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Nottingham. The name definitely rings a bell, but why? Well, the answer is because of its links to the legend of Robin Hood. Yes, you read it right. This popular English city is present in the East Midlands region of the UK, in Nottinghamshire. People often refer to it as "Queen of the Midlands". Moreover, you will be pleased to know that in the UK, Nottingham is the seventh largest urban area. The city is a very beautiful place to visit or live-in as it is not very highly populated. Nottingham mainly thrived and grew rapidly during the Industrial Revolution. Textile industry was the key that led to this success and soon the city was renowned internationally for its lace making.
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But now, let us run through some other amazing specifics about this wonderful city.

Attractions in Nottingham

Nottingham is a city that has a lot of places in it to go to see. Also living costs are not so high like in London or other large city. You simply cannot neglect visiting these superb sites that are mentioned below:

  • Old Market Square

    While exploring the beautiful city, the very first stop you need to make is at Old Market Square. Nottingham Tourism Center is present in this very place. Here you will also find the incredible Sky Mirror when you head over to Nottingham Playhouse. Visiting Old Market Square will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Lace Market

    Lace Market is another attractive site that is present just few steps ahead of Old Market Square. This particular site reflects the history of Britain. When you visit this market make sure you also pay a visit to Galleries of Justice Museum.

  • Nottingham Castle

    This castle is the place where you will find the bronze effigy of the famous legend, Robin Hood. You can have a great view of the town from this castle. Moreover, there are two museums present in the castle, they are: the Sherwood Foresters Regimental Museum and the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

  • The City of Caves

    You will be amazed to see the numerous numbers of caves that are present underneath Nottingham. There are more than 450 caves that lie under Nottingham. You must tour these caves to know more about them and their history.

  • Highfields Park

    Highfields Park is the most excellent place to fall in love with nature and adore it. The park is spread across 52-acres, which are full of striking plants and trees. This park is the part of university of Nottingham. In case you have kids, then this is the place you and your kids, both, will love.

  • Green's Windmill

    The popular tourist spot, Green's Mill, was once the residence of the famous mathematical physicist George Green. However, now you can visit and know about the flour making process by looking at the inner mechanism of the windmill. This is an amazing experience for the science lovers.

Nottingham Nightlife

The nightlife in Nottingham is just fantastic. Moreover, in Britain, Nottingham is considered as one of the safest places to go out and have a good time at night. The city offers you so many different types of nightspots that there's something fitting for every single individual out there. So don't worry if you are moving away from friends, you can easily make a new relationship by visiting Nottingham's best nightlife venues. Now, let us look at some popular nightspots of Nottingham.

  • Clubs and Bars

    There are several different styles of clubs and bars present in the city. Some of them even offer certain benefits to the students. Below mentioned are some popular clubs and bars of Nottingham.

    • NG1
    • Pryzm
    • Jamcafe
    • Ocean
    • Pit and Pendulum
    • Tilt Bar
    • The Market Bar
  • Live Music

    Music is something that just bonds everyone together. We all love to enjoy some good music and when in Nottingham there are some superb places for this enjoyment. The city is home to some very delightful live music venues. The popular ones are:

    • Rock City
    • Motorpoint arena
    • Stealth
    • Rescue Rooms
    • The Bodega

Other than this the city offers several hidden bars and clubs. If you are looking for something traditional then the city will offer you traditional. So, no matter where you plan to enjoy your night, it is simply going to be memorable.

Unknown facts about Nottingham

Other than this the city offers several hidden bars and clubs. If you are looking for something traditional then the city will offer you traditional. So, no matter where you plan to enjoy your night, it is simply going to be memorable..
The city has some great connection with sports. It gave sports idols like Carl Froch, David Pleat, etc. It also has its hands in giving us popular musicians like Bruce Dickinson, Jake Bugg, Ian Paice, etc. Nottingham is home to sports teams like Notts County, Nottingham Forest, Beeston Hockey Club, Nottingham Panthers and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.
So, these were few unknown yet interesting facts about Nottingham. You must surely visit this beautiful city once and get a glimpse of the British history.

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