Moving Home Office

The home office is actually one of the most exciting things to own. Many people tend to see the home office as an adventure and therefore design them to look very beautiful and elegant. It is always difficult when you want to move the home office because you are relocating to another place. You may be moving because you want to move the equipment to your main office or because you don't need it again and wants to dismantle it. However, if you do this with the necessary accepted steps, it will be easy for you. If you are going to move your homse office on your own, instead of hire removal company, then to have a safe home office move, you have to follow these steps below explaining how to prepare office for moving.

Your home office may have such items as monitors, computers, printers, fax machines, books and other items. If this is the case, you have to start with your books. Get a box for your books and pack them. Whether they are old books, novels, registers and jotters, they need special consideration. You have to get a very sturdy box and packing tape. Tape the bottom all round to make it sturdy enough for the move. You will also need some blank newsprint. Because papers are very heavy, you have to pack in many small boxes instead of loading the whole thing in a very large box. The weight will be too much for you if you do the later.
When you must have taped the bottom of the box, pack the books inside the box. You have to pack the books in consideration of the size of the box. The books can be packed straight the same way you pack books in the library shelf. You can pack on their side and you can pack with their spines downwards. If you are packing on their sides, the largest books must be on the bottom, while the small ones should be on top. After the packing, fill any remaining spaces with blank crumpled or shredded newsprint to avoid any spaces. Make sure the books inside does not shake after the filling. Measure and insure that the box does not weight more than 30 pounds. If this is the case, you can now seal and label the box. In situations when you have very priced books you will like to protect specially, then you can wrap each book separately with a packing paper before packing. If you are not sure how to pack personal computer, we recommend to contact our local removal companies in Blackburn and outsource this task to professionals.

Packing Personal Computer

Now, the question is how to move computer? For your computer and electronic sets, you have to start by backing the computer files up before any other thing. The fact is that your data is more important than your computer set, so you need them more than the set itself. Your financial records, photos, music, and all other documents and files must be protected by backing them up. You can use the disc drive or any form of USB memory device if the former is not available. Most importantly, you can use the cloud back up system to back them up. The documents you must focus on when backing up includes Saved passwords, financial records, Emails, System settings and bookmarks, pictures and music files, Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
When your data is completely backed up, you can now disconnect your system. Shut down the computer set, the monitor and other gadgets connected to the office and remove all the cables and cords. Label the cables and hold together with the twist ties. These are to be stored in a poly bag. Your keyboard, mouse and other peripherals must be wrapped and packed separately. If you have any it equipment that is no longer needed, you should dispose it of before removal date. You also shouldn't forget about recycling furniture when moving. It will save some pounds on your relocation costs.

At this juncture, you have to pack your computer. It is always very good for you to pack with the original box and all the cushioning it came with. But if this is no longer available, you can buy a box that will give you the needed space for cushioning. When you have the box, wrap the computer with the bubble wraps, pad the bottom of the box well with the packing peanuts and place your computer inside. Pad the spaces on the four sides of the box and seal. Remember, when you want to pack the monitor, you have to take care of the screen.
You have to protect the screen with some sheets of cardboard before wrapping with bubble wrap. However, if you have the CRT monitors, you must pack them with the screens facing down, while the flat screen ones should be packed like a mirror. This is when the screen of both types has been cushioned with enough cardboard, packing paper or bubble wrap. You should also pack the mice, keyboards and other parts in the same box, with enough cushioning and padding to avoid shaking. At this juncture, you have to seal your box. Before you seal, also fill the top with the void fill and insure that you have to push the seams down before they can close. When you close the seams, tape round the box with the packing tape.
Now you should be ready, next you should choose moving date and start looking for moving services. You can transport your home office equipment through the parcel services. You can do same through freights and you can even use the services of the removal firms or hire Cardiff man and van team. The latter is safer for you because your home office move will be handled by professionals. If you prefer to hire specfialists, you should use our services allowing to compare different removal companies in London or other areas.

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