Moving Day Checklist

Moving house is one exercise you need to prepare for. The arrangement and preparation may take you longer than you wish and you need to start on time. The preparation for house move is divided into many phases and all these phases have their importance. If you have already completed the stage of finding a good removal company via removal companies comparison services and you have booked moving date, you must now plan important aspects of house move that happens on the moving day. There are some exercises and practices that must happen on the moving day for the move to be tagged a successful one. Because of this, you have to work with a checklist of the things that you must have handy on the move day.If you hire cheap removals in Crewe you can be sure you will get a full advice on different aspects of the relocation.
If you fail to take special care of the things that should be taken care of on the moving day, you will find out that you will curse yourself for not being better prepared. You have to start by insuring that a good amount of paper towels and toilet paper is available. Yes, your toiletries are obviously the number one things you should bring out and keep in an accessible position. Make sure your shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant, razor and soap is kept in a separate bags where you can pick them up easily. You need the last minute bath at the old location and the arrival bath at the new location or at the hotel room if you will run overnight.

The next is that you should also have your utensils in a separate and accessible bag. The things that should be in this bag include your bowls, pet food, bed, crates, leash, allergy medicines, aspirin, contact lens solution and the prescriptions. These are things you will need in the course of the move and you will be the most disorganized person once you need any of them and cannot find them because you have actually packed them down inside the moving box.
You should also insure that your phones, iPod, their chargers, power banks, speakers, ear pieces, adapters and others are brought out and kept close to you or on the smaller backpacks.
All the other items like your children snacks, toys, water filter, shower curtain and hooks, the boilers and water heaters that will make the first night a confortable one for you and your children must be kept closer than others.

When you are through with the check list above, you should get down to the business of other tangible things that must be done on the day of the move. You have packed your fridge and coffee machine and must feel thirsty during the running around and stress of the moving. To take care of this situation, you must make arrangements for refreshment all through the move. Sandwiches, fruits, tea, coffee, soup and water must be provided.
If your house move is being conducted either by London removals firm, or you hired man and van Crawley team, today is the day to provide them with the floor plan of the new property or home. The plan must be well stated so that they will not have a problem knowing where to drop each box and furniture. Also insure that the keys to the rooms are properly labeled and presented to them if you will not be waiting in the new destination before they arrive.
Another thing you must take care of on the moving day is the beds. The fact is that after the hectic move, you will get tired and cannot unpack everything and arrange them properly the same day. But you need a very good night rest. Because of this, you need to insure that your beddings including your linen, duvet, mattresses and beds are very accessible from the moving box.

If you are moving during a school year, you should ask somebody to pick up your children from school and arrange childcare on a moving day. Do you also moving with pets? The same scenario you should ask somebody to take care of your pets as you may be very busy during this day. On the day of the move, you must realize that you should be the last person to leave your old house. This is to insure that everything is packed into the removal van. you should make the final inspection before you leave, shutting all that needs to be shut, like the doors, windows, water, electricity, gas, etc., insuring that nothing is left behind. You should also take evidence of the state of your item and furniture, by snapping them and reaching an agreement on their state with the removal firm. This is to insure that you have enough grounds for any claims of damages. Before you leave, insure that your phones are switched on and ready to receive calls. Also crosscheck and make sure you have the keys, ownership papers, passports, licenses, certificates and all other important documents with you.
When you get to your new home, insure that all fittings and fixtures included in the sale or rent are available and workable. Make the necessary complaints if this is not the case. At this juncture insure that the gas, electricity, heater and other utilities in the new home are working before you unpack and settle down.
And remember, moving without stress is really possible - but only with good planning.
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