How To Move A Piano

The pianos are of different types. However, one thing we all will agree to is the fact that the pianos are among the biggest items you will ever move. They are also amongst the most fragile things you will ever ship or move. When you want to move your piano, it is advised that you get the services of the professional moving companies. This is more important when you are moving your piano through stairs, elevators, and steep slopes or through narrow doors. Sometimes you must contact firms specializing in machinery relocation services, as not every house removals company in London have specialized equipment needed to lift, move and load heavy items like piano or grand piano.
Because the pianos are very heavy and very susceptible to scratches, dents and nicks, you have to start the process by knowing your piano. When we talk about knowing your piano, we mean you should know the type of piano you are moving, the components of the piano, the dimensions of the piano and any other special information about the piano.
When you know what you are moving, you have to go ahead to plan your route. This is actually one of the most important aspects of moving your piano. The size and fragility entails that you must plan the route on time and make sure the route is free of all hazards that may pose risks of damages to the piano. You have to map out the route to follow from start to finish and communicate same to all the people helping you to move the piano. You can use tape to measure all the outlets and insure that all the doors through which the piano would be moved are big enough to accommodate the piano.

Before you move the piano, you must insure that the vehicle for the transportation of the piano is in place. It is also advised that you should move the piano before other furniture. You need enough space to handle the piano and maneuver this in place both through the moving route and in the truck.
When handling the piano, you should work out the number of people needed for the lifting carrying by distributing 100 pounds to each person. So if you have a piano that weighs 400 pounds, you will need four people to handle it, or find companies offering Salford delivery of piano and other heavy items.

Piano Protection And Packing

After taking care of the routes, you have to set up a packing space where you will pack your piano. This should be a very spacious and neat platform with little protective padding like, carpet or blanket.
When you have your packing space, then you should go for the materials. You will need lots of packing supplies if you must get the packing right, and they include the packing tapes, bubble wraps, moving blankets, straps and others.
When you are through with the routes, packing space, packing materials and other preparations, then you come and prepare your piano for the move. You have to start by locking down the lids of the spinets of your piano. You should also lock the keyboard lid. If the piano has removable legs and any other removable parts, it is now time for you to screw them out and remove them. These should be wrapped well, packed separately and shipped in a different box.
When you must have taken care of these smaller removable parts, you should go ahead and do a light cleaning of the piano. You should not work on a dirty item because you will not be comfortable doing so. So, for you to feel at home and handle the piano well, go ahead and clean. After cleaning the piano, you have to wrap the entire body of the piano with a moving blanket or any other similar type of cushion or pad. You have to spread the blanket on your packing space, place the mass of the body of the piano on this and wrap all-round the piano with the blanket. After wrapping, secure this on the piano with the packing tape, insuring that the tape does not touch the body of the piano to avoid damaging the fine finish.

Piano Moving Techniques

At this juncture, you should have each person place their hands underneath the piano for the lifting. With instructions, each person should lift his part in a uniform manner. When they have lifted, they should move in a uniformed step to the location of the truck or dolly, placing down the piano uniformly whenever it is time to rest. If you are moving the multistory, grand, and studio pianos that are bigger and heavier than the spinet pianos, you have to learn more about particular ways of moving them, and this may include how to use dollies in moving them.
You can move your piano through different methods. You can use the truck or van if you are embarking on a local or national move and hire man and van Cambridge team. However, if it is international move, then you can use the air or sea freight. Choosing the method and carrier to use may be difficult for you. This is why you should make use of the services of shipping companies like ours. We give you comprehensive, cost effective, safe and secure shipping on time every time. By using professionals you can avoid stress when moving.

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