses and kids because they are actually not comfortable again in their old homes and will want to move to more spacious or larger homes to accommodate their growing families.

  • education opportunities

    While people like to travel and embark in adventurous journeys, majority do this in other to garner more knowledge. For instance, if you check the number of Nigerians abroad today, you will realize that more than 80 percent of them are students in different foreign universities. One of the major reasons why people who are young move to new places is because of education. This may be any level of education. It may be the basic education and it may be to further their education. There are some trainings and types of education that are not found in some countries, so indigenes who wish to get such tend to move to other nations.

The reasons why young people move can be divided into the pull factors and the push factors. The pull factors are the things that tend to chase them away. They include the lack of prospects in their home, unemployment rates, persecution and incidences of poor human rights. This will always make them to desire to move to where they will be free. Others are internal conflicts, war, climate change and other natural disasters. Others also move because of famine. Things that pull the youths to the places they move to are development, good transport systems, and good jobs due to labor shortages.

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