Moving antiques

From time to time, you will have the need to move antiques. The major reason why this is so is because the antiques are some of the things we cannot replace and therefore must preserve them with our last strength. This entails moving them from place to place whenever we relocate. Another thing is that the antiques and collectibles are usually very costly. Because of this, they must be treated with extreme care at all times. They also have a value that can only be described as sentimental and this entails that they must be shipped with extra care. This type of care can only be provided by the professional and trained antique removal companies. This is not what every other person in the street can do. Because of this, you must always move your antique furniture with the help of the professional antique handlers and removal firms. We offer you this service perfectly well.

How to protect and move antiques

The first thing you should do whenever you have decided to move your antique is to have a very detailed appraisal of the antique furniture. Because we are talking about something that is very valuable, which its value is not always ascertained, you have to do the proper appraisal so as to ascertain the real value of the antique before you embark on the move. This will also give you detailed information for proper insurance coverage, so that you will have some evidence when you want to make a claim about damages. To this effect, all parts of the antique should be photographed from all the sensitive angles and other parts.
When you have the images, then you should go ahead to secure all the shelves of the antique furniture if there are any. However, you have to empty the shelves completely before you secure them. You can secure by locking the shelves with their key or by the use of hard and folded pieces of paper at the edge of the mouth of the shelf. Fold this and slot in so strongly that the shelf cannot open on the way. Do not tape the drawers. The tape will not hold the shelves and drawers in place and it will also damage the fine finish of the furniture.
Another optional moving method is the dismantling of your antique furniture. This may be optional, but it is very essential. When you have the very heavy and large antiques, the best bet for you is to dismantle and disassemble them into smaller parts. When you do this, you can now handle all the parts separately depending on their size. Again, those parts that are made of glass or more fragile items should get the attention they need.
If you have the resources, then you are advised to shrink wrap the antique furniture. However, if this is not available, you can use strings or rubber bungee to hold the doors and other parts in place. If you cannot hold these in place with any of the aforementioned, then you may want to remove the affected body part completely, so that you can fix it in when you get to the final destination. Better still, you should disassemble the entire parts as the case may be. Never move the antique with some hanging, dangling or moving parts. This will damage during transportation.
All types of antiques, whether cupboards, chairs, tables, couch, grandfather clock or any other type must be protected with a wrap if you are transporting it on a box truck. You can secure with a moving blanket, bubble wraps, foams or any other wrap that will protect the fine finish of the antiques. If you are moving with a smaller carrier, it may not be prone to damages. But whenever you are moving this in a truck without a crate, then you will need to offer some protective wrap. You can get suitable wrapping materials from local Preston movers. You can hire it or buy.

When you are moving an ornate or any of the extremely volatile antiques, you should try and offer absolute protection by using a crate or box. This is why it is advised to use the services of the professional removal companies in Leeds, whenever you are not sure of what to do. One more thing is that woods and other materials are affected by temperature and moisture. So, some of these antiques should only be moved under particular temperatures. The professional movers move them with temperature controlled vehicles. You should seek advice from experts whenever you want to move your antiques, so as to be sure about this. When you are through with the preparation of your antique furniture for removal, you should contact the professional moving company around you. They will demand the weight, dimensions, value, location and destination of your antique, and with this, they will give you multiple quotes from which you choose the one you want. After this, you pay them get the antique to their office and they will ship it for you. If you have any problems with finding professional antiques moving company in your area, the best you can do is it use our online services allowing you to compare removals quotes from antique movers for free!

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