Costs of living in a big city

One of the major characteristics of the big city is that it has a very high cost of living. In some occasions, the cost of housing, education, feeding and other services deter many people from moving to the big city, and poses great problems to those who live in the big city already. The simple meaning is that the amount you earn in the big city is directly or indirectly proportional to what the cost of living of that city would be. Many people regard this as a vicious circle, while many others term it a virtuous circle. It is left for us to be able to ascertain which one this actually is. You can read our London guide and check what are the costs of living in the capital of the UK. Before you start planning your removals London adventure your should check if you can afford living in a big city.

The simple economic fact to note about the cost of living in big cities comes from the concept of demand and supply. Because of the perceived and actual availability of jobs and business opportunities in the big city, many people tend to migrate to these cities in search of these Golden Fleece in the name of jobs and businesses. As we cooperate with the best removal companies they indicate trend that increasingly more people relocate to big cities. Our removal companies Cambridge or in other cities have plenty work on relocating people from small towns to big cities. The resultant effect of this is that population in the big city becomes higher. When there is increase in population, the next thing to happen is that demand will be higher. When the demand is higher, the landlords, sellers and people offering other services will naturally demand bigger premiums. This is even without the consideration that many of the people coming to this city do not have the job already, and are only coming in search of the jobs. This is actually the first reason why the cost of living in the big city is higher than the hometowns and smaller cities. If you still want to move to any large city, you should learn how to save your money. You can start your savings by compare moving services.

The fact is that if you are looking to get a very good and well-paying job in the city, it will require you to have a very good and qualitative education. Now, there is no gainsaying that getting a qualitative education will cost you huge amounts of money. Most of the areas where you can get a good education are those areas with high cost of living and well-paying jobs, and this increases the cost of education. If you are already educated and want to get more education, then you have to possess the ability to defer wages on a temporary basis, while getting the education. This entails having a well-paying job already or a worthy benefactor.

Now, one of the ugliest parts of this issue of cost of living in the big city lies in the concept of gentrification. When more educated and probably higher earning people move into areas hitherto populated by low income earners, the simple implication is that property values will skyrocket. This will immediately drive in better infrastructure in form of better schools, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, and less crime will be the other of the day. The arrival of affluent people and the resultant increase in the cost of infrastructure will now force the low earners formerly occupying these places to move out to other affordable areas, thereby displacing the authentic and original community with something else.

Now, while you will earn more than double in the big city when compared to what you earn in the dark blue metro areas, you will spend more than double on accommodation and utilities. However, apart from this, you also have to realize the fact that for you to keep up with the pace of life in the city, there are many additional activities in the city that will help you spend your money, which people in the metro areas may not have access to. These impact heavily on your finances in the city and they jerk up the cost of living.

What determines costs of living in big city

There are some things that are considered when the cost of living of each area is being checked, and the most important of those things are listed below.
The first index in the cost of living is classified under restaurants, and here, you will have the cost of a meal, beer, soft drinks and water, so if you choose restaurants as a place to meet new people in Manchester you will spend a lot of money. The next item in the index is markets, and this comprises of items used in the home like milk, bread, rice, eggs, choose, apples, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, wine, cigarettes and some others. When you move out from here, you get to the transportation index where you will get the costs of a one-way ticket, monthly pass, taxi start, gasoline and the cost of cars. This leads us to the cost of utilities, and here, you will contend with the basic costs of electricity, heating, garbage, water, internet and mobile tariffs and others. This leads to the sports and leisure index that involves the cost of fitness, tennis court rent, football and kits, cinema and other leisure activities. The next is the cost of clothing and shoes, comprising of a pair of jean, summer shoes, and other dressing articles. The next is the almighty apartment costs, and here, you have the cost of rent per month for 1 bedroom and that of 3 bedrooms. The costs of buying apartments in the city center and outside the city center are also involved here. The salary and financing angle comes last with the average monthly disposable income tax and the mortgage interest percentage rate per annum captured. A look at all these will show you that you will pay more in the big city than the smaller towns.

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