Moving During Bank Holiday

House removals is actually one hell of an exercise people tend to avoid because of the hassles involved. But it seems to be the one that brings about the best benefit and relaxation when completed. One of the major aspects of moving home is choosing the date and time to move. One of the available times to move your home is always the bank holidays. However, there are many things concerning moving home on a bank holiday which you must take into serious consideration. Many people have said that if you don't consider and plan well, moving home on a bank holiday can either turn to a help or a hindrance to your house removal.
On the legal angle, you will agree with me that most of the local removal companies London or in Manchester will not be on desk on bank holidays. However, in some cases, you may get local moving firms or even mor likely Edinburgh man and van firms to be available for this service on a bank holiday. But other conveyancing firms in the chain may not be available. This will entail delaying your moving home chain.

However even if you cannot find any company available on bank holida, you may still complete all the arrangements and spend the entire bank holiday for packing and arrangement of your items. Just insure that all paperwork is done on the working day and you will be ready for moving just after the bank holiday. The rest of the week should be used for settling, resting, getting around and adapting to the new home.
Now, there is no gainsaying that the week that is called the bank holidays in the UK will see almost all the firms down their tools. In this case, you have to be very proactive. If you are moving to a location that is already empty, the best bet is for you to make arrangements with the utility companies like gas, electricity, water and others before the holidays, so that these things are taken care of before you arrive. You don't want to arrive to the destination and encounter frustrating problems for the rest of the week. When you stagger the moving chores, you escape a lot of ugly situations.

Now, if you are getting new deliveries in terms of appliances that are very essential, then you should arrange for these to arrive on time before the bank holidays. Your new dishwashers, cookers and washing machines should be arranged before the holidays. Of course, you should make arrangements for your destination to be empty already before you move in. In this case, the deliveries will be delivered in the new home before the holiday.
Now, one more thing you need to know is that you are not the only person trying to take advantage of this holiday. You must factor in the bank holiday traffic that is witnessed on the motorways too. If you are moving to a home that is far away, then you must remember this in your equation. You should be the one to instruct the moving company where to unload or pack your belongings in the new home, so, you may as well travel overnight to get to the new location before them.

One more thing about moving on bank holidays is to realize that it is also bank holidays for the removal company. Because of this, the driver and all the other moving staffs that will come to relocate your home for you should be tipped. Yes, they are going out of their way to offer services to you even when they should be holidaying too. Because of this, you should at least tip and appreciate them. Because it is bank holidays, you have to insure that the fund for the tipping is ready on time to avoid running deficit.
One more importance or benefit of moving during bank holidays is that the holidays are for all. If you are moving during a school year, you should probably be worried about the school schedule of your kids while planning the move. However, this is taken care of for you because the kids are also on a one week off during the bank holidays. This is mostly during the third and last term of the year. Because of this, they can help in the packing - by engaging kids in relocation you can make moving a good fun for kids. You can actually assign them to pack their own rooms or help with the lifting.
Another benefit here is that if you have babies that are not yet up to the school age, you can actually get help from your neighbor or their kids to babysit these babies while you go ahead with the packing and loading, since they are on holidays too. The fact is that there are many advantages you gain when you move during bank holidays. But you have to plan on time before you can harness these.

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