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Manchester, as we all know, is more than popular as a sports hub. It lies within the United Kingdom's second-most heavily populated urban area - Greater Manchester. Your decision of moving to Manchester will be great either if it is for living or for work. For the lover of nightspots, the city's nightlife is diverse. No matter what you are interested in, there is always a place out there for you. Moreover, for all the football enthusiasts the National Football Museum is right in the city center. If you are moving with family and children (check our guide on moving during school year), then there are beautiful parks in the city for you to visit. The city is a good choice for both children and adults. To make your removals to Manchester from Cardiff or Lancaster, and have easier and a pleasant experience, you can always hire firms offering cheap removals Manchester. Once you have moved to the city you will fall in love with the city in no time. Therefore, no need to worry about your decision because you will soon realize that it was the best decision you could have made.

Unpacking boxes

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK. It is one that hosts many businesses, and therefore it welcomes many people on a daily basis. This brings the need for moving of people and properties both within the city, whether it is local removals Stockport to Manchester, or national relocation out of the city. However, whenever you are in need of home and office removals Greater Manchester, do not fail to look for the best professional removal companies Manchester. Your move will only be complete when your home or office equipment have been delivered on time and with no damages.

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When we are moving from Manchester to Birmingham or other location, we all love that experience. However, nobody wants to deal with the stress of moving house or office on his or her own, and that is why you can count on the help of a professional removal companies Manchester proposing quality services at affordable rates. Yet, there are people who think they are better off doing the moving stuff themselves, which is not a good decision. Hence, listed below are the benefits of hiring cheap removals Manchester services, which might help you in changing your decision regarding moving by yourself.

  • The very first reason to hire firms offering removals Manchester is to avoid the stress of moving. It is very common that you might more have important priorities, like work and children, to focus your time on. In such situations, moving to Manchester will become a very nerve-wracking process. Furthermore, if you are pregnant you need to relax rather than worrying about moving. Hiring local removal companies Manchester near me is the best resolution available. Moving firms know everything about the planning and organizing, and can pack away your huge amount of stuff effortlessly.

  • The biggest benefit of hiring removals Manchester is that they take away all your constant worries. You are able to relax and enjoy your last few days at home or at office as the hired company looks after the complete moving process.

  • When you do the moving on your own, it gets in the way of your day-to-day activities both in business and at home. Therefore, to sidestep such a situation, hiring removals Manchester services can be a great provision. But if you still prefere to move on your own, you should prepare yourself for upcoming relocation. You should always prepare a list of things to do on the moving day and prepare moving day essential items.

  • You can easily rely on the experts from the moving companies Manchester. You do not have to worry about the time taken or the handling of your stuff. Removal companies Manchester have an experience of many years and they know what they are doing.

  • If you get the help of local removal companies Manchester they will be able to pack and label your stuff more quickly as compared to doing it yourselves. They will take proper care of your fragile belongings or antiques.

  • Lastly, they know the correct vehicle that will be required for moving your things. They have a wide range of vehicles, which are suitable for transporting things of all shapes and sizes.

In this present age, the solutions to different problems we can find on the internet. Almost every single removals company in Manchester has its own website available on the internet. This eases your burden of calling from one company to another. You can choose a few local removal companies Manchester near you by getting recommendations and reviews of removals Manchester from your friends and relatives or you can simply use the internet and have a long list of movers to choose from. It is suggested that you shortlist at least three or four removal companies Manchester to select from rather than hopping at the very first one that is available.

Do a comparison between the shortlisted ones based on various factors like removals costs in Manchester, reviews, experience, etc. Do not assume that cheap removal companies Manchester team will be always best for you. You have to consider other factors also because this is your stuff that is going to be moved and you do not want to mess with it just because of money. Make appointments with selected removal firms Manchester and see how they are catering to your queries, whether they have good reputation or not and most importantly, how much is removals in Manchester and is it acceptable according to the services they are providing or not. After all the considerations, you can pick the one Greater Manchester removals firm that suits your requirements best.

