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You must have heard the name of the town Colchester. However, do you know anything about this town? Well, with the help of this article - let me take you on an informative tour of this fast growing town of Britain. You will find this town in the borough of Colchester in Essex, England. It is amazing to know that Colchester is the oldest town in Britain. From the point of history, this town has its own significance, as it was once the capital of Roman Britain. According to the 2011 Census, 121,859 people reside in this town. You must visit the town to know more about its history.

  • Population, economy, employment, biggest companies, airports

    The population of the city is 121,859 according to the 2011 census. The economy of Colchester has been raised when the small businesses have started growing and few of those have become big industries. Employment in the area has also increased. Colchester is the city which provided a good opportunity for economic development for the people. The main industries in Colchester were lumbering, house & office Colchester removals firms, agriculture and farming. Moreover, the area also has hotels, cement mills, gold mines, etc. The biggest companies in the area Brookfield Creamery Products Ltd., Cloverdale,Gays River, Pleasant Valley and these companies have provided employment to thousands of people living in Colchester. The closest airport to Colchester is the London Stansted Airport, which has domestic as well as international flights. It is about 35 miles away from Colchester. Colchester has very good connection with capital city, so if you live in Colchester you should buy London guide book and visit the capital of England.
    In Colchester, the semi detached houses have higher prices as compared to terraced houses. The detached houses have the highest prices in the area. The house price has been raised by only 3-4%, which is much less than the other cities. The average house price is £187,495 in Colchester.

  • Biggest Industrial Estates

    Gosbecks Business Park, Tarmec Ltd. and Flowboth Holding Ltd. are the biggest industrial estates in Colchester. Gosbecks Business Park is located at the south-west part of the city, it is the location which provides great transport links and makes it the biggest industrial estate in Colchester. A lot of moving firms are located in these biggest business estates.

  • Colchester Main City Districts

    The area of St. Annes and Greenstead are the major residential areas located in the eastern part of Colchester. A lot of redevelopment is taking place in this region and it also has the industrial space in the WhiteHall Industrial Estate. As per the Colchester removal companies survey, in the western part of Colchester, the houses are more expensive, but the area is preferred by the families because good schools are located in this area. Additionally, Stanway as well as Lexden provides a good link into London. So if you work in the capital but Would you like save some money you should consider moving to Colchester where living costs are a bit cheaper then living costs in a big city.

  • Architecture

    The monuments in Colchester give a unique and extraordinary visual experience and the historic significance of the place is an additional feature in its architecture. The buildings in Colchester are more remarkable than any town in England. The buildings like University of Essex, Colchester Town Hall, etc. is the finest example of its Victorian architecture.

  • Sport Clubs in Colchester

    Colchester has many sports clubs which provide complete training and equipments required for different sports. There are few famous clubs in the area like Western Homes Community Stadium, which motivates cricket and provides complete training. Similarly the Colchester East Essex Cricket Club also provides all the facilities to the people of the region. Some sports clubs also motivate soccer like Stanway Rovers and golf course is also available in Playgolf Colchester. People can enjoy a lot of sports in the city. Colchester shares a great link with the game, football. Other than this, it has connection with rugby, cricket, weight lifting, etc. There are several sports facilities available for the people of Colchester. The town is simply an amazing place to visit as well as to live.

  • Education

    Colchester follows a two-tier educational system. There are many private schools including primary schools and secondary schools. The University of Essex consists more than 15 academic schools and different departments. About 10,000 students are studying in the university of Essex. There are few special schools in the area which are providing some extra facilities to the children who have less learning ability.

Living in Colchester

If you want to have a great time in Colchester, then there are a lot of options for you. You can play golf and work on all aspects in a nice golf course available in the area. If you love adventure sports, you have the option of indoor and outdoor climbing packages at sports club which organize such events. You can also drive the luxury cars at the clubs which provide 2-4 laps of the sports and luxury cars on their tracks. It gives you a great opportunity to meet new people one you are moving away from friends and family.
There are many places to see in Colchester. If you want to enjoy the time with your family, then you should see the East Anglian Railway Museum. You can also see the Bourne Mill, Beth Chatto Garden, Church of St. Martin as well as the Colchester Art Center where you can enjoy the live music and comedy shows, theatre, dance and poetry shows and few clubs and markets are also there.

Colchester life

Colchester started its life as the center of Local Celtic tribe namely Trinovantes. In 61 AD, Queen Boudicca attacked the area. Colchester is known as the oldest town in England. There were eight temples in Colchester, but by the 4th century there was a Christian community and the church was in this area.
For any place, good transportation system is very essential. When you visit Colchester, you will not have to face transportation problems. The town's transportation services are pretty good. The bus system of the town takes you to the nearby places you might like to go to see. Other than this, it also has an active railway services. Therefore, your experience in the town from the point of view of transportation will be pleasant and comfortable.

Landmarks of Colchester

  • Colchester Town Hall

    Colchester Town Hall is a famous historical building in the town and attracts many tourists from all over the world. The architecture of the building is magnificent and displays the history of the town. Several weddings and different ceremonies take place in the Town Hall. When you visit Colchester, you should go to the Town Hall to get a glimpse of the history of the town.

  • Roman Walls

    The Roman Walls of Colchester have a long history as there erection happened between 65 and 80 AD. Although, the sides of wall that still exist are west and north side. These walls are a very important evidence of Colchester's history. Moreover, the Balkerne Gate is also present at that place. You should go and look around at these walls to know about Colchester.

  • Jumbo Water Tower

    Jumbo Water Tower is also a significant landmark of Colchester. Formerly, the initial name of the tower was "Balkerne Water Tower". The tower is huge in size with the height of 110-foot (34-metre) which is why, it is popular by the name Jumbo. Those who have a certain interest in history will love to pay a visit to this tower

  • Museums

    Among several museums in Colchester, the Castle Museum is the most popular one. This museum is present in the Colchester Castle. It displays the Roman history of Colchester. Other than this, you can also visit the Hollytrees Museum and the Natural History Museum. These museums help you a lot to know about the history of Colchester.

  • Arts
    • Mercury Theatre - It is a very popular theatre in Colchester. It stages beautiful shows. Digby Gallery is present in the theatre, which displays local art.
    • Colchester Arts Centre - Colchester Arts Centre is another place art lovers might want to visit. Performance of several types of arts takes place in this center.
    • Firstsite - Firstsite is famous modern art gallery. The gallery's architecture is also a main aatraction. When in Colchester, you must visit this gallery.
    • The Minories Galleries - The Minories Galleries is a place that displays creative things produced by the local talent. Tourists buy them for their friends and family back at home.

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