How to Transport Pets

There are lots of problems to be encountered when moving house or shipping items overseas. But you cannot compare these to the hassles you go through when you also have to transport your pet. However, when you do this through the standard steps, you will not feel the troubles.
You have to start by preparing for the move and preparing your pet for the move. The first thing you need to do is to make a moving plan and always stick to the plan. When you make a schedule to follow for the move, it will help you to start the preparations according to different timelines.

You have to decide the method to use when shipping or moving animals. Know whether you will be flying the animal or whether you will transport the animal by land. If you are transporting the animal by air, then you need to make the necessary contacts with the airlines you want to use. Some airlines will allow you to bring the pet on the flight with you, while some have specific compartments for the transportation of these. You should also look at the airline's safety records to avoid endangering the life of your pet. If the program is not great, your pet can be overheat during the transportation, and this may harm it. Now, some airlines will allow you to move more than one pet on a cage, but this should be with a note by you. Moving more than one pet insures that the pets have each other to play with during the move and this is the best possible way to reduce anxiety of moving among them. However, you must insure that the cage is large enough to accommodate them and still give them space to run around. However, you must get a lot of references before you choose the airline or shipping services to use.
It's good idea to add the tag on the animal's collar. This should be coupled with an emergency contact that will have your contact information. This should include your phone numbers and alternative contact information. You should also indicate where the animal is headed. One more thing is that you have to label the cage, "live pet" or "animal" so that moving firms workers will handle it properly.

Pets relocation services and methods

If you live in Glasgow are and thinking about using the land method, you can use local removal companies in Glasgow or if live in the South, you can compare moving prices from Cambridge man and van firms - in case of national relocation, and accordingly, shipping firms in case of overseas relocation. In the situation where you want to do this by yourself, you have to start on time to get the pet acclimatized to the condition of the car. If you have been transporting your pet on your car before, then you don't have much problem with this. But if this is not the case, then you need to start about one month before the move so as to know how the pet reacts to being driven in your car. You can start taking the pet on evening outings or allowing the pet to wander in your car for some time every day.
If you are using moving firms, you should begin to get your pet to be comfortable with strangers. You can take the pet to a neighbor and leave it with the neighbor for some time. You can enroll the pet in a pet training course or talk to the pet about the move if it is a trained one that can understand you.
For the transportation of your pet, you will need these things:

  • Food and water
  • Kennel or cage
  • Collar with the right tags
  • Toys, blankets
  • Medicine
  • Rightful contact of the transporter and your pet
  • Dishes
  • Bedding
  • Leash
  • The health records of your pet

How to move with your pet?

Before the move, you have to take the pet to the vet to run a full checkup on the animal. When this is done, the necessary medications and vaccines should be administered and some given to you with the full health records of your pet. With this, you can now book your moving date get to the relocation agreement. Indicate how often it should be taken out for walks and the length of time of the walk.

Also indicate the amount of food to be given and at what intervals, things that can reduce stress on the animal and transporter, where you will like your pet to pass the night, some habits the transporter has to watch and how often you want to be informed about the condition of the pet during transportation. When you are moving your pet, insure that you make the necessary stops for the pet to feed and have a walk. However, do not overfeed the pet or feed it with foods that will make it to throw up in your car. Make sure that the temperature of the car is favorable to the pet. It should neither be too cold nor too hot for the pet.
When you get to your new destination, you should start by making the pet to feel at home. Get a place for the pet and use its bedding and items in the old home to make it feel at home. With time, you can now take it out to get acclimatized to the new area.

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