Working with experienced removal companies Manchester, you can be sure the team can also undertake other things involved in moving house. You get help guide on packing of your items, storage of your items at our convenient storage facilities, door to door removals in Greater Manchester area, and international removals. Moving firms offer flexible solutions including cheap furniture removals Manchester, student removals also insurance services. All firms they employees are usually locals who know the remotest areas of the city and will deliver your belongings to anywhere in the city.

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  • Hire professionals

    Finally you can make your relocation a lot easier on yourself if you get help from people who know all about moving.

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House removals Manchester

We understand moving home is a time of mixed emotions and all too often the excitement of choosing a new home is overshadowed by anxiety and worry. Moving items out of your current property and into your new home takes a great deal of organization, time and physical strength. Therefore, when you make the decision house removals Manchester, you want to do all the packing and moving yourself, which is not a wise decision. This is the instance, when you have to be more practical and need to hire reliable and cheaphouse removals Manchester services.
When the services are hired, many of your problems are solved. The professionals deal with your things very skillfully as they have huge knowledge from years of experience in house removals Manchester. They have the equipment required for moving your domestic stuff from one place to another. The vans used for home moving are also of various shapes and sizes to be big enough for your stuff. There are three points that you need to take into account when searching for the cheap house removal companies Manchester.

  • You need to be confident about the reputation of the company. Get feedbacks about it by asking people or visiting its website. Make sure that the house removals team has positive reviews and a good reputation.
  • Secondly, verify if selected company offering house removals Manchester is the member of British Association of Removers (BAR). It will give you confidence that the company has the essential training, expertise, insurance, experience, and professionalism.
  • Last of all; make certain that your home moving Manchester services provider offers Goods in Transit insurance. This insurance takes in you and your movers for any reparations that may occur during the move.
Moving into new home

If any choose removals company Manchester satisfies all the above-mentioned points then you can choose it. Now, the main thing that needs consideration is: what are the costs of moving house in Manchester area. Here are some figures, according to the size of your home move, which might give you an estimate of the house removals prices in Manchester area.

What is the cost of house removals Manchester?
  • 1-bedroom home: The average removal costs for a one bedroom flat is around £450. It can increase by about £200, if you want professional packing.
  • 2-bedroom homes: Its removing cost is approximately £600, which can increase by £250, or even more if you go for extra packing services.
  • 3-bedroom homes: In this case, costs of moving 3 bedroom house in Greater Manchester will range around £900. This increases by £300 or more with packing services.
  • 4-bedroom homes: Be prepared to pay more than £1000 for 4-bedroom home relocation in Manchester. Professional packing services will cost you roughly another £400.
Factors affecting moving costs Manchester:
  • cubic capacity

    The cost of your house removal Manchester depends highly on the number of items you will be moving. When you move a lot of household stuff, it directly increases the weight and the cubic volume and then, the moving providers have to use bigger vehicle. Moreover, bigger crew is required for moving so much stuff. Hence, relocating too much stuff reflects clearly in the price you have to pay. You shuold always consider decluttering before relocation, unless you are downsizing and you disposed unwanted items already.

  • type of the load

    When you have a lot of fragile stuff to be moved, like moving piano, moving art pieces, etc. they require extra care. They are not handled like other stuffs, and this special packing and consideration towards them also increases the price of house removals Manchester.

  • distance

    If you are moving to place far away then it will definitely increase the cost. Manchester long distance removals requires more fuel and even possible overnight stays due to the law that drivers must have 45-minute breaks every 4.5 hours of cross-country driving. If you need local removals Manchester and you have very small load, you should consider hiring man with a van Manchester firm.

  • type of the load

    Are there highly sensitive or fragile items to move, like aquarium (but how to move aquarium?) If you hire specialists, you don't have to worry about damages to any of your fragile stuff.

