Moving During School Year

There are things that make house moves simple, while there are some that makes it more complicated and stressful. Moving during the school year is actually one of those periods when house move is a hell of a task. Now, house move can be described as scary, stressful and complicated on a normal note. When you are moving with children of school age, this simply doubles. However, the worst happens when you move even during the school year. When you move with about three kids during the middle of the school year, you will have an experience you will not cherish. However, the big transitions we experience in life cannot wait for comfortable times, so we still have to tackle them as they come. It is not a completely hopeless situation because there are still some ways of taking the bull by the horn and insuring that you make out a successful school year house move. So if your moving date falls during the school year, check how to move with children during the school year.

You have to find the right neighborhood in the area you are moving to. This entails considering the likes and dislikes of the children before the move. When you know that they will have a lot of adapting to do since you are moving them away in the middle of the school year, you have to find a lot of things that will catch their fancy in their new location so as to try and forget what you are taking them away from. So, you have to incorporate them and their feelings in the house and school hunt. You have to search the schools and houses by features. When you have narrowed to the 3 best schools, pick up your kids and allow them to run around the schools and houses with you. Let them get around and explore them, making suggestions in the process. Start making them fall in love with the new school and houses by leaving them to make the choice. Your kids may want a large backyard for their playhouse or school that does not have too much of fences and stuffs like that. They may even like schools with certain color of school uniforms. Just allow them express themselves before you choose the one to enroll them in.

Choosing New School

Before you move, you have to schedule a formal visit to the chosen school. Have a meeting with the administrator and get the school prospectus from him. You should also take your children along and allow them to speak to and interact with their new teachers. This will help a lot in easing out tensions. They will not see their new teachers and the school as a strange zone when they eventually resume. You can even attempt letting them interact with old students of the school before they resume. If you have any of them living in the same neighborhood, you can arrange for them to get to know each other and interact before your kids resume. On the first day at school, you can make it a half a day exercise while you allow them to have something that will draw them back to the school.

Engage Children In The Moving Process

Never embark on a move during the school year without adequate communication between you and the kids. Don't just block them out. Ask your children what they feel about the move, about the school and about their new teachers and fellow students. Make it a very friendly exercise, with a positive attitude that assures them that everything is alright.
On the day of the school year move, you have to keep your school children busy. Let them have some functions relating to the move like labeling of the boxes, packing of their clothes, handling of towels and toys and other items that are not susceptible to damages. You can even give them the task of selecting the colors for their new rooms.
Make a photo session where you snap photos in your old house and other special areas in the neighborhood and insure that your children enjoy this. If they have favorite sports, let them snap there. Every special place that will ignite good memories should be snapped. Now, when the images are ready, you have to do an interesting thing with it. You can do a special move photo album or you compile a very wonderful photo collage with the photos.
It is always advised that you pack their rooms last. You should not keep them on this situation for so long. So, their rooms should be packed towards the end of the whole exercise.
During the move, you must insure that all they will need on transit are available. Get their snacks, foods, toys, beddings in case any of them falls asleep and others.
When you get to the new location, you have to insure that their rooms are unpacked and unloaded first by your Liverpool removals company workers. Arrange their rooms first and allow them to continue with their play and painting while you unpack other things. Engage in things that will help them settle easily. Take them around and let them familiarize with the neighborhood and environment.
When it is time to go to school, you have to buy them something special to celebrate the first day at school. Get involved in parents school activities and encourage them to get involved in the school social activities as students. This helps both of you to adapt easily and make new friends. You can even get them a book to write their experience in school on the first day and to record the names and contacts of their new friends.

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