Office Move Preparation

The fact is that as an employer, there are things that are beyond your control in the office. This may not be the case with the owner of the business and other senior management staff. One of the things that are not within our control is the office move. In most cases, we just have to sigh and grumble about this, while in other cases, we welcome the move. However one of the reasons why we grumble when we are told about an intended office move is because of the hassles of the whole exercise and the change that it brings about. However, since we will always accept the situation even after the grumbling because we do not have an option, we can equally make the office move a very exciting and favorable one. We can do this by preparing for the office move with the following tips and schedule.

  • Furniture

    The first step after moving agreement in preparing furniture for office move is to dismantle furniture. These must be wrapped with the moving blanket. This is followed by proper labeling of the furniture. This will indicate which office has which. You have to start these preparations on time.
    Two weeks before the office move, you should provide your moving company sets of finished floor plan for your destination. With this, they should be able to color code all the floor plans according to the corresponding furniture, so that placing the furniture and equipment in their place at your final destination will be a very easy one. Once you book office removals services, you should get support of the office move supervisor.
    When it is one week to the move, all furniture should be labeled properly with their exact codes. The tags must bear the location of each piece of furniture in the floor plan. The ones you should not move with must be marked "DO NOT MOVE", with the necessary placards placed in front of them. The placards must have the letter, code number and color of each.
    At this time, you also have to get the cleaning policy mapped. This will include taking care of all unwanted paper materials to reduce the number of loads to be moved. This is the time to de-clutter as you pack. The removal firm or your company should make trash cans available for this.
    When you have 2 days remaining before the moving date, you have to get to your new location and mark spaces with placards for direction. This will direct people to the offices and the things that should be in each office. The spot indicators must be placed on the floor, to indicate the location of each piece of furniture.
    On the moving day, you have to place the precautionary measure to safeguard exits, corridors and entrances in both locations for easy maneuvering, packing and unpacking. All the carpeted areas, doors, hallways and sensitive places in the new destination or location must get a clean Masonite for proper protection. If you have any questions related to commercial relocation, feel free to contact local Preston removal companies and submit any questions you may have.

  • Desks and Credenzas

    You have to remove and pack all the desks and credenzas. Items like pens, paperclips, pencils and all the other items of this size must be secured in an envelope and sealed. You can then pack this in a box with proper labeling. The telephone cards and cords should be packed in a box too. However, make sure that cubicle and modular moving services are arranged in advance.

  • Storage cabins

    These are to be in a small box and labeled appropriately too. The box should contain the folders, files, binders, paper works and others that are found in the storage cabinets.

  • Book cases

    All items in the book cases must be removed and packed into a book box. The wooden shelves must be removed and laid flat on the base. The glass shelves should be wrapped and moved in a separate box with the necessary cushioning with a shredded paper or blankets to avoid damaging. Insure that you mark the box fragile. The shelf pins and hardware should be packed in a labeled envelop that must be attached to the back of the bookcase with a packing tape.

  • Pictures and glass items

    You have to pack these in a box, but make sure enough cushioning is given. Pad and cushion the bottom of the box before you pack these, and also cushion the top after packing. The smaller ones must be wrapped separately, standing them on their end on the box. Mark the box fragile. All glass items must be packed together in a labeled box too, while the huge ones should be crated.

  • Erase boards and bulletin boards

    The smaller ones should be packed in a box, while the large ones should be removed from the wall and wrapped with a blanket for the move. The remaining software is then pasted to the back of the board to avoid misplacement.

  • Fax machines and small office equipment

    These are better when packed in their original container. However, when these are no longer available, you have to get a box for them. Insure that the boxes come with the standard 2 inches space by the top, bottom and sides for proper cushioning.

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