  • duration of the move

    Time is also an important factor. When you want the moving to take place early and in less time, its consequences will reflect on the cost of moving. Once the time is important for you, you may need to hire more crew members, so the price will increase accordingly. Also moving date can pay important role in determining moving costs.

After you, take into consideration all the above-mentioned fine points, your process of picking the most suitable removal companies Manchester will become speedy and stress-free. You will be able to have a rough estimate of the cost of moving. This will help you in not looking surprised when the services providers declares the total cost of moving.

Compare Manchester removal quotes

Whenever you conceive the idea or moving home, the first thing that will be on your mind is how much does it cost to move a house in Manchester. We make these things easier for you by offering instant online moving quote. When you provide us with information about the size of your home or office, your present location and destination and other logistics, our moving partners will generate an instant estimate for you. However, it does not end here. When you get serious with any moving team, they will come to your house to conduct a free survey, after which your will get the final quote. The benefit of this survey is to allow you to compare Manchester removal prices and know the solution and company or carrier that is better for you. You should prepare a list of question of what to ask moving company, and you will get answers during the site visit.

Cheap removals in Greater Manchester

If would like to find companies offering cheap removals Manchester there's actually only one thing you should do. Use our online services and compare removal quotes in Manchester in a minute. It's free and with no obligation. It allows you to get quotes from firms outsite Manchester area. You provide the same information but have a possibility to get rates also from for example removal companies Coventry.

Office removals Manchester

When you are for commercial purpose, you do not want to hinder the day-to-day workings of your office. There are things involved in office removals Manchester like IT Equipment, including moving computers, printers, moving data cabinets or whole data centres relocation; Office Furniture, including desks and chairs; Filing, records and paper work; Heavy machinery moving; etc. You cannot do all the moving yourself with so many things involved, especially if you need Manchester machinery moving solutions. This can become very hectic for you and might as well act as some sort of interference to your business. To avoid all this stress and complications, you need to hire cheap office removals Manchester team, which can deliver you the required services. However, when you are looking for the commercial moving company, there are few essential points that you need to bear in mind.

Commercial moving company you choose should have high experience in this field. Since, they will be carrying all types of equipment of your office, it is important that they have experience. This will give you confidence in their abilities. Make sure that you are able to connect to their customer service anytime. So that in case any problem arises, they are able to solve it as quickly as possible. Lastly, you need to be sure that the company has good reputation. For that, you can look up to their websites and go through the reviews of removal companies Manchester and try to find any information about your potentil moving crew. You need to be sure whether they will be able to deal with your expensive equipment present in the office or not.

Furthermore, It is worth to mention that some people try to save money by hiring companies specialising in private relocations for a Manchester business relocation. Later they discover that the company will not be able to transport the items they needed because they were just too heavy, and the removals firm just did not have the sort of equipment needed to make it happen. Moving factories, warehouse racking relocation, construction works. or extremely sensitive items or potentially dangerous substances, such as a laboratory, will require a narrowly specialized kind of the service. So make sure that you look for exactly what you need before hiring based on the price. Only professional business moving firms can offer complex services to help you with: machinery moving Manchester, factory moving in Manchester, warehouse relocation in Manchester, library relocation or even demolition services.

When commercial moving firm has a record of having successfully relocated lots of companies in the past, you shouldn't have any fears hiring them for your business removals Manchester. You should always work with firms which have been involved in the branch for many years. That allowed them to deploy solutions to take care of all types and sizes of office removals in Manchester. Such a qualified team can easily take care of the safe relocation, councils, small businesses, universities, museums, libraries, home offices and others. You will enjoy services of well trained office removal staff.

Our partners received many awards and recommendations because of the quality of service offered. You can get information about these from their feedback pages. All of the offer tailored commercial removal solutions by working according to your specific requirements. You always get full support at every step of your movement until your new business premises are up and running. The disassembling, packing and unpacking of your office furniture and paperwork, documents, the dismantling and installation of your electronic and computer gadgets and their installation in your new office is also within the services offered.

