Shipping By Air Or Sea?

On many occasions, people are caught in the web in their bid to decide whether to ship by sea or by air. There is nothing automatic about which is the best amongst these two options. The simple truth is that there are many factors that will determine the option that will be the best for you at any point in time. So, whenever you are making a decision on the best possible way to ship, you have to consider these factors if you must arrive at a good choice.

We must tell you that choosing the correct means to use in shipping your items may be a tricky one. But most importantly, you are looking at two main elements to help you form the decision, and they include time and money. However, there are many other factors that will be significant as time and money may not be the only determinants. While some of these extra considerations are also tied to time and money in some way, some are completely different. Now, you should be looking at whether you want your goods moved immediately without any other considerations or whether you will really want to keep the cost down. Whenever you arrive at a balance between these two major considerations, then you have come to the core of the matter that will help you with the best choice. Now, you should have a grasp of the key factors to consider before you arrive at this, and they are listed below.

Costs of Shipping By Sea And Air

You should start by considering the amount you are willing to spend on the transportation of the item. When you ask this question and answer it, you now know where to start. The likelihood is that shipping by sea will cost you less than shipping by air if you do not have time constraints and really wants to save money. However, you must also check how the logistics and shipping companies arrive at their international charges, so that you do not act on assumptions that may turn out to be false. Now, while the airlines will charge you according to weight in a term known as 'chargeable weight', they may also factor in size because items with less weight and big size will occupy more space. The sea carriers will mostly charge according to each container without much consideration on the weight of the items. Here, the size is more paramount. So, the size and weight of the goods or properties you are shipping will determine what the charge will be according to air and sea freight. Large and heavier shipments cost less by sea freight, while the smaller ones cost less by air. Don't forget also to get free quotes and compare different shipping companies. If you are shipping to USA you should get in touch now to get our free of charge estimate.


The next thing to consider is the speed. Do you want your goods to be moved quickly or are you ready to wait. In this regard, you will realize that air is actually better than sea in all angles. In some cases, you will realize that what you lose by the slight higher cost of air freight is covered by the time it saves. For people shipping goods and items that are time sensitive, this is obviously the best bet. Now, while sea freight may take weeks to arrive as against air freight that takes only hours or days, the sea freight is also more prone to delays due to logistics and other unforeseen circumstances more than the air freight system.
Another area you will look at is that area which does not apply only to you but to the entire world. We all are aware of the dangers of climate change, and have the obligation to curtail this. So, while we choose the one to use among sea and air freight, we should also consider this. All businesses are called upon to find ways of sustaining the future and protecting the ecosystem. In this regard, the sea freight will always win the battle. This is because the air freight system entails of very huge CO2 emission into the environment. The sea freight system does not give as much CO2 to the environment as the air fright.


Another thing you will consider when you are choosing the means to use in shipping between air and sea is the reliability of both means. While we look for reliability in everything including business, people, institutions, services and products, we should also do same here. When you make a comprehensive check, you will realize that due to many reasons we may not line up here, the air freight tends to meet up the schedule as planned than the sea freight which is always running off schedule or low on schedule. If you must stick to schedule whenever you have decided to ship, then air will do this for you better than sea.
Another thing you have to consider is the quantity of goods or property you are shipping. The truth is that if you are doing bulk shipping, you will never think of using the air freight. The amount of freight this can carry at a given time is limited and when you have the huge shipments, and then you will pay through your nose. This is not same with sea as it is meant for heavy duty shipments.

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