House downsizing

The concept of downsizing or moving to a smaller house from a bigger one has been a phenomenon that is prevalent in our society. However, the fact still remains that there are some issues that needs to be discussed and understood about this. Now one of my friends was going on and on about how excited he is that the family is now moving to a smaller house. When confronted, he joked about it by saying that he will now have very small space to scrub and clean, since this has been a task for him in the old house. We all joked about this and forgot about it.

However, I later realized that people move to bigger houses for many reasons and they also downsize because of many other reasons. When it comes to the reasons that make people to acquire more sizeable homes, you will get situations like outgrowing their smaller house, promotion and salary raise at work and being convinced by the realtor that they can acquire such homes. Others move to bigger houses because they want to impress others, which actually is one of the worst reasons why anybody should move to a bigger house. Others move to bigger homes because they see larger homes as their dream homes, while others just make the decision and pursue it.


Should I downsize my house?

Now, when it comes to downsizing, you will have many reasons propelling people to downsize. The reasons include the ease of maintenance, as smaller homes will require fewer funds, less time and less energy to maintain. Others move because of less time to clean the space, while some downsize simply because it is cheaper and less expensive to purchase and keep. Moving to a smaller house is a good idea especially when you are relocating to London where costs of living in a big city are higher. Now, many others downsize because of less debt and less risk involved in the case of the mortgage payments. Other moving reasons why people downsize is the mental freeing. When you leave in a smaller home, you tend not to have serious emotional attachment to the home. When we own less, they occupy less of our mental energy. Another reason is the reduction on the impact on the environment. Smaller homes will not require huge resources to build and maintain, and this reduces the stress on the environment that provides these resources. Smaller homes also free your time, since you will have less cleaning and maintaining. It helps in family bonding as it brings people of the same family closer to each other. With the level of social interaction that goes on in smaller homes, families get to know themselves more. When you downsize, you will be forced to keep the house clean, because you will always move garbage and clutter away since there will be no space for them. You also have less urge to accumulate unnecessary property because of lack of space for them. Another reason is that you will have less decoration because there is very minimal space to decorate, and this saves money. You will also have a wider market to sell when you live in smaller homes. Yes, when smaller homes are put up for sale in the market, the simple truth is that they are sold easily and faster than bigger homes. One thing is obvious, when you are moving into a smaller house, your removals will be much cheaper. But before you start to compare removal companies, you should declutter as much as you can first to see what exactly needs to be moved. Most of the moving companies require the inventory to be able to quote your move. If you have really small volume of items to be moved you can hire man with van Leeds team, as the rates offered by man and van firms are usually much lower. It really beneficial to arrange disposal of furniture when moving.


Tips for downsizing

Now, whenever you have decided to downsize or move to a smaller home, you must consider all these facts before you do so and before you start looking for removals Cambridge services. Now, when you want to downsize, the first thing that should be on your mind is to consider your needs and not wants. If you are the type that enjoys news and would always have your huge radio for the singular reason of hearing the local news in your area, have you considered the fact that your cell phone can give you the same service. What you need may be a cell phone with radio and not a huge radio set. Having a treadmill that graders dust in your sitting room because you think you will need an exercise in the future is not better than having a good pair of walkout shoes. Consider your needs and get the smallest items that serve those needs.
The next method is to get your cabinets and shelves all cleared. After this, pack back only the items you cannot live without. The next thing to do is that you should not bring in furniture unmeasured. Measure your furniture and allot them the appropriate amount of space in the house. The size of your furniture must correspond to your floor plan. On the other hand, you have to assess your storage areas in the new home and work with the amount of kitchen cupboards, storage locker and closets.
You need to ransack your old storage areas and get rid of the things you do not need before packing the ones you need. Sell the stuffs you don't need again, organize storage solutions to use in the new home according to the size of the home, move all the large items first, as they will tell you where to put the smaller items and the amount of smaller items needed. You have to organize your boxed items and also organize your space as you pack. If you don't know where to get moving boxes from, you can call you local domestic removals firm and they will provide it for you.

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