Shipping companies Manchester

Because of the nature of the city, there will always be the need for people and goods to be moved to international locations. Businesses in this place will always have the need to move some equipment, furniture and manufactured goods into and out of the city. The same thing applies to the coming in and moving out of expats, business men, vacation makers, tourists, etc. If you have the need to move anything in or out of Manchester, you can get right solutions from our shipping companies Manchester.
If you think, international moving is somehow similar to house or commercial moving locally then you cannot be more wrong. International removals from Manchester to Australia, Canada, UAE or New Zealand is completely different and much difficult to do. Overseas relocation from Manchester can take a lot of time and is very expensive. Regardless of the reason your are moving abroad, whether you are moving abroad to work, or going abroad to study, this type of relocation includes the preparation and planning as well as the logistical element of the moving itself. The best you can do is hiring cheap shipping companies Manchester offering such a services.
When it comes to choosing Manchester international removals company to help you move, cost is definitely a factor, but cost effectiveness is what you should really be thinking about. In spite of everything, moving from Manchester to Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain or any other part of the world is only one aspect. Getting your items in one piece, without dropping anything is something pretty different. Likewise, having reliable and cheap shipping company Manchester to assis you with your international removals from Manchester to France, Italy or Denmark will help minimize your stress as well as giving you additional reassurance when you move.

Sea shipping

When you decided to hire firm offering shipping Manchester services, you should ask for on-site visit of your home or office to take a survey of your items. This way you will get a quote, which will contain detailed information about overall shipping costs in Manchester. Professional freight forwarders Manchester offer complex services including export packing, worldwide removals, overseas storage services, help with custom clearance and documentations, and international door to door shipping from Manchester. Our partners all over the globe will ensure that your items are delivered to your doorstep no matter how remote the area is.

The very first thing you need to do, in finding the right shipping team, is research. You can easily do the research part with the help of the internet or comparison websites like REMOVAL-COMPANIES.COM. When you are searching for advices make sure you ask questions over punctuality, clarity of communication, customer service and facilities for tracking your shipments. You should create a shortlist of about four to five firms offering shipping services Manchester. Get an initial quote from them but do not consider it as the final cost. The final cost is likely to fluctuate radically from this figure once they have sent an estimator to evaluate the full scale of the venture. You should also consider how quickly you want your goods to be delivered. Do you need the item at the destination in few days, weeks or months? The delivery time seems to be the most important issue, which has to be taken into consideration when the choice of the way of delivery is concerned. When you are running a business whereby the shipping is considered according to time and not actually the money, then the air freight is not rivaled by the sea shipping. Therefore, discuss this matter with Manchester freight forwarders. After you have made all the considerations, pick the international moving team that suits you best. One last and important decision that you need to make is what belongings you are going to take. Plan to take things that are irreplaceable and indispensable.

Man with a van Manchester

Thousands of people decide to use man with a van Manchester services as an alternative to services offered by removal companies Manchester. The man and van Manchester services usually have an experienced team of trained professionals who will handle your move for you. This can save you time and energy and cut any stress you are experiencing. A move can be an exceptionally stressful experience for anyone and having a professional team working for you can make the entire experience completely hassle-free. This option is best for people living in small houses and apartments, like college students, that hold very less things. Look at the benefits offered by cheap man and van Manchester services to know more about its importance:

  • Dependable - In the presence of professional and well-equipped man with a van Manchester firm, you can move all your items from one place to another in time. However, you have to pick a one to gain the maximum benefits of the company. When you are seeking a good man with a van Manchester service, bear in mind to compare both their costs and the quality of its services with other firms to choose the one. And do not limit it to local man and van Manchester services. It's advisable to spend a little more time and send a few enquires to firms offering man with a van Bradford or van hire Crawley services.
  • Affordable - Manchester Man and van are suitable option when you are looking for local removals in Greater Manchester area. However, for a long distance moving from Manchester, man and van service might not be a right choice in some cases.
  • Stress-free - No doubt moving is a stressful job but once you hire man with van in Manchester, you can turn it into removal into refreshment. The team completely takes care of all your moving process from packing to unpacking at the new place. All your precious belongings are done in an entirely safe way. Man and van Manchester teams use vans fully equipped with different tools for carrying all types of house items. By this way, all your valuable things are safely moved to your new place.

