How to move aquarium?

There are many things involved in relocating the aquarium. The effects of bacteria and fungi on the tank, and how to manage these are actually very delicate. But don't panic, you can still move your fish tank on your own. Unless you have 3000L aquarium in your house, then you may need a help of the company that have knowledge and professional tools to lift and transport heavy and delicate items. Yes, glass is very heavy. In that scenarion why not to ask firms specializing in machinery relocation? They will definitely have appropriate tools to move heavy aquarium. There are plenty of removal companies London or in other towns, happy to offer you professional services.
Now, when you want to move your aquarium on your own, you have to start by setting up a checklist of the items you must need for the task. You have to get one or two nets, fishing bags, rubber bands, an aquatic transportation bag, an insulated polystyrene fish transporting box, a de-chlorinator, containers for the water, containers for the decor, an air pump that is powered by battery, a measuring jug or scoop, some layers of bubble wrap, old blankets, old towels and a test kit. When you have these packing and moving supplies, then you can start the process of moving your aquarium. You can do it on your own or hire firm offering removals Blackburn to Belfast or other places.
Now, if you are relocating to another destination, you should not move your aquarium the same day you are moving house properties. The aquarium should be moved on a separate mapped date because of how delicate it is. Above all, plan the move so that it will happen within the shortest possible time. This is to insure that the fish does not stay out of the normal fish environment for too long.

The day before the move, you have to stop feeding the fish. On this day, you also need to unplug your heater. This is to be done one hour before you start dismantling the tank. The fact is that the tank needs to cool, so as to avoid cracking and other problems. You have to start the dismantling by removing the entire decor in the tank, coupled with the aquarium plants. You have to remove all ornaments gently by raising them above water level so that any fish hiding under the ornament will swim out. Do not shake the ornaments. If the fish does not swim out, you have to pack them together with the ornament in a fish bag with enough space for air. The ornaments should be moved in waterproof containers or plastic boxes, while the plants are to be secured in ship bags covered with rubber band to avoid drying out. If you looking for local delivery company in Lancashire, please use our website to find cheap removals in Preston.


How to transport fishes?

After removing the ornaments, remove most of the water from the aquarium and save it. It is now time to catch your fish with nets. The lesser the water, the easier it is for you to catch the fish. You should siphon the water with a plastic host while you avoid the fish. Make sure you save enough water because the old water is much better than new water. Remove about 3/4 before you start catching the fish. On the part of the fish bags, fill up to 1/3 with the aquarium water before placing the caught fish inside. The space remaining after the 1/3 filling should contain oxygen as the fish will need this badly. You should try and pack one fish in each bag to avoid one fish exuding toxins that will kill others or some using their dangerous spine to harm others. The live bearing fish and tropical tetras will have no qualms being shipped together, but this is not same with marine fish.
You will catch the fish easily when you do this slowly and gently. Make more of slow movements than frantic ones. You will register more success with two nets than one, and you will need a larger net if you have a larger aquarium. Herding the fish towards your net with another net is a better option.

When you catch each fish, you have to cover the mouth of the net with your hand and allow the fish to slide into the fish bag. The fish may jump if you give it a larger space to operate on. When the fish is inside the fish bag, you have to trap in enough air inside the bag before you gently seal with a rubber band. However, you should not blow into the bag to give oxygen. It is safer to use two bags. Insure to pack the bags into a polystyrene fish box. When you must have bagged the fish, remove all the other equipment from the aquarium such as heaters, pumps, and filters. Pack the filter in a fish bag with some amount of aquarium water to insure that the bacteria are preserved. Wrap the heater to avoid breaking, and drain the remaining water from the tank. The remaining substrate must be scooped up and kept in a plastic bucket to preserve the bacteria inside.


Moving fish tank

At this juncture, you can now wrap the aquarium with a bubble wrap, blankets or old towels for protection. When you arrive to your new destination, unpack the aquarium first, set the tank in the best position for it and scoop back the substrate. Fill the tank with the old saved water and re-assemble the heaters, filters and pumps and switch the heater and others back on. Put back some of the ornaments and it is time to put back your fish into the water. They only need a place to hide, so the plants and other ornaments may come later. Add the fish the same way you do when you buy the fish newly from the shop. Use the Fintro method or you can float the bags on the aquarium water for 45 minutes while dropping a little bit of the water into the aquarium after every 10 minutes. Do this with the lights off, and let the fish into the water after some time while the lights are still off. You can now fill the remaining parts of the tank with R.O. water or de-chlorinated tap water. Do not feed the fish on the day you arrive because of uncertainty about the bacteria level. Meanwhile, continue to adjust the filter for the next one month, while you also check the nitrite and ammonia levels of the tank. Feed only when the levels are at zero.
If you do not feel strong enough to move your aquarium it on your own, you can always hire one of the best removal companies in area or even hire experienced man and van Brighton firm. You can compare moving services available for your by using our website.
Remember, by hiring professionals you can avoid stress of moving aquarium on your own. Of course it costs some money, but it's really worth to think about.

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