Essential Moving Kit

When you are about to move, you have to pack all your items and move them in moving boxes that will keep them safe during the tossing that comes with loading and transportation. In most cases, you have to pack the fragile items with cushioning items like the bubble wraps, the packing peanuts, packing foams and many others meant to add extra protective angle to the items. However, apart from the general items you pack in the boxes, there are things that you will need immediately before you move and immediately you arrive to the new destination. These are items that you must insure that they are very close to you, so you keep them at places where they are very accessible to you. Because of this, these brands of items are packed in separate boxes and containers and kept in special places where you can pick and use them whenever you feel like. It is advised that these items are brought out and kept separately so that they will be the last items you pack before the move. This is to avoid packing them and mistakenly dropping them for the moving firms team members to pick and pack inside the truck. They are divided into different categories, and you must insure that they are complete. When you fail to put one of them in the essential kit, your entire move may be destabilized in the process.

You have to start with the first aid kit. You have to realize that the packing and moving exercise is a very serious job which may involve some hazards in the process. Because of this, you should have your emergency kit ready. This should include the first aid box which should always be handy and at accessible points. Inside the box, you should have all the usual medications too.
You must also have the alarm, the phone chargers, the flashlight, a portable tool kit that will contain all your screwdrivers, spanners, nails, bolts and nuts and other working tools that are essential in the home. Other things that should be in the emergency kit include the matches and candles, some pack of post-it and a ball pen.
Now, if you have kids, you must not forget their diapers and some other toys that are very essential. Do not make the mistake of forgetting these if you must experience a peaceful moving without stress. If by any chance you are moving with pets, you should remember their crates, their vaccines, pet food, water, feeding dish and other medications for allergy.
For your personal care and the hygiene of the entire household, you must not forget to pack things like the bed linens, at least one set or two may be okay for you depending on the size of the family. You must gather your pajamas and those of your kids or partner before you move. Get at least one set for each person. You must gather the slippers and keep them in the household kit. Other things that must be in this kit include the hair ties and a set of clothes for you to change when you get to the destination or the hotel room if it will be an overnight journey. Other items you must not forget for your personal care kit include the toilet papers, toiletries like the soaps, hair shampoos, teeth cleaning kit, body sprays, shavers and any other essential one. You must have your shower curtain, the towels.
When you are through with the personal care kit, you can now move to the kit for a quick meal. Here, you will have to gather things like snacks and beverages and some amounts of canned food if you have them already. If not, you may need to get to the nearest grocery store when you move out. You should have a small cooking pan in place with a kitchen knife for cutting the vegetables. You should also pick a large spoon, the scissors, a few plates, probably the number that will be enough for the family at a single meal. If you have the disposable ones, it will be very good for you. You should also get a small amount of dishwashing liquid, a sponge and the kettle for your water and coffee. For the beverage supplies, you have to gather things like wine some bottle opener. You will also need some glasses for the drinking of water, wine or coffee. If you will be making a quick meal, then you must not forget the full ingredients like salt, pepper, onions, seasonings, oil and other ingredients.
When you must have packed these boxes, you must insure that everybody in the house knows what it is for or what they are for. You have to label it properly and boldly and insure that your Oxford removals company knows that it should be in the outermost part of the truck so that it can be accessed easily. You can even carry this on your car if you will be driving down with your private car.

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