If you are looking for cheap, professional and easy moving, especially for your last minute moving in Manchester area, you would need an effective Manchester man and van service. Our partners know how valuable time can be to both business men and privates. This is why they try to bring in solutions that will save you the most time. Each time respond to your call as soon as they get your enquiry and will immediately take care of all your needs ranging from courier services in Manchester, eBay collections Manchester, storage services, house clearance, delivery of items sold on classified sites and student removals Manchester too. Trained and skilled drivers and team members also our modern flet of luton is the key to successful relocation. Most of man and van Manchester service providers are available 24 hours of everyday due to the huge number of fleet that they operate.

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Storage Manchester

Manchester storage service is the best service to let out all the piled up stuff at your place. You can simply turn up to the storage unit; fill your unit as and when you please, lock it up and that is it. Your things are completely safe in these units. These units are functional for storing both domestic and business possessions.
Are you looking for a place to store your valuables? Do you want to keep your items in safe envoronment for some period of time as you sort your home or office? The best place to do this is in storage facilities. Storage units are scattered all over Greater Manchester area to serve you whenever you need them. We offer modern facilities and very neat, and we offer extra services when you store your belongings. These include securing of your item with 24 hour CCTV monitoring, offering of custom storage spaces or all type of loads and valuables, collection of your goods from your home and delivery to your home after storage and many other solutions. Storage Manchester is cost effective for home movers, vacation makers, business people and anyone in need of a safe place to keep his loads for temporary or permanent storage. When you rent self storage Manchester you get full protection for stored items. Storage rooms are safe and secure. Additionally, the units permit airflow to avoid sweat or moisture, which can occur in metal containers. For extra protection, the items are covered in blankets and plastic covers where required.

Self storage

If you have any bulky items to be stored, you don't need to worry The size of the storage units are quite big. It lets you store as much stuff as you want. You do not have to worry about the unavailability of space. If you opt-for self storage Manchester services, you get storge units that are accessible 24 hours 7 days a week. If you no longer require the storage unit, you stop paying for it and it is that simple. You do not have to give any notice period or advance warning as such - you decide when you no longer need storage and that is that.
There are no set storage rates; they vary based on different factors. The main factor that decides the rate is size and space required by you. Normal storage sizes rented are 25sq, 50sq feet, 150sq or 200sq. Other than this, location is also a factor so choose the location wisely. The companies have different prices for different outlets. Make sure you check various storage service companies before settling on any one.
Self storage services are very accommodating for the Greater Manchester students. Moreover, you can have the option of driving the items to the storage location yourself, or having someone come over to pick them up for you. If your home or flat is being cluttered with unwanted stuffs but you cannot throw them, cheap storage Manchester will be best for you. This way you will also be able to create more space at your place.

Student removals Manchester

When you hire cheap student removals Manchester services you can be sure you do not add more stress to the already huge academic stress you are going through. Whn you hire specialists that have been performing student relocation Manchester for more than 10 years, you will get full help with arranging your son or daughter move. Check many different student move options in that will help to reduce the cost of the move. Benefit from storage services for students to ensure that their valuables are kept safe till they are back from the break. Your valuables are secured and you are served by professionals only. Book door to door pickup and delivery to anywhere in Manchester and the surrounding cities.

