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London Guide

There are many reasons why some people would like to relocate to London, especially if the person is an expat. The truth is that some cities are actually better placed to support people's dreams and ambitions than others, and London is among those cities on the positive angle. Diversity can be actually the most common moving reason why people love to move to this place. Of course, when we say people here, we mean those from both European and foreign countries. This is a city where more than 300 languages are spoken. This is to say that people from more than 300 ethnic and language groups reside here. The translation is that it is one of the most multicultural cities in the entire world. No matter where you are coming from, you won't stay long before you meet someone that speaks the same language and shares the same culture with you. So, settling down and adapting will be easier for you.
London is one city that is highly developed and sophisticated. However, this does not take the human face of life away from the people. People still know their neighbors and interact with them. People are still very humorous and cheerful on the streets. You can still play, laugh, interact with strangers and make friends easily here. They are accommodating and hospitable people.


The architectural design of this city is up there. This is even to the extent that some people refer to some styles of building as London style. There is a mix of modernity and history in their architectural designs. There are very monumental edifices serving as galleries and museums. Inside them, you will get to know London, understand its history, past, events, culture, festivals and the implication of a lot of things. When it comes to the environment, the city is so picturesque that people enjoy sightseeing here more than in other cities. The Thames, the surrounding parks, London Bridge and many others amaze people.

Attractions and Leisure

This is the city where you will never sleep at night if you don't want to, because there are many things waiting for you to come out and enjoy them. This city is one where you will see different parts offering different forms of relaxation to people according to their tastes. If you are among those who live, dream and enjoy theater, then you should be looking towards the west end side of London. There are many of them here. If you are a live band freak, then you need to be ready to get to the Camden area. Those who are marveled by the arts should get down to Dalton or Shoreditch. The fact is that this city is full of entertainment and outing opportunities, and you will always see a place to enjoy whichever type of leisure you cherish.
Just as we have chipped in, you will never lack activities to keep you recreated when you come here. There are many leisure and vacation venues here. You will always have something to do no matter the time and season. There are lots of attractions that are free, many craftsmanship display activities, the tate modern, lots of spots, clubs, cafes, pubs, lounges and others. The parties here are very intense, the music is amazing and people get wild during the weekends
Another thing you will cherish when you come here is the food culture. This is one city that has lots of food outlets everywhere. They have great local dishes. But many restaurants also offer lots of intercontinental dishes too, and food is very affordable here. If you want to have it very fresh and natural, then you have to get to the rustic markets around the countryside.

London living costs

Now, the cost of living may not be the exact reason why you will want to come and live in London, but the because of the means to cater for these costs. Now, if you are living in a small city where you earn 100 pounds and spend 50 at the end of the month, you will be better off in a city where you earn 500 pounds and spend 300 at the end of the month. You will still have more savings at the end of the month. While this city is very costly to live in, the type of jobs here and the amount you earn as wages when you are employed here makes it a better place to live in. But, if you don't have a job here, it will be extremely difficult for you to survive.

Employment opportunities in London

The truth is that London is a global city and one that both the manufacturing and services sector thrives. This is to say that no matter the field you are into, you will not lack jobs when you move to London. The economy of London is so diversified that people in the real estate, media, finance, arts, banking, manufacturing, tourism, and all other sectors will always find good jobs with great wages here. If you are hard-working, you will earn good amounts here. Most of the world's leading companies have their headquarters or offices in London. There is also an avalanche of small scale businesses offering lots of employments here too. Removal services sector is also well developed ere and both smaller and larger London removal companies offer their services for a range of customers moving out or moving into London. The development of such services creates every year hundreds of new places of employment.


Of course, when we mention London, the first thing that occurs to the mind of people is education, especially as regards tertiary education. This is the city with the highest concentration of institutions of higher learning in the whole world. It is also the city with the highest number of international students. Another good thing is that education is very affordable in London. The conditions for studies for foreign students are also great, as many of them can work while studying. The universities here also rank among the best in the world.

Transport and Neighborhoods

This is the hub of transportation in the entire Europe. So, people who want to get to other places from London will never struggle to do this because the city connects the entire world. It is the city with the airport that processes the highest number of passengers in the entire world. There are very huge and popular airports, the train system is very effective and the bus lines are excellent. If you want to get to any part of Europe, moving from London or moving through London is the best. From here, you can get to any part of the world.
We have said that this city is naturally segmented in such a way that people of different inclinations can always find an area dominated by their likes. This natural unofficial organization system is one thing that makes this an amazing city. There are places occupied mostly by hipsters. Some areas are dominated by fashion freaks, corporate junkies have their own areas of concentration and so it goes. So, whichever lifestyle you cherish, you will always find a place or a spot or an area that will suit you and your style of life completely and which you will love.

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