Furniture delivery Manchester

There are so many things involved in a house move, and many of them can be done by the person moving house. However, there are some that will be a complete distraction to the house mover. You may not have the skills and time to carry these out. There are always some items difficult to move which you may not be able to handle on your own. Sometimes there is a need to dismantle your home or office furniture. This is why you have to hire furniture removals Manchester moving team. You do not want to damage your precious IKEA furniture because you want to practice something you have little or no expertise about, and you do not want to get injured by the heavy duty furniture too. Professionals have the tools, skills and equipments to offer professional and cheap furniture removals Manchester. Professional team can easily dismantle furniture for moving including the beds, tables, chairs, pianos, grandfather clocks, sofas and all others and then assembling them at the new home.

Packing services

You cannot move your loads and equipments without packing them properly. That will be a recipe for damages, and there is only one reliable and affordable way to transport it without any problems. Hire professionals packing services Manchester and you will enjoy amazing service. There are two major things to what you will gain. You will be served by staffs that will pack your items with the best techniques in the moving world, and all your items will be packed with the best packing materials. For the full pack option, the team will pack your entire home for you and unpack everything in your new home, while in case partial packing option the team will pack only your breakables and fragile items, while you pack others. Another option is the self pack option where moving firm will supply you with the packing materials and you will do the packing by yourself.

About Manchester

One of the most popular student locations in Britain, Manchester, is a self-proclaimed commercial and cultural capital of the North of England. With over 500.000 residents and approximately 50.000 students, it lies in the United Kingdom's second-most populous urban area. The city was founded in the 1st century AD, through the building of a Roman fort named Mamucium. It is home to an overwhelming number of museums, historical buildings and ancient sites which are sure to satiate the appetite of even the most insatiable history or culture buff.

Things to see in Manchester
  • The Manchester Museum

    Featuring galleries full of prehistoric life, mummies, live animal exhibitions, plants, rocks and minerals and other amazing objects.

  • The Manchester Art Gallery

    The gallery offers a short orientation tour, free of charge, providing various practical information as an overview of the current exhibitions. In the past, the gallery has housed the works of Boris Nzebo, Hondartza Fraga, Pat Flynn and many more.

Castlefield Manchester
  • The Imperial War Museum

    Its exhibitions show how war affects all aspects of people's lives.

  • Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

    Named after Alderman Fletcher Moss who donated the park in 1917, it encompasses a botanical garden, a wildlife habitat and various recreational facilities such as football pitches, and tennis courts.

  • The ruins of Mancunium

    Part of a Roman fort that has been rebuild and is now open to the public.

  • The National Football Museum

    A museum for both football fanatics and families. It offers free admission, being registered as charity.

Culture, Nightlife and Shopping

Apart from the many museums and parks that the Manchester offers, one can also take part in many musical, theatrical and art festivals that are organized from time to time.
The city is also known for being an important literary hub. Writers such as: Elizabeth Gaskell; Friedrich Engels, Charles Dickens, Isabella Banks and many more have either based part of their work on the city of have written it while living in it's houses and haunting it's libraries.
The Manchester International Festival is one of the most renowned events of this category. It is a biennial international arts festival, focused on original new work. The first edition of the Festival ran from the 28th of June to the 15th of July 2007, after which it has reoccurred in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and will take place once again in 2017.
For those who prefer the nightlife, the city boasts of over 400 pubs, clubs, cafe bars and a plethora of cinemas, including the Cornerhouse. One must also note the fact that many bands have originated on the Manchester scene and have reoccurring appearances in various locations throughout the city. As far as entertainment goes, the city has plenty of it and will surely satisfy even the pickiest individuals.

It also boasts of a Curry Mile (a mile-long stretch of curry houses, kebab shops and takeaways on Wilmslow Road to Rusholme), a Gay Village (Manchester has many public houses in the Canal Street that are tailored to suit the needs of a gay clientele since 1940 - Nowadays the city hosts the Manchester Pride festival) and one of the largest Chinatowns in Britain.
The Trafford Centre will surely impress, not only with its decor, but also with the number of restaurants it holds. It showcases Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations and also boasts of a Legoland and a Sea Life Aquatic Centre, making it a great place to spend time with family and friends.
Another place to visit is The Printworks. The urban entertainment venue is set over four floors and contains clubs, eateries and a cinema. Are you wondering how to meet new people in Manchester
In case you prefer shopping, the compact city centre encompasses an extensive shopping area. One may find pretty much anything in shopping centres such as The Triangle and the Manchester Arndale.


Manchester is known for being a city of sport, having hosted many competitions, both continental and international. It contains extensive sporting facilities, notably the National Cycling Centre, Manchester Aquatics Centre, the English Wrestling Association and the British Mountaineering Council.
Football fans will find that both Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs are based here. They will also find Fallowfield Stadium, Maine Road, Old Trafford and the City of Manchester Stadium where numerous competitions have been hosted, such as: the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the 2008 UEFA Cup Final and many more.


In case you plan on moving to or visiting the city, you might want to bring a raincoat and an umbrella. A large umbrella. Its weather is famous for being rainy. If you like the sun, then your best chance to enjoy it would be during the summer months. In June, July and August, the temperature can reach a maximum of 20 degrees. During the winter months, you can expect to see snow, with the temperatures falling to as low as 2 or 3 degrees. Regardless of season or temperature, you will always have good transport system at your disposal.


There are regular bus and tram services throughout the city with the price of a monthly ticket of 46 pounds. In the case you've just moved to the city or you're thinking of doing so, it is important to know and pay attention to the difference between pedestrian-only and shared-pedestrian tram pavements. It also has the Metrolink operating through Greater Manchester from Bury, in the north, to Altrincham in the south. A friendly warning - don't forget to buy your ticket at the platform as there is no way of buying one on the tram, and riding without one will probably result in you having a fine.


Renting a flat or a house may be slightly higher than in other cities, but if you're moving from London to Manchester, you'll probably end up paying far less than what you used to pay in the capital of the UK. Renting a one-bedroom flat in the city centre would cost approx. £650/month, while renting one outside of the city centre would cost only about £500. Renting a house in the city centre would cost on average £1200, while one outside of the centre would cost £825. Meals usually cost about £10 and a pint of beer will be about £3. All in all, prices are high, but the're not too high. As compared to the capital, certain Manchester flats or houses might seem like budget rentals.

Renting & Living

If you have a budget but don't know where to live, the first step would be to think of what you want from a loft or house. If you want peace and silence, and don't mind commuting, then Whitfield, Sale or Prestwich are viable choices. These are all in close proximity to the city centre (about 5 minutes). In case you're a dynamic individual who prefers a busy way of life, then Castlefield or Ancoats should suit you. These areas are also quite popular amongst students. Those who are looking to buy their first house should keep in mind that Salford, Moston and Leigh are some of the most affordable areas in Manchester.

Friendly Advice

Whether you're a student, a tourist, a soon-to-be parent or anything in between, you'll find that Manchester can accommodate your needs. In spite of the recession, unemployment rates are well below the national average, while a strong average wage of £524.90 per week. Finding work in the city is not difficult and the pay is good. Manchester Royal Infirmary, North Manchester General Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital, Royal Oldham Hospital are only a few of the many healthcare facilities available. The city also has quite a few leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies with good reputations.
It might not be the cheapest city in Great Britain but it's definitely not the most expensive, in terms of the costs of living in a big city. It's diverse and vibrant, but at the same time it has tranquil areas. It's a perfect place to go to university, to earn a living, to start a family or simply to visit. It has great pubs with amazing craft beer, an endless supply of emerging bands, impressive architecture and a diverse cuisine. You can visit a different museum or art gallery each day and never get bored. Just take time to get used to the pace of the city and to learn the ins and outs of its transportation system. And remember ... even though it rains a lot, Manchester looks beautiful in the rain, just don't forget to bring a rain coat and an